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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Probability Listing Possible Outcomes and Exploring Probability
  • 2. Lesson Objective
    • As a class, we will continue our exploration of mathematics by beginning to learn about probability. At the conclusion of the lesson, students will be able to explore probability and list the possible outcomes of an event to occur by using fractions.
  • 3. New York State Standards
    • 4.S.2 Collect data using observations, surveys, and experiments and record appropriately.
    • 4.CM.2 Verbally explain their rationale for strategy selection.
    • 4.PS.13 Work in collaboration with others to solve problems.
  • 4. Procedure
    • Students will be required explore the website below for a quick overview about probability.
  • 5.
    • Students will then be required to copy down the definitions of the following words:
      • Probability
      • Event
      • Outcome
    • Finally, students will receive a list of the four steps to understanding probability (the steps will also be written on a chart in front of the students.)
  • 6.
    • Teacher will then restate the rules with the students while modeling examples for each step using a spinner, dice and coins (students will be drawing upon their prior knowledge for some examples.)
  • 7. Your Turn
    • Students will be broken up into groups and required to use the manipulatives provided for them to complete the worksheet.
    • Students will be grouped based upon their scores from the survey they took the night before.
  • 8. Probability Survey
    • Students who score a 4 on the survey will be paired with students who score a 1
    • Students who score a 3 on the survey will be paired with students who score a 2
  • 9. Follow-up Activity
    • Students who finish the worksheet early can begin to work on their follow-up activity. Students will be required to create their own probability question and answer worksheet by using the information they learned from the lesson.
  • 10. Students with Special Needs
    • The use of the overhead projector will enable students to visually see what they are learning.
    • Students will be hearing, saying and writing material, while reviewing whenever needed.
  • 11. Homework
    • Students will be required to write a letter to a 3rd grade student explaining to them what probability is and what they have learned about probability. All letters must be typed!
  • 12. Assessment
    • Students will be assessed based upon the following:
      • Class and group participation
      • Understanding of class work
      • Homework assignment
  • 13. Games