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Salute to Seuss by Hannah
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Salute to Seuss by Hannah



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  • 1. Salute to Seuss By Hannah Year 4
  • 2. Dr Seuss died September 24 1991 dr seuss Dr Seuss was born March 2,1904
  • 3. Vote/s for hop on pop.4 Vote/s for the lorax.5 Vote/s for huches in bunches . 0 What is the most popular Dr Seuss book? Vote/s for cat in the hat.3
  • 4.  
  • 5. venn diagram School environment Lorax environment Green grass. Blue sky. Courts, field swimming pool, swings Playground, classrooms Lots of shade, Lake truffula trees Same things. Creatures
  • 6. Lisp - to speak funny. Flapjack - a pancake. Shingle - a thin piece of wood, slate, metal, asbestos, or the like, usually oblong, laid in overlapping rows to cover the roofs and walls of buildings. Mandolin - a musical instrument with a pear-shaped wooden body and a fretted neck. word meanings
  • 7. This truffula tree is made out of colored feathers. and cardboard, hot glue, pipe cleaners. The environment of my truffula tree is exquisits. It has lakes and ponds lots of other truffula trees like it.
  • 8. My favorite Dr Seuss book!! My favorite Dr Seuss book is ‘Oh Say Can You Say?’ because it has lots of tongue twisters.
  • 9. The Lorax continued: So the boy planted that seed and it grew, grew, grew. Three years had passed. He collected seeds from the one truffula tree and kept planting them. When a few years had passed a whole forest of truffula trees had grown!! Everyone came from far and wide to see the forest. They kept the forest as the Truffula Tree Reserve.