Social media marketing for non profits final 3 2012


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Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits - Tips, examples, best practices, things to watch out for.

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  • 97 % of nonprofit were involved in social media in 2010 (Chronicle of Philanthropy – Umass Dartmouth study)66% Of US adults connected to at least one social media platformWhy? 67% want to stay in touch with friends, 64% want to stay in touch with family, 50% want to reconnect with old friends, 14% want to connect with people who have similar interests, 9% want to make new friends.
  • I.e., Don’t leave social media to interns. Yes, they can help, but the goals, structure and overall responsibility rests with a key member of your staff.
  • The approach? Begin with a plan.
  • Facebook has been likened to the “Jersey Shore” of social media platforms. Short, current, edgy and LOTS of pictures and video is what gets noticed.55% female, US audience 155 million, 43% of users 35 yrs. and older (source: 3-19-12)Let your followers and supporters post on your page.
  • This is a fundraising post – they tie in a holiday (Ides of March) with being ½ way thought their month-long campaign, and ASK people to celebrate by becoming a HERO fundraiser. This was shared, liked AND commented on. 440 likes, 102 shares, 9 comments.
  • LinkedIn demographics – 50% split between men and women on LinkedIn, 49% over the age of 45.Ex. There was a newspaper article on gov’t forbidding private contributions to a food bank. The question was “Charity or Gov’t?”. Variety of comments, and the most extensive and thoughtful was deemed the “BEST ANSWER” and puts a green star next to your name in LinkedIn.By answering questions and being active in mission-appropriate topics on LinkedIn, you can show off your expertise up to 3 degrees deep (your contacts, your contacts’ contacts, and 2nd level contacts’ contacts).
  • Demographics for Pinterest – 82% women. Crafts, gift ideas, design and fashion typical content.
  • Get help – use free tools out there to help you manage your time online better Example is Hootsuite (there are others) Via Hootsuite you can schedule your social media content. You add in the channels you are involved in (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare) and can easily see (using multiple tabs) and track your social media activity - tweets, mentions, direct messages sent and received … and so on.
  • Read an article on community farming, post the link along with a catchy tag line “Grow Up to help Friendship Trays” #localfoodRSS feeds (really simple syndication) auto subscribes you to get info/content from sources you like and lets you syndicate, as well (think your blog)
  • This helps with the boring issue!Monitor your Twitter hashtag, set up a Google Alert for your city and organization name,
  • Publicize your social media sites – make it easy for people to Like, Connect and Follow You TIP - Put icons on staff email signature lines.Get People engaged – you put your stuff out, of course, but encourage people to tell their stories, post their pictures, and talk about your mission. Thank people “socially”, use location based apps so friends of your supporters see their involvement with you. Reach out to other similar organizations, partner with other organizations, mirror what you’re doing as part of your organizational efforts and share all of that “socially”. Get more followers by inviting your customers, partners, vendors, clients, and even friends and family to follow your social media page.
  • Think about your most compelling story, share it and include action words and embed multiple ways to help and get involved – especially think about ending with a donate
  • Go 2.0 with this – they asked the patrons to find a painting for this space by searching the online collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. They encouraged it to be interactive (such as asking questions) of the staff before choosing. It is part of the Fill the Gap project organized by the Luce Foundation Center for American Art.
  • Social media marketing for non profits final 3 2012

    1. 1. Liz Horgan
    2. 2. Social Media Involvement• 97% of Nonprofits• 66% US adultsWhy ?
    3. 3. This is about YOU How can social media work for your nonprofit organization?
    4. 4. Social Media Marketing Today’s Agenda • How To Approach Social Media • Improve What you’re Doing Now • Tips and Examples • Mistakes to Watch Out for
    5. 5. Approach: Organizational Mindset • Support from the Top • Integration/tie-in with all aspects of mission • Measure • Share internally
    6. 6. Goals and Objectives • Raise awareness • Fundraising • Participation • Leverage resources • __________________
    7. 7. How to Begin Make A Plan • Goals and Objectives • Audience • Choose best Social Media Tools • Campaign & strategies • Implement & Train • Focus on ROI • Execute consistently
    8. 8. Ways to …
    9. 9. Build Community - FacebookPost Good Stuff!• Pictures & Video• Edgy• Emotional Tugs• ActionableThen…test
    10. 10. How?• Craft you Posts• Call to Action – be specific• Events• Tell stories• Polls• Contests• Link to others• Showcase multiple ways to get involved• Easy donation link
    11. 11. Research – Twitter (LI and FB, too) Based on: • location • keywords • people • sentiment
    12. 12. Research – Twitter Research for: • outreach opportunities • G2/Intelligence • What people are saying about YOU
    13. 13. Reputation and Awareness - LinkedInAsk questions andprovide answers• Demographics• Access and Reach
    14. 14. Event Excitement - Pinterest• costume ideas• rest stop ideas• men’s team hats• funny quotes• … get creative!Think beautifulimages
    15. 15. Tips• Organize a petition on• Check out YouTube’s Nonprofit program• Put your social icons on email signature and on marketing materials
    16. 16. Beware• Time Factor• Not Listening• No Followers• Not Found• Boring
    17. 17. Time Factor - HootsuiteStreamline: Get help and be more efficient
    18. 18. Time Factor – What to PostContent• Calendar• Curation• RSS Feeds• Create Quality Content
    19. 19. ListenKnow what your people are saying …They tellyou whatthey wantto hearfrom you.
    20. 20. Followers• Let your people know you’re on a social network• Reach out - Invite and cross promote. Follow others• Get people engaged
    21. 21. Not Found • SEO • Keywords • Links
    22. 22. Boring Don’t !
    23. 23. 3 More Tips • Call to Action • Time Management • Spur Engagement
    24. 24. Call to Action - All PlatformsPaircampaignswith on-the-ground callsto action
    25. 25. Time Management - YouTube
    26. 26. Spur Engagement - FlickrEngage through:• decision-making• behind-the-scenes involvement
    27. 27. Measurement Define YOUR Social media success • Analytics • Measure/ROI • Revise • Repeat
    28. 28. Questions Liz