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Original shot list






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Original shot list Original shot list Document Transcript

  • Shot List FormShot No. Scene in Description of Action. Shot Used Movement Screenplay1 1.1 James driving the car Long Shot of the car2 1.2 James driving the car Close up of James3 1.3 James driving the car Over shoulder shot revealing the road4 1.4 James driving the car Panning of the car driving past.5 1.5 James receives text Close up of James6 1.6 James receives a text Extreme close up of James7 2.1 Ben walking along the Long shot in to mid pavement bouncing shot of Ben his ball8 2.2 Ben crossing the road Tracking Ben, from the side, as he walks across the road9 3.1 James reading the text Mid shot of James whilst driving from the side10 2.3 Ben continues to cross Low angle shot of Ben the road11 3.2 James continues Low angle shot of the reading his text whilst car driving12 4.1 Ben gets hit by the car Low angle shot of the Completely still – collision locked off13 4.2 James’ expression as Close up shot of James he hits Ben VISUAL REWIND OF ALL PREVIOUS ACTIONS14 5.1 James decides to pull Mid shot of James over to read the text from the side15 5.2 James pulls over Low level, close up Camera remains shot of the wheel as completely still – James pulls up to the locked off curb16 5.3 Ben crosses the road Over shoulder shot as James reads his showing Ben crossing text at the side of the the road road17 5.4 Ben reaches the other Mid shot of Ben, side Tracking Ben’s side of the road with on movements the ball in his hands
  • 18 6.1 Ben continues walking Low level, close up Tracking Ben walking home shot of Ben’s feet19 6.2 Police walking to Low level, close up Tracking them walking Ben’s house shot of their feet20 6.3 Ben approaching his Mid shot of Ben Tracking him from house behind21 6.4 Ben knocking on the Behind Ben as an over Static camera door shoulder shot movement22 6.5 Police officers Mid shot of the Tracking them from approaching Ben’s officers behind house23 6.6 Police officers Behind the officers as Static camera knocking on the door an over shoulder shot movement24 6.7 Carol opens the door Close up of Carol’s to Ben face25 6.8 Ben runs past Carol Mid shot of Ben Panning Ben’s into the house movements26 6.9 Carol opens the door Over shoulder shot of to the police officers the officers, showing Carol27 6.10 Police officers walk Mid shot of officers Panning officers’ past Carol into the movements house28 6.11 Carol watches as the Close up shot of officers walk into her Carol’s face house29 7.1 Carol and officers Wide, establishing sitting in lounge shot30 7.2 Carol gets up and Wide shot of Carol Tracking Carol’s picks up photo of Ben movement from behind31 7.3 Carol returns to the Close up shot of the sofa and stares at the photo photo32 7.4 The officers leave, Close up shot of Carol Tracking backwards, leaving Carol alone revealing the officers walking out33 8.1 Ben and Carol at the Wide shot from dinner table outside the window34 8.2 Ben and Carol at the Mid shot from inside dinner table the house35 8.3 Ben and Carol at the Mid shot of Ben and Dolly shot around the dinner table, halfway Carol at the table table round, Ben isn’t there