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Buyers Readers Buzz Snackers Bandwidth Bandits By Liz Strauss
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Buyers Readers Buzz Snackers Bandwidth Bandits By Liz Strauss


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The strategic use of statistics to inform an online business

The strategic use of statistics to inform an online business

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Buyers, Readers, Buzz Snackers, and Bandwidth Bandits How Alexander the Great Would Use Stats to Inform an Online Business Liz Strauss
  • 2. Statistical doorways. We use concrete constructs for abstract realities. They work in some ways.
  • 3. Doors and halls work Visit length Keyword Analysis Popular pages Recent Referrers Visitor paths Returning visitors Entry pages Exit pages for sorting information
  • 4. and quantifiable past behaviors. How many visitors and page views? today / in the last hour Where did they come from? keywords / site referrals Which pages are important at the moment? Socnet bumps / work with page How is this comparing? a look at this day last week
  • 5. They’re less effective for aggregating into something that resembles a human
  • 6. Because people usually don’t behave the way that stats do.
  • 7. People do what they want to do.
  • 8. People • showcase the message • attract more traffic • appeal to sponsors • increase ROI • define your value • create growth opportunities Make decisions easier and faster
  • 9. Got Traffic?
  • 10. How Alexander the Great Would Use Stat Programs to Inform an Online Business
  • 11. Alexander would understand his position.
  • 12. He’d understand his objective. Authority – DuckStar Sales – GearGuru Circulation – InfoPass
  • 13. He’d see the players . . . • Customers • Readers / Fans • Buzz Snackers • Bandwidth Bandits Waste time and energy
  • 14. He’d know their objectives. The One Who The It They Does or Knows It Can Pass On to Everyone The One Place to Get It Buzz Snackers Readers / Fans Buyers
  • 15. Now he could focus resources . . .
  • 16. He’d use stats to choose tactics. Now these have context.
  • 17. Alexander the Great would test premises. Month 1 Month 2
  • 18. Read results in terms of objectives. 90% 1st Time Visitors Good news?
  • 19. Bad News? 12% > 20 minutes Think Context
  • 20. Alexander knew the expectation
  • 21. could be flanked with innovation.
  • 22. They understand. • GearGurus who know their customers • DuckStars who know their Readers / Fans • InfoPasses that serve Buzz Snackers
  • 23. Oh and . . . Alexander never lost to shiny objects. Bandwidth Bandits