9 4-13 lessons 4-5
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9 4-13 lessons 4-5






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9 4-13 lessons 4-5 9 4-13 lessons 4-5 Document Transcript

  • 9­4­13 ch 1 L 4­5.notebook 1 September 04, 2013 9/4/13 8th Language Arts Agenda: 1. Independent Reading 2. Grammar 3. Writing Workshop Assignments: -comment on 2 students' responses (F)
  • 9­4­13 ch 1 L 4­5.notebook 2 September 04, 2013 Chapter 1, Lesson 4: Verb Phrases Verb Phrase: main verb + one or more helping verbs Main Verb: can stand by itself ex: Technology changes cities. The changes are rapid. Helping Verb: helps main verbs express action or show time ex: Technology will change cities. City dwellers should have been preparing for change.
  • 9­4­13 ch 1 L 4­5.notebook 3 September 04, 2013 Common Helping Verbs forms of be is, am, are, was, were, be, been forms of do  do, does, did  forms of have has, have, had  others may, might, can, should, could,  would, shall, will
  • 9­4­13 ch 1 L 4­5.notebook 4 September 04, 2013 1. Modern industries cities and towns to flourish. 2. However, they ________ serious problems as well. 3. Chemical wastes from factories _____________ our environment. 4. Pollution ____________ animals and plants. 5. Automobiles ________________ the air for decades. is endangering have allowed can poison have been polluting can cause
  • 9­4­13 ch 1 L 4­5.notebook 5 September 04, 2013 Chapter 1, Lesson 5: Compound Sentence Parts compound subject: two or more subjects that have the same verb ex: Tornadoes and hurricanes are dangerous. compound verb: two or more verbs that have the same subject ex: The swollen river rose and crested. Why does it matter? -Your writing can get repetitive if you do not use compounds. ex: Jaguars are endangered animals.Gray wolves are endangered animals.
  • 9­4­13 ch 1 L 4­5.notebook 6 September 04, 2013 1. Space stations and orbiting platforms are our first step away from Earth. 2. In the future, we may design and build outer-space cities. 3. Several nations or international groups could pool their resources. 4. They could create and manage a colony on the moon. 5. Minerals and other raw materials would be shipped to colonies in space. 6. We already design and plan model cities. 7. In one design, two huge cylinders and their solar panels form the main body of the space city. 8. The cylinders rotate and create an artificial gravity. 9. Special greenhouses shelter and sustain the city's food. 10. These cities or other space colonies could bring us closer to the stars.
  • 9­4­13 ch 1 L 4­5.notebook 7 September 04, 2013 Assignment: page 15 part B
  • 9­4­13 ch 1 L 4­5.notebook 8 September 04, 2013