LiveWorld Webinar: Begin at the End, Social Media Content Planning for Insights


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LiveWorld Webinar: Begin at the End
Date: May 2014
Mark Williams, Creative Director, Social Strategy and Content Programming
Dorice Piraino, Business Analyst
Hashtag: #BeginAtEnd

* More effective social marketing program
* Introduce Prove & Improve Process & Strategy
* Act as Change agents

1.) Social marketing is a conversation, not a monologue
2.) Use data to prove or improve
3.) Know what you want to know - engage with a purpose


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  • Raise your hand if you…Think your company/brand is getting it wrongThink you’re doing some things well, others not Are totally rocking itAre a Content person? Analytics? Both?Agency or brand? Small, medium, big social programs? <1MM, 1 -10MM, >10MMIntermediate level? Advanced? Beginner?Sports fan? (which sport)Married or single?Sing karaoke?Have been drunk any time in the past week?Earn more than 100K per year?
  • Looking at the elements of basic engagement. Focused more around activity. Seeing raw numbers. No tie ins between the data points. Content centered. Raw numbers centered.
  • Intermediate metrics: Targeted around business goals and objectives. Quantative versus quality of comments and discovery. Using data to get insights.
  • Content driven insight. Longer-term business strategy. Health of the community. Ratios; Percentiles; Trends
  • Listening AnalyticsAudience talking about you in generalAudience talking about specifics topics (you select – via keywords)Mentions about you or specifics topicsGeneric sentiment analysisEngagement AnalyticsAudience talking with/at you on your pagesUnderstand your conversation topics which resonate with your audienceExtract user topics from your conversationsAnalyze engagement generated by your messagesReach/behavior/reactions/sentiment/viralityLearn which of your content performs the bestTrack your social engagement activity, benefit form historical trends
  • Cracked Foundation; Stuck windows; bowed walls; drywall cracks…
  • Brainstorm with the audience on why they think it’s important that they know their audience. BODY LANGUAGE In a conversation at a party, you can gauge the body language of a person. But in social media, you can’t. The body language IS the data. 42% Of users use multiple social channels; however Facebook still remains the #1 platform of choice, so much of this presentation will use FB data.
  • 2.5 MinutesBRAINSTORM HERE-> Word cloud/ Length of comments/etcNotes: 60% of your audience is under the age of 34. Slight difference between who you are REACHING and who is ENGAGING. This says that if you’re at a party of ten people, 1 of them is upset, 3 are ecstatic and the rest are normal. ¼ of the party is off doing its own thing while ¾ of them are there with you.
  • Why is it important that we know or ask these questions? (Ask the audience) What’s the importance of dialogue on social?What else would you ask? Ideas of why-> Fan Disinterest: Fans don’t engageFan Submission: Dialogue exchanges are not long monologues by brand and a short brief response from the fan. “Yes. No”. (Parent/child)Fan Fatigue…Pesky Aunt Maura who never had kids who calls you ALL of the time….you don’t want to be her. Fan Empowerment: Feel they can openly dialogue about issues and partake in the conversation. Feel comfortable and a sense of belonging to the conversation. (Would you stay in a conversation circle if every time you talked, you got ignored?)
  • Erik Peterson:  "Media and Content Sites this is close to or below 1.00;  Customer Support this is 1.00;  Retail between 2.0-3.0;  Marketing >10.0” Some top retail brands are seeing 2.67 rates. You want to see these rates increase. Good KPIs drive actions. Create Expectations. What are your expectations online?  
  • The number of fans who interact with the brands for a longer period of time means this seems more like a community for which they belong. On average, 85% of fans talk with the brand for one day only.(Min=17%;Max:99%)Stronger, healthier communities show longer interactions with some brands having 26% of their audience interacting after 300 days! Other high performers: 21% between 200-300; 19% at 100-200 days.
