25 Words that Connect Us
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25 Words that Connect Us



Thirty-three authors offer one thought about how we\'re connected in precisely 25 words. Beautiful photos carry the message along.

Thirty-three authors offer one thought about how we\'re connected in precisely 25 words. Beautiful photos carry the message along.



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    25 Words that Connect Us 25 Words that Connect Us Presentation Transcript

    • 25 Words that Connect Us 31 Writers Put Their Thoughts in Precisely 25 Words
    • 25 Words that Connect Us 25 words or 25 people, linked meaningfully make sense. They’re better. Get the right thought connecting them, who’s to say they can’t change the world? Liz Strauss
      • Enabling technologies are ubiquitous and available to almost everyone. But connectivity does not necessarily produce unity. Unity is a spiritual issue, not a technology solution.
      • David Taboada
      • Because of you
      • I’ve built a spare room
      • inside my head,
      • stocked it with fingerpaint
      • and sidewalk chalk
      • just to see
      • how you would decorate.
      • Amy Derby
      • Sometimes I forget Have to stop and ask myself: “Have we met?” Knowing you so well Through the power of your words Like friends forever.
      • Joanna Young
      • My hair,
      • mama’s eyebrows, grandma’s face. Little girl laughs, draws smiles, touches hearts. Share your love, grow beautiful, change the world.
      • Stacy Lang
      2 At the moment I see the sun go down some of my connected friends see the sun high Where their morning coffee is my lunchtime. Karin H 2
      • Pain war suffering
      • sorrow selfishness deceit
      • pettiness narrow-mindedness
      • kindness empathy sacrifice
      • love vulnerability hope
      • light and day,
      • red blood
      • universal bonds
      • unifying bondage
      • oneness
      • schizo
      What connects us can also divide us.
    • And then I remember I don’t know what you look like 78% water, 12% caffeine on some nights I look up and I think the moon has your face
      • It will
      • ALWAYS
      • be about
      • people first.
      • Words are
      • loose bridges
      • of intention,
      • and
      • we use them
      • to connect
      • our ideas
      • to other
      • good people.
      • Chris Brogan
      • Connections are about reaching and sustaining synergy with a target or audience; value must be generously gifted if it
      • is to be reciprocated.
      • Heather Rast
      • You reached out, used my name, and replied.
      • First contact!
      • To be heard. To receive.
      • To feel. To interact.
      • And that was just the beginning!
      • SpageAgeSage - Lori
      Photo credit: speech path girl
      • Hello? Is anyone home? I have a message I’d like to share with you. Hello? Is anyone listening? I really need to tell you about….
      • Michael VanDervort
      • Have faith. Life's too short. Show grace, seek peace. Work hard. Break the tension. Seek joy helping others. Never assume. Always improve. Find what's fun.
      • VanillaCokehead
      Kelly Erickson Email subject like a bow on a present My feelings summed up in keystrokes, commanding you: Smile! Laugh! Miss me? Open with a grin, dear.
      • Women around the world share their stories Bringing hope and inspiration Connecting with women living in poverty In turn, they invest in changing their world
      • wonderwebby
      Photo credit: farm3/static
    • Years ago, closest friends were physically closest. Neighbors knew everything. Today, social networks are recreating an idea of local where once again neighbors know all.    Luke Gedeon Image credit: Wikipedia
      • Kara
    • W e need to rally around ourselves, our community, and the core existence of showing and expressing our hopes and dreams,  not just selling our art. Damien Franco
      • Then…
      • Grey skies, time flies; many sighs -
      • Sad eyes, soulful cries; progress dies.
      • Now…
      • Blue bird, friends heard; kind word -
      • Hope spurred, undeterred; joy occurred!
      • Robert Hruzek
      • When you are far away Avital
      • And out of my reach,
      • I know we breathe the same air
      • And watch the same sky; I’m happy again.
      • Each of us reflects light differently, but all of us together paint the world. Branches both uphold our lives and provide a means to share.   Todd Smith
      • happiness
      • is my work bliss.
      • Because
      • without you
      • there is no me.
      • Your joy is mine and it is why I go on.
      • Karl - Work Happy Now!
      • Tapestry
      • Each person A thread, a color In a tapestry woven.
      • Weaving, blending Single threads entwined
      • Each thread a place As patterns grow To beauty reveal.
      • Connected Creativity
      • Live
      • the Philosophy that
      • Imperfect Action is better than
      • No Action.
      • It may never be
      • perfect,
      • so keep taking
      • Imperfect Action
      • and live perfectly imperfect.   
      • Giovanna Garcia
      Image credit: istock
      • Lives connect In ways unrealized
      • A word, A smile or A helping hand
      • One life a stranger touches, That touch extends More lives to mend.
      • Shadows Edge
      • Break bread with me through the blogging medium my sisters and brothers;
      crawl through the ether that both binds us and defines our limits.” Bob Whaley
      • Moment in time,
      • Make or Break moment-
      • When approached with listening ears,
      • Empathetic heart and desire to relate,
      • Connects us long after the moment passes.    
      • Make or Break Moments
      • I see you.
      • Not for what you might do for me…
      • or to me.
      • I see you…
      • want to know you…
      • change the world together.  
      • Karl Edwards
      • From Ben-Hur and Crazy Horse to cigarette boats , we equate equus with power. Listen to its “Neigh” and brand your voice . Google juice , anyone?    
      • Ari Herzog
      • Mother Earth  
      • the sun ended today autumn bursts of color come to view a golden sea of yellow fallen glowing burnt sienna crunchy crunched under my feet
      Image credit: flickr image
      • A blogger’s words may grow icy with frost;
      • a published presence, subscriptions lost.
      • But wireless pathways and creative minds,
      • share colourful comments that forever bind.    
      • Davina
      • How are we connected? Surely not by wires and photons and beams.
      • No, the things that unite us are ideas and feelings and beautiful dreams.    
      • WriteScribe
      • Life is NOT a journey in which you tip-toe to the grave, but rather you slide in loudly proclaiming, ’WOW, what a ride!!      Mark Salinas
      • Please take responsibility for your actions now,
      • because what YOU sow, all our children will reap in the future.  Go on, make it something excellent.  
      • ZenCookbooks
      • Connections aren’t about how close you can get, how far you travel, or how long you’ve known someone; it’s about reaching across to their heart.
      • Todd Jordan
      • Amy Derby
      • Stacy Lang
      • Karin H
      • schizo
      • Chris Brogan
      • Luke Gedeon
      • Kara
      • Robert Hruzek
      • Todd Jordan
      • Avital
      • Todd Smith
      • Bob Whaley
      • Karl Edwards
      • Davina
      • Mark Salinas
      • WriteScribe
      Joanna Young David Taboada 78% water, 12% caffeine SpageAgeSage - Lori Michael VanDervort VanillaCokehead Wonderwebby Heather Rast Kelly Erickson Work Happy Now! Connected Creativity Giovanna Garcia Shadows Edge Make or Break Moments Damien Franco Unmarked photos from sxc.hu 25 Words that Connect Us make us better, make us stronger, Make us more vibrant, more intelligent, more flexible, more fluent, more creative, more . . . – Liz Strauss