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  1. 1. Date Task Homework 14/09/10 Difference between AS and A2 (Examine marking criteria) look at planning, research post-production and evaluation - take notes. Innovative approaches to presentation of work - discussions. (blogs/media workshops/Nicks talk) Continue with independent short film research. Summer holiday work deadline next lesson 16/09/10 Summer holiday work deadline Students to get into film groups; share work from over the summer and develop ideas considering details and practicalities - one-to- one support. Each group to present to class their ideas and gain feedback Group members: Sarra Livvy Kieran Prepare presentation to present to class on short film 20/09/10 Student Learning Centre - independent work on short film research Complete short film presentation 21/09/10 Class discussion on magazine reviews and posters; students to take notes. Support on Learnzone Re-cap on interim deadlines Continue with short film research/magazine reviews 24/09/10 Student presentations on short film review - peer assessment - 2x WWW and 1x EBI Continue with short film research/magazine reviews Meet up at Livvys house and complete magazine research - assign certain reviews to each group member.
  2. 2. 27/09/10 Complete short film presentations - peer assessment - 2x WWW and 1x EBI. Independent work on research tasks (short film/poster/magazine review) Short film research tasks 28/09/10 Independent work on short film research - one- to-ones and checks on progress 30/09/10 Student Learning Centre - independent work on short film research - one-to-ones and checks on progress Embedding onto blog (slideshare) Student blog addresses Short film research tasks All research to be completed and on blogs by Friday 1st October by 4pm 4/10/10 Audience research lesson - tutor support class, class discussions, support on Learnzone Decide how we are going to do our audience research – interviews, questionnaires and audio interviews Audience research deadline Friday 8th October Create mind map for the type of people we are going to interview. Write down the questions we are going to ask 5/10/10 Introduction to planning work - learnzone support/expectations Role distribution All audience research deadline Friday Each member thinks of a certain type of person to interview – carry out interview and edit footage. Continue with planning 7/10/10 Complete an ideas generation All members complete location recces. 8/10/10 Meet up, look at location recces and decide on Over weekend - group members complete their
  3. 3. appropriate location roles. Send each other completed work- short story/shot list/shooting script Story board/actors list/props and costumes Synopsis/equipment lists 11/10/10 Discuss developments and changes 18/10/10 Plan out storyboard. Makes notes on ancillary tasks Complete storyboard. 01/11/10 Arrange shooting dates Wednesday at 5.00pm Saturday at 9.30am till 11.30am 04/11/10 Shoot at 5.00pm Meet at Livvy’s house. Actors = Holly/Jak/Kieran/Livvy and Sarra. Shoot the dinner scene and then the window scene. (take behind the scene photos) 06/11/10 Shoot at 9.30am Meet at Livvy’s house. Actors = Kieran/Livvy/Sarra/Holly/Jak. Shoot Jak’s footsteps and then Police officers’ footsteps. Shoot the front door scenes, and then the living room scene. (take behind the scene photos) 07/11/10 Shoot at 3.00pm Meet at Livvy’s house. Actors = Sarra/Livvy/Murrie/Jak/Gav. Shoot the beginning car scenes and then the crash. Use slow motion camera. (take behind the scene photos) 08/11/10 Lesson - establish development between AS & A2 Discuss ancillary tasks - ideas Go through shooting script - decide what to reshoot 09/11/10 EDITING 11/11/10 DISCUSS SHOOTING SCRIPT AND SHOT LIST - LIVVY & SARRA Set dates and targets - reshoots 13/11/10 Meet up at 3.00pm - Sarra/Livvy/Murrie. Complete reshoot. 14/11/10 Final editing – Sarra/Livvy/Kieran Decide what song to use - more research Ideas generation for Poster Title styles/ideas for credits - behind the scene shots Complete editing - add sound/title and credits
  4. 4. 16/11/10 Show film to Zoe - pick out any problems Props list - remove Carol’s apron from list Scene where Ben walks down the path - no car in background – add to evaluation The mother is too young – add to evaluation Add title - research title sequences Needs to be a little longer – add some statistics 22/11/10 Meet at Livvy’s - complete any unfinished work Organize all work and send to each other. Final editing session Complete edit decision list Begin to plan evaluation Complete ancillary tasks