  • Loyalty & Engagement: Reducing customer churn by 5% can increase profits by 25% (Leading on the Edge of Chaos, 2012 )Angelatalking with the brand extends over a large period of time.Talking Point Slide: An outline of the advocate if you want to expand on Angela who is followed by 51 and friends with over 700 peopleLooking at Angela, a brand influencer: Angela’s engagement drops significantly.She stayed positive.She stops talking with you as frequently as she had in the past.What do you do? <Brainstorm>
  • HIRE DEVILS ADVOCATE. ANTICIPATE ALL SCENARIOUS. Kermit brings Miss Piggy her favorite sub…
  • TAKE MAYBELLINE REGIONALLY? Now, was the overall response more green because of the image? Or was the image green because Maybelline knew the market?CLOROX: EVEN THROUGH STANDARD=LESS SCENTED & SPLASHLESS MORE NEGATIVE
  • LiveWorld Webinar: Begin at the End, Social Media Content Planning for Insights

    1. 1. May 20, 2014 www.liveworld.comConfidential Begin at the End Content Planning for Insights
    2. 2. 2Confidential Meeting Overview ● Real word 2013 insights & observations on Facebook ● Draft plans for successful marketing implementation ● Idea lists Outcomes ● More effective social marketing program ● Introduce Prove & Improve Process & Strategy ● Act as change agents Objectives ● Meeting Leader: Mark, with Gregg behind the scenes ● Presenters: Mark Williams and Dorice Piraino ● Ideas & Perspectives: Everyone Roles: Everyone Participates
    3. 3. 3Confidential What to Remember Today 1. Social marketing is a conversation, not a monologue 2. Use data to prove or improve 3. Know what you want to know – engage with a purpose
    4. 4. 4Confidential Rules of Engagement 1. This is YOUR workshop – let us know what you need 1. FriendNDA – please don‟t tweet bad examples, but do amplify good ones. 1. Please participate – ask questions!
    5. 5. 5Confidential About Mark Williams • Creative Director, Social Strategy & Content Programming • 15 years social media • 15 years actor, director, producer • Backpacker to 6 continents • • • @markwilliams on Twitter Client history includes: • Kraft Foods, HBO, MINI, QVC, Sprint, TJX, NBA, and… • #1 retailer in the world • #1 CPG • #1 Travel & Financial Services • #1 and #2 Pharmaceutical
    6. 6. 6Confidential About Dorice Piraino • Senior Analyst at LiveWorld • Accidental techy turned data nerd • Degrees in English & programming • Camped on Maui for three weeks • 10+ Years Data Analyst: • LiveWorld clients, Oracle, various non profits. • Main contributor for award- winning Social Return on Investment in the Micro- Enterprise Industry in 2005.
    7. 7. 7Confidential Audience Question #1 Do you spend most of your time… ● Creating content ● Analyzing data ● Managing the program
    8. 8. 8Confidential Audience Question #2 What is your current measurement focus? 1. Improving engagement 2. Proving value of program (ROI) 3. Gaining customer & business insights 4. All of the above
    9. 9. 9Confidential Audience Question #3 Do you currently: 1. Read all fan comments 2. Read some fan comments 3. Tag fan comments
    10. 10. 10Confidential CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL
    11. 11. 11Confidential Me! Me! Me!
    12. 12. 12Confidential Questionable Current Event Connections
    13. 13. 13Confidential Use a Cute Critter!
    14. 14. 14Confidential Let’s Play A Game!
