Lemon Explosion! Web PR Plan


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Lemon Explosion! Web PR Plan.

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Lemon Explosion! Web PR Plan

  1. 1. Web PR Plan for Happy Drink Co.’s new beverage LEMON EXPLOSION! Fizzy Meyer lemon drink fortified with calcium
  2. 2. Goals of Web PR Plan for beverage manufacturer Happy Drinks Co.`s new beverage Lemon Explosion! • Create greater brand awareness with media, bloggers and other influencers. • Create greater consumer awareness of brand. • Engage consumers and entice them to offer positive feedback on product website and social media. • Get attention of potential wholesale account clients so they will retail Lemon Explosion! • Drive influencer, business and consumer traffic to company website.
  3. 3. Happy Drinks Co.’s budgeting and branding considerations for choosing web public relations strategies: • Lemon Explosion! is made by a small manufacturer with limited resources – both financial, labour and in- house expertise – to devote to online public relations. • Must leverage company’s existing branding and staff resources : a website, corporate videos , in-house communications staff with writing abilities. • Web PR strategies and tactics must fit with product’s brand identity as a fun and tasty citrus drink with health benefits.
  4. 4. 3 Web PR Strategies identified for achieving public relations goals for Lemon Explosion! 1. Create digital press releases for Happy Drink Co. to send directly to various media and/or to distribute by online press release syndication services. It might be advantageous for businesses to decide which online channels respond most favourably to mass press releases and which channels require more personalized messaging. 2. Engage in Food Blogger outreach to develop trendsetters’ interest in beverage product. 3. Post YouTube videos to showcase product in “live action” settings.
  5. 5. Who Should and Shouldn’t Receive Online Press Releases? Part 1 Online press releases can go to: • Traditional media: print, TV and radio journalists and editors. • Post to Happy Drinks Co.’s own website. Post press release on a “press room” page for web searchers interested in learning about new products and trends in food and beverage. • Free and paid press release syndicates and news release sites. They can distribute online press releases to wider audience. Companies can sign up with these services and post online press releases for review by them. Once a release is accepted, it can be sent to many online channels including news sites, articles directories, news release sites, industry sites, online newsrooms, blogs, forums and social media. (See slide 15 for Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation reference.)
  6. 6. Who Should and Shouldn’t Get Online Press Releases? Part 2 Press releases might not be suitable for: • Social media. It’s debatable whether the press release format is appropriate for social media , such as Twitter or Facebook, due to its more formal character. Social media is more relationship-based and success is dependent on personal messaging and creating conversations. http://mashable.com/2014/03/26/social-media-marketing-responsibilities/ • Bloggers. They may need to be contacted with more personalized messages than a online mass press release can offer. There is also some debate as to whether blogs are social media. While many bloggers are certainly active on social media, the short answer as to whether a blog itself is social media seems to be “it depends”. For the purposes of this Web PR plan, we will discuss blogs in the traditional sense and leave a discussion of social media for another project. http://katetheprofessional.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/are-blogs-social-media-or-not/
  7. 7. 2 Different Styles of Online Press Releases While there is a variety of ways to structure an online press Release, 2 basic styles are worth noting: • Sometimes referred to as a Social Media Press Release , this release is intended to contain basic information about the product and business, as well as a wide variety of rich media (see slide 9). • A type often called a News-Style Press Release . This kind of release also contains options for adding rich media, but its main feature is a written story that could get published as is. This type is often favoured by media who are under strict deadlines and will post articles they deem usable with little or no tweaking. The press release could automatically become web content. (See slide 10) http://www.copyblogger.com/how-to-use-the-modern-press-release/
  8. 8. Basic Info on Lemon Explosion! that should be on all online press releases that include rich media  Core Facts: Lemon Explosion! Is a carbonated Meyer lemon drink fortified with calcium  Corporate videos: Show product’s colour, fizz, bottled ready-to-drink product. Fun settings.  Photos of product: Show bottle, logo, appearance when poured into glass.  Logo graphics: Add images that can be used by media.  Quotes from executives: short and on-message that can be folded into written articles.  News Release Headline: Lemon Explosion! now sold at all Starbucks locations.
