10 22-13 end marks and cause-effect


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10 22-13 end marks and cause-effect

  1. 1. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook 10/22/13 7th Grade Language Arts October 22, 2013 Assignments: Agenda: -Grammar workbook pages on End Marks (W) 1. Independent Reading -2 comments on reading response (F) 2. Grammar -Supplemental Vocab list (TH) 3. Cause and Effect -Vocabulary Unit 5 (TH) -Spelling Test (TH) -Cause and Effect Organizer (TH) *Be adding words to your supplemental vocab list [Mrs. Slavens will check on Thursday!] 1
  2. 2. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook shining, bright October 22, 2013 relating to farm areas radiant large, important, major substantial doubt, the state of being unsure uncertainty rural last, final; most important ultimate skilled in handling difficult situations tactful to interfere with tamper a short account of an incident anecdote easily taught, led, or managed docile capable of being wrong fallible to combine, unite consolidate to beg, implore, ask earnestly entreat an imitation; to make an illegal counterfeit copy one who flees or runs away fugitive possible, able to happen potential to rule over by strength or power dominate a very small part iota to beat or knock about maul liable to change very rapidly very dirty, covered with dirt or soot fickle grimy 2
  3. 3. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 The Period! Rules One and Two   1.The period can be used to end a sentence.     She sat. Bees sng. 2. The period is used aer initals. Holly J. Young married Charles S. Boros. Write your own sentence, using the two rules! 3
  4. 4. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 The Period! Rules Three and Four 3. The period can be used aer abbreviaons. Dr. and Prof. Jones are here. 4. A period is used to separate dollars and cents. I had $4.20 and spent $1.99.  Write your own sentence, using the two rules! 4
  5. 5. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 Chapter 11, Lesson 1: Periods and Other End Marks Periods: -after a declarative sentence -after almost every imperative sentence -after an indirect question -an indirect question reports what a person asked without using the person's exact words ex: Direct- The aide asked, "Which route should I take sir?" Indirect- The aide asked the general which route to take. 5
  6. 6. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 How Smare are You? 1. Dr     and    Mr     Smith’s   groceries   were   21   80 2. John   F   Kennedy   and   Jackie   O   were   married 3. She     came     She     saw     She     conquered    4. J   T   owed   Tammy   25   55   for   dinner   **If you are a Smare  there should be __ smare(s) le 6
  7. 7. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 End Marks! Sentences can end with periods,      queson marks ,        or exclamaon points. 1)Use a period to end a statement.  I am red. 2)Use a queson mark to end quesons.  Who are you? 3)Use exclamaon points to express strong emoon.  Leave me alone!                         7
  8. 8. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 Question Marks: -after an interrogative sentence Exclamation Point: -after an exclamatory sentence -after an interjection or any other exclamatory expression EX: What! Where could they be? Quick! Search the woods for spies! 8
  9. 9. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 Other uses of periods: -common abbreviations and initials: sec. P.O. CD MN -use a period after each number or hr. letter in an outline or list Outline Early Communication I. Visual A. Sign Language B. Writing II. Oral A. Speech B. Song List Methods of Communication 1. Writing 2. Speaking 3. Sign Language 9
  10. 10. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 1. A voter asked the candidates what their priorities were 2. We won Hooray Happy Days are here again 3. The issues are sewers, schools, and sprawl 4. Mr. Thompson, the alderman, opposes any new taxes 5. Do you plan to get up and talk 6. Hey I still have the floor 7. I Issues facing the town in the next decade A Sewer extensions B School budget C Suburban sprawl D Taxes II Leaders 10
  11. 11. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 Cause Effect Effect Effect 11
  12. 12. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook Cause October 22, 2013 Cause Cause Effect 12
  13. 13. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 B D A C 13
  14. 14. end marks and cause ­effect.notebook October 22, 2013 causes/effects: -what causes jurors to change their votes -juror 10 was racist -juror 3 was angry at his son -juror 7 had baseball tickets -juror 8 wanted to talk about it first -juror 9 wanted to support juror 8 -juror 11 was knowledgeable about reasonable doubt -juror 12 flopped back and forth -old man's testimony -juror 8 purchased a knife just like the one in the case -discussion of the glasses 14