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  1. 1. Signs<br />Sarra Reyes-Wilson<br />
  2. 2. Audience<br />The target audience is varied, but I think it is based mainly on women, as the genre is romantic- comedy which normally attracts women of all ages.<br />
  3. 3. Institution <br />
  4. 4. Camera Techniques<br /><ul><li>Angles- when he is on the escalator, a high angle is used to look down on him as he feels low and is inferior.
  5. 5. Movement-a slow pan is used to reveal the office, this allows us to see that no one looks up or pays attention to him.
  6. 6. Position- at the start, the camera is positioned at a birds eye view, or a master shot, this allows the viewer to only see his pillows and sheets cutting of anymore information about this man, however the way he sleeps in the centre suggests he is single and lonely already.</li></li></ul><li>Camera Compositions<br /><ul><li>Using a narrow depth of field like on the train isolates </li></ul>him even more, even though he surrounded by people.<br /><ul><li>Framing is used when he is on the train and stares at the couple. The way the camera has framed him in between the couple makes it clear what he is thinking and what he wants.</li></li></ul><li>Mise En Scene<br /><ul><li>Props – marker and paper, their only way of communication
  7. 7. Costume- he puts on a smart suit, this gives the impression he has an office job, something average. His suit is always grey, a bland colour that suits his bland mood.
  8. 8. Location- his apartment his plain and bare, there is no sign of a woman’s touch, this suggests he is single. His work place is in an office building, we can tell this by the file cabinets the computers, it seems like a dull job, and no one realises him when he steps in the room
  9. 9. Lighting- is natural daylight through out most of the film, but there is a scene where he is stood under a light bulb in his dark apartment, and this single spot light emphasises the isolation he feels.</li></li></ul><li>Sound<br /><ul><li>Dialogue- hardly any speaking especially from the 2 main characters. There is dialogue from his work colleagues and parents, their Australian accent locates the audience. the content of their message also contradicts his lifestyle.
  10. 10. Diegetic- the first sound we hear is the alarm beeping with a black background- this to me represents his repeated and continuous lifestyle, it is monotone. When he is in his office, we hear phones and photocopiers, that have the same repetitive and dull tone.
  11. 11. Non Diegetic- there is a background tune running through the entire film, this starts off slow and sad, which represents his mood, but as his character and mood changes, the beat picks up pace and is more cheery.</li></li></ul><li>Editing<br />Continuity- as his parents message plays, the scenes are cut short then put together, to fast forward his actions. This emphasises the length of the message and the annoyance of, giving a slight comical twist to it <br />Eye line match- when she moves floors, she looks down at him, as he looks up to give a believable flow of continuity. <br />
  12. 12. Representaion<br /><ul><li>The representation of the male characters work status is shown through the elements of mise en scene, such as the suit he puts on everyday, and his office he works at. Through close ups, the viewer can get a clear view of his constantly sad facial expressions, showing that he has a plain personality.
  13. 13. The woman his attention is drawn to on the escalator is wearing a sleek, black, smart dress. This makes her seems successful, beautiful and confident and out of his league.</li></li></ul><li>Narrative Structure<br />The narrative structure of this film has a linear effect, however it starts of with a slight disequilibrium. The character is already unhappy and depressed and the viewer doesn’t know how or why as the film just dives into the characters lifestyle mid flow. The linear effect runs through neatly, as a relationship gradually grows and the film ends with the two characters reuniting.<br />