  9. 9. Example of social media press release template with rich media add-ons http://www.shiftcomm.com/downloads/smprtemplate.pdf
  10. 10. Example of news-style online release http://www.prweb.com/releases/shiro_restaurant/poconos_sushi/prweb1844804.htm
  11. 11. Optimize your online press release with the right keywords As with any online content, press releases need to be optimized for search so they can be found effectively.  Select up to 3 keywords per release.  Use tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Wordtracker.  Put the key word in the headline, subheadline and body of the release.  Add rich media – such as photos and videos – to the release. Also ensure they are captioned with keywords. http://www.weidert.com/whole_brain_marketing_blog/bid/114621/5-Effective-Tips-For-Optimizing-An-Online- Press-Release-For-Search
  12. 12. Tracking success of Digital Press Releases Old-style paper-based press releases helped increase businesses’ visibility and were useful for announcing new products or developments, but online press releases can also reach customers directly, add online content and be optimized for search engines. Ways to track the success of an online press release:  The number of times it has been republished on websites. And the importance of the various websites and portals are also key, not merely number of times a release is republished.  Times the press is release viewed online.  Times it triggers articles to be written based on the release and number of media interview requests that result due to the release. http://service.prweb.com/_res/u/downloads/ROI-of-Online-Press-Releases.pdf
  13. 13. Top Free Online Press Release Distribution Sites: http://www.mequoda.com/articles/audience-development/best-paid-and-free-press-release-sites/
  14. 14. Top Paid Online Press Release Distribution Sites: http://www.mequoda.com/articles/audience- development/best-paid-and-free-press- release-sites/ http://www.mequoda.com/articles/audience-development/best-paid-and-free-press-release-sites/
  15. 15. Take note of changes in online press release distribution practices The rules concerning distribution of commercial messages online is undergoing legislative changes that could affect how public relations activities are conducted. On July 1, 2014, Canadian anti-spam legislation came into force which could limit the use of automated distribution of press releases. For more further information, refer to: CASL survival guide: http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1316773/casl-survival- guide-released-to-help-businesses-prepare-for-canada- s-anti-spam-law-coming-july-2014
  16. 16. Various media influence on buying http://www.b2bmarketinginsider.com/social-media/report-blogs-are-an-important-part-of-the-marketing-mix
  17. 17. Blogger Outreach -- Part 1 According to Technorati’s Digital Influence Report, 86% of influencers run a blog and blogs are considered to be in the top five sources of trustworthy information. Finding Bloggers without a Paid Tool • Google blog search: Search for any genre of bloggers with Google’s blog search. Make a list of all of the ones that have good content. Then manually look up their stats to make sure they reach far enough. • Google Alerts: Set up Google Alerts for the keywords that describe your target vertical as described in your blogger profile. For example maybe you want to know whenever someone writes about “gifts for dads” so that you can reach out to that blogger and suggest your own product. Or you want to monitor for “vegan” so you know when food blogs write about this lifestyle. • Blog rolls: A blog roll is a list of blogs that a blogger compiles of other bloggers in certain verticals. So if you Google “blogroll” and “specific keyword” you can find some really thorough blogrolls out there to copy into your spread sheet. • Ask bloggers for more bloggers: When you form a friendly relationship with a blogger, ask them to recommend other bloggers to reach out to. Bloggers are a very tight knit bunch and often times will give you some names. • Multi-channel approach: Bloggers tend to have a presence on a variety of digital channels. Try a reverse look up by finding YouTube influencers and asking them if they have a blog. Or use followerwonk to find influential tweeters for your campaign and while you’re at it find out whether or not they also have a blog which is usually linked to in their twitter bio! http://www.e2msolutions.com/blog/a-comprehensive-guide-to-working-with-influential-bloggers/
