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7th 10 8-12
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7th 10 8-12



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  • 1. 7th grade 10­8­12.notebook October 08, 2012 10/8/12 7th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Warm-up: LN page 35 #1-10 Assignments: 2. Grammar -Research added to Spider 3. Biography Research Scribe (end of period on Tuesday) -Lit Circle Presentations (W) -Final Book Project (F) 1
  • 2. 7th grade 10­8­12.notebook October 08, 2012 Turn to page 35 in your Language Network book. Complete numbers 1-10 without looking ahead in your book. You have five minutes. 1. B plural noun 2. B noun as a direct object 3. B plural noun 4. A common noun 5. B plural possessive noun 6. C singular compound noun 7. C singular possessive noun 8. D compound noun 9. C proper noun 10. B abstract noun 2
  • 3. 7th grade 10­8­12.notebook October 08, 2012 Lesson 1­ Kinds of Nouns A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea. A common noun- general name Proper noun- particular person, place, thing, or idea- always capitalized Concrete Nouns- a noun that can be seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted. -sunlight, explosion, fuel, rocks, moon, ice Abstract Nouns- names an idea, feeling, quality, or characteristic -exploration, excitement, lightness, and courage **Every noun is either common or proper and concrete or abstract Collective noun- names a group of people or things. 3
  • 4. 7th grade 10­8­12.notebook October 08, 2012 Circle the Nouns in the sentence and label them as common or proper. BONUS- see if you can find the three collective nouns. The first astronauts squeezed food from tubes. Astronauts in the Space Shuttle Program eat from a tray with forks and spoons. They use straws to drink beverages from sealed pouches. NASA employs a team of dietitians to make sure the astronauts eat properly. Before flight, each astronaut chooses food from a large group of items. There is a supply of snacks available to the crew. Yet most astronauts crave certain favorite foods. Shannon Lucid missed her favorite candy during her six-month mission. Astronauts cannot gain weight in space. The extra fat will show up on their return to Earth. 4