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  • 1. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 10/29/13 8th Grade Language Arts Agenda: Assignments: -Grammar Agreement Problems and Indefinite Pronouns as subjects (W) 1. Independent Reading -Vocab Writing (F) 2. Grammar -Grammar Test (F) 3. Writing Workshop -Comment on 2 students' responses (F) 1
  • 2. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 Chapter 9, Lesson 3: Agreement Problems in Sentences Subjects in Unusual Positions Types of sentences • Question -Does this music video contain interesting computer graphics? • Sentence beginning with here or there -Here is an on-air announcer with an enjoyable play list. • Sentences beginning with an adverb, adjective, or a phrase -Around the nation is heard the sound. 2
  • 3. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 (Is, Are) last­borns more rebellious than  middle children?   Turn the sentence around Last­borns (is, are) more rebellious than  middle children. Last­borns (is, are) more rebellious than  middle children. Are last­borns more rebellious than middle  children?  3
  • 4. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 Predicate Nouns • the verb should agree with the subject, not the noun -Her inspiration is abstract paintings by Pablo Picasso. Prepositional Phrases • The subject is never in a prep phrase -Traditionally, the pattern of symbols represents things found in nature. -Traditionally, the pattern of symbols represents things found in nature. 4
  • 5. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 1. Does pets have personalities? 2. Studies of animal behavior suggest differences in temperament. 3. There is many cats and dogs with distinctive traits. 4. For example, pit bulls is an aggressive breed of terrier. 5. On the other hand, a Chihuahua is a very timid dog. 6. From careful observation comes new insights into pet behavior. 7. Heredity is one factor in determining what your pet is like. 8. There is some pets with serious behavioral problems. 9. Has you ever seen a cat chew wool? 10. On local radio stations play a popular call-in show for pet owners. 5
  • 6. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 Chapter 9, Lesson 4: Indefinite Pronouns as Subjects Indefinite Pronouns: a pronoun that does not refer to a specific person, place, thing, or idea Singular Plural  Singular or  Plural  both, few, all, any, most, another, anybody, anyone, anything, each, either, everybody, everyone, everything,   neither, nobody, no many, several none, some one, nothing, one, somebody, someone, something Singular Subjects = Singular Verbs Plural Subjects = Plural Verbs 6
  • 7. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 Singular or Plural? - think about the noun it refers to -use that noun to decide which type of verb to use move Ex: All of the mobiles _____ in a breeze. is Most of the design ____ ingenious. were Many people attend the exhibition. Most ______ astonished. 7
  • 8. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 1. Many knows the saying "A picture's worth a thousand words." 2. One remembers the fascinating images in the photo essays. 3. Few merely entertains people. 4. Most addresses important real-life issues. 5. Some of the photographs reveals poverty. 6. Others portrays nature's fury. 7. Everyone are touched by pictures that capture human suffering. 8. No one ignores such strong evidence of problems in society. 8
  • 9. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 Barbies and Dolls Cheerleading La Sagrada Familia  Sc Henry Rappelling down a 90  foot castle  ble  an d B na By  m y Doug GOD mom Taylor an a Driv i aro ng  Key West und   the  isla nd pier 11 White Sandy Beaches rab in  nta u Mo Dew Ruby gra ms Shopping   Seeing  Henry  take his  first steps se lf o n t he  cu rre nt  riv Australia  Pride and  Prejudice  grandma Yadi Conversation  on the beach  in Hawaii Casting Crowns er my chair saying  goodbye Caribou Coffee my  mom's  attempt  The drive  at  to and  quilting  from  Vatican City New  Kids on  the  Block "Mom,  you're  my best  friend."   ­Ruby   te a ol c o ch Minnesota 9
  • 10. 10­29­13.notebook Questions to Help Mine Your Heart: October 29, 2013 What has stayed in your heart? What memories, moments, people, animals, objects, places, books, fears, scars, friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, teachers, other people, journeys, secrets, dreams, crushes, relationships, comforts, learning experiences? What's at the center? The edges? What's in Your Heart? 10
  • 11. 10­29­13.notebook October 29, 2013 11