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This is a school homework assignment!!!

This is a school homework assignment!!!

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  • 1. Family Conflict Made by Elissa Snowball
  • 2. What is Family Conflict?
    • Family conflict is when there is a fight or a family war just inside your family and between your family members.
  • 3. What are some things that cause family conflict?
    • Disagreements/Arguments
    • Hatred between family members
    • Violence/Child abuse
    • Chores
    • Jealousy between siblings or parents
    • Death
    • Divorce
    • Stress
    • Gambling/Smoking/Alcohol
    • Money
    • Job losses
    • Change
    • Moving house
  • 4. What could be done about these problems?
    • Limit gambling, smoking, alcohol, etc
    • Tell someone
    • Talk and listen politely – no interruptions
    • Ignore it all
    • Give each other space and time
    • Use ‘I’ statements
    • No yelling or shouting
    • Compromise calmly to them
  • 5. Death
    • If someone dies in your family, this could cause lots family conflict as they are sorting out what will happen to all their stuff and funeral costs, etc.
  • 6. Divorce
    • Divorce is a very strong cause of conflict and it also usually starts with conflict, too. Divorce can upset the parents but mostly the kids (if there are any kids in the family) the most because they will want to be with both parents but they can’t be with both at the same time.
  • 7. Jealousy
    • Family jealousy can be either between siblings, parents, or it could be parent to child jealousy. For the siblings, they could be fighting about their toy or belonging proportions – Hannah might have more toys than Jackie and Jackie thinks she should have three more toys then she would have the same amount as Hannah. The jealousy could also be about which one they think the parents like better – “I think that mum and dad like Hannah better because she has more toys than me and she gets more privileges than me!” says Jackie. This could lead to the mum or dad getting angry at Jackie and yelling at her, which would then turn into even worse conflict between their family. Also, a kid might be jealous because there is a new baby in the family and she gets more attention than her – “My new baby sister Julie gets all the attention around here. I have to do everything MYSELF!” says Andrea.
  • 8. Thank you for watching...!
    • Made by Elissa Snowball