    15. 15. 15Confidential
    16. 16. 16Confidential Why Do We Create Content Like This? ● Game Facebook Algorithm ● Gain Reach ● Garner Engagement
    17. 17. 17Confidential Facebook’s Response
    18. 18. 18Confidential What Are Your Business Objectives? ● Acquisition: $1–$100/head ● Loyalty & Engagement: Reducing customer churn by 5% can increase profits by 25% (Leading on the Edge of Chaos, 2012 ) ● Brand Awareness: On average, social customers tell 42 people about a good customer experience (American Express, 2012 ) ● Purchase  Community participants spend 54% more (HBR, 2008)  Visitors to branded community site 2x more likely to buy (vs. page on destination social network (Momentum, 2007) ● Word of Mouth Impact on Sales (Cisco, 2009)  1% increase in good word of mouth = $16M extra sales  1% reduction in bad word of mouth = $49M extra sales ● Support: 5x-10x more cost effective vs. phone (Apple, 1990‟s) Content Strategies for Marketing ROI
    19. 19. 19Confidential Audience Feedback Do you see room for improvement in your content strategy? ● Yes ● No
    20. 20. www.liveworld.comConfidential State of Social Measurement
    21. 21. 21Confidential • Crawl – Beginning social media programs • Walk – Intermediate • Run – Advanced Crawl, Walk, Run
    22. 22. 22Confidential ● What program initiative are we supporting? ● How are we going to support it? ● Who do we deliver reports to? Social Content Planning: Crawl
    23. 23. 23Confidential Basic Activity Metrics or Vanity Metrics Crawl
    24. 24. 24Confidential Social Content Planning: Walk ● Who wants in the content calendar? ● Where do we get all the content we need? ● What metrics do we need to show our success?
    25. 25. 25Confidential Metrics Aligned Around Your Business Goal Walk
    26. 26. 26Confidential Social Content Planning: Run ● How do I juggle competition for space in the content calendar? ● Which content is highest performing? ● What is my ROI?
    27. 27. 27Confidential Metrics informing you on your performance. Run Scoring Algorithms PredictiveBehavioralModels Industry Benchmarks
    28. 28. 28Confidential A Short Case Study
    29. 29. 29Confidential Bridging Listening & Engagement Listening Analytics Engagement Analytics Hi Brand! How can I help?
    30. 30. 30Confidential Audience Question #4 How would you classify your social marketing program? • Crawl • Walk • Run
    31. 31. www.liveworld.comConfidential Social Marketing Content Strategy A Short Primer
    32. 32. 32Confidential • To Express Themselves • To Share With or Make Friends • To Gain Attention or Status • To Get Special Information & Deals • Entertainment Why People Participate In Social “To Give and to Get”
    33. 33. 33Confidential Why People Become Fans of Brands = Identity = Information = Attention = Share Why People Become Fans of Brands
    34. 34. 34Confidential Why Brands Participate in Social • Look at our product • Buy something • Pay attention to our brand • Customer service • We‟re supposed to “Do something for us”
    35. 35. 35Confidential Aligning With Our Customers Why People Participate Why Brands Participate • Express Themselves • Share/Make Friends • Gain Status or Attention • Get Information • Incentives • We‟re Supposed To • Branding • Customer Service • Product Announcement • Sales & Special Events
    36. 36. 36Confidential Social Content Strategy for Insights ● Give something of value to your audience ● Ask for something trivial in return ● Give something of value to your audience ● Ask for something trivial in return ● Give something of value to the audience ● Notice a pattern here?
    37. 37. 37Confidential 3737 What’s Valuable in Social? Entertain. Inspire. Inform.
    38. 38. 38Confidential Remember this! All content should pass thru these three filters: • What business goal am I supporting? • Why does my audience want to see this? • What am I learning from this post? Always Engage With A Purpose
    39. 39. www.liveworld.comConfidential Beyond Activity Metrics Observations and Insights
    40. 40. 40Confidential
    41. 41. 41Confidential Actionable insights involve taking observations from your data and making suggestions based on a series of relationships between the data points. It‟s how these observations tie together that reveals the story. Investigations often reveal a series of observations that can move you in many different directions. Why do these observations matter? “So What? Why should I care?”
    42. 42. 42Confidential Don‟t go into your data blind. If you go into the data blind, you may end up frustrated. Realize social media data is like a puzzle. Be prepared with the questions you want to answer or assumption that you have.
    43. 43. 43Confidential Engagement Analytics: Storytelling through Reporting Does the data show a decline in engagement? Is engagement really declining? Are there seasonal trends causing this dip? Did the brand publish fewer posts? Are fewer people seeing your content? Has the content itself changed? (Subjects or success levels) Are we losing fans? How are fans’ feeling? Are we seeing similar decrease on other pages?