  18. 18. Blogger Outreach -- Part 2 Find Food Bloggers Without a Paid Tool cont’: - Bloggers are often referenced in traditional media such as newspapers and magazines. - Join blogger alliance groups such as foodbloggersofcanada.com or check their sites for contacts. - Use Twitter’s advanced search to find food bloggers http://blog.menu.ca/social/how-to-find-local-food- bloggers-in-your-area/ Qualify Bloggers, Get Them to Know Your Brand: • Find bloggers in your niche and read their blogs as background. • Contact bloggers who’ve written about competing brands. • Interact on social media channels before pitching. • Tell them your pitch. And what do they get in return? (Offer of free product or simply interesting news?) • Link to all necessary info when contacting the blogger so they can access info on your business readily. Track Results from Bloggers: • Social shares • Comment counts • Sentiment (what people say about the posts/your brand in their social shares and in the comments section of the post) • Traffic to site • Product purchases Track your posts once a week and keep the metrics updated in a spreadsheet. http://www.e2msolutions.com/blog/a-comprehensive-guide-to-working-with-influential-bloggers/
  19. 19. Post Videos to YouTube to Boost Public Relations Clout “Youtube is quickly positioning itself as the respected site for small business.” (Travis Campbell, 2009. http://smallbiztrends.com/2009/05/5-reasons-youtube-social-marketing-strategy.html) • Upload company videos to YouTube. For example, showing tastings at tradeshows. Feature a fun atmosphere, positive and animated responses from consumers. Also be sure to provide core facts about the drink, Lemon Explosion!: Meyer lemon flavoured, carbonated, a ready-to-drink product and fortified with calcium. • Videos should be optimized for search so they can be found by potential beverage retailers , media and consumers. • Video links should be added to digital press releases. • Also post the videos on the company website. • For small businesses, it’s fine to start with simple “homemade” corporate videos but, as budgets allow, business owners should consider hiring professional videographers to produce polished edited videos that will enhance the brand online.
  20. 20. Post Lemon Explosion! Video to YouTube, website and press releases to bring the beverage to life online
  21. 21. Optimize YouTube Videos – Part 1 Titles They help audiences and YouTube’s discovery systems make sense of video content – So be sure to include relevant keywords that help describe your content. It is also important to treat titles and thumbnails as complementary elements that work together to tell a cohesive story about your content. • Include descriptive and relevant keywords toward the beginning of a title. For Lemon Explosion! Video keywords – in addition to the product name Lemon Explosion! -- could include: meyer lemon drink, fortified with calcium, etc. • Display branding and episode numbers toward the end when appropriate. • Keep titles concise so they don’t get cut-off because of a high character count. • Always represent your content accurately; misleading titles can cause audience drop-offs that negatively impact viewership and watch-time. • Create titles that reinforce their respective thumbnails. Together, they should tell a cohesive and click-compelling story. • Update titles so they remain relevant and continue to attract views over time. • https://www.youtube.com/yt/playbook/metadata.html
  22. 22. Optimize YouTube Videos – Part 2 Descriptions • Like the title, a video’s description field is valuable real estate that helps audiences and YouTube’s discovery systems understand what your content is about. Only the first few sentences of your video description will appear in search results and above the fold on a watch page - so make them count! • Accurately describe your video in 1 to 3 concise sentences at the top. • Include relevant keywords in your description that can help with content discovery. • Add experience-enhancing links such as subscribe, related videos, playlists, etc. • https://www.youtube.com/yt/playbook/metadata.html
  23. 23. Conclusion Drive brand recognition with Web PR strategies that yield great impact yet are within budget and may be executed by a company’s existing communications and IT staff:  Widespread distribution of online press releases on news of the beverage and its new availability nation-wide.  Gain attention and positive feedback from influential food and beverage bloggers on the product.  Post informative and interesting product videos on YouTube. Use these low-cost efficient strategies to increase the online presence and branding of Happy Drink Co.’s Lemon Explosion! Ultimately leads to more retailer buy-in and consumer sales.
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