    44. 44. 44Confidential Data Analysis Process: Measuring Connection & Relationships, Not Just Activities
    45. 45. 45Confidential How is my audience reacting? Do they follow my lead? Who am I reaching? Who is talking with me?
    46. 46. 46Confidential Positive Negative User Generated Content Negative Feedback Actions Sentiment Balance Rejection Reasons
    47. 47. 47Confidential 4747 Frequency & Duration • How OFTEN are fans dialoguing? • How LONG are they interacting? • Can fans be re-engaged after they fall off the radar? Response cadence: • How QUICKLY do they interact with me? • Is there a PATTERN to their activity behavior? Community Author Participation
    48. 48. 48Confidential 1.06 1.08 1.10 1.12 1.14 1.16 1.18 1.20 Aug 11Oct 11Dec 11Feb 12Apr 12June 12Aug 12Oct 12Dec 12Feb 13Apr 12June 13Aug 13Oct 13Jan 14 Industry Mean N Std. Deviation Financial 1.1357 932 .66363 Personal Care / Cosmetics 1.0945 4471 .17560 OTC/Pharma 1.1124 2608 .27710 Household 1.1165 8883 .18743 Retail 1.2443 930 .26242 Animal Health 1.1992 945 .37186 Total 1.1221 18769 .26097 The number of TIMES each unique individual interacts with the brand has dipped from 2013. Stories/PTAT Interaction Per Author Industry benchmarks
    49. 49. 49Confidential 1 #Fans Participation Duration 1 Day 2-50 Days 50-100 Days 100-200 Days On average, 85% comment one day. Of the 15% who are actively talking, they are your main audience. How often and how long they talk
    50. 50. 50Confidential Consider reaching out strategies when your advocate falls off the radar. Angela Total Category User Content 2329 Music 190 26% Grocery 74 10% Children 64 9% Brand Reputation 327 44% Pets 88 12% Total Tagged Content 743 Encouraging Loyalty Through Connection
    51. 51. 51Confidential Resonance 1 Reach Engagement Meat Fresh Food Produce DryDeli Snacks Beverages Candy Frozen #OrganicFresh Dairy Bread
    52. 52. 52Confidential The series of observations tell a story • Sentiment & Sentiment Balance • Topicality: Off/On Topic • Demographics: Reach Versus Engagement • User Generated Content Volume • Rejection Rate & Negative Feedback Rate • Interaction per Author • Frequency & Duration of author comments • Engaging topics fans are interested in
    53. 53. 53Confidential Audience Feedback Is now a good time to take questions, or should we show you how to start to tie all of this together? ● Questions, please! ● Show us more!
    54. 54. www.liveworld.comConfidential Content Planning for Insights A Few Simple Steps
    55. 55. 55Confidential • What type of dialogue do I expect? • What‟s the topic of the conversation? • How would I expect a fan to respond? • How should I respond? • Do moderators have all of the information they need? Content planning tip: troll your posts
    56. 56. 56Confidential 56 Crowdsourcing Can Be Useful But…
    57. 57. 57Confidential Asking for insights: multiple choice 57 Why it works: Multiple choice takes less brain work, encourages more response, and gives a chance to educate Why it is challenging: How do you get at the answers?
    58. 58. 58Confidential 58 Ask direct, focused questions
    59. 59. 59Confidential Creating varying amounts of space for an answer: • Yes/No: quick responses. • Fixed answer: limited choice list. • Open-ended: creates space The manner of the question is critical Be careful asking „Why‟. In most cases, this question can be reworded. All Questions are NOT created equal!
    60. 60. 60Confidential 3 Things You Can Start Doing TODAY 1. Ask for Engagement 2. Ask for something that you want to know 3. Tag your content & comments
    61. 61. 61Confidential A SHORT SOCIAL PRODUCT STORY How To:
    62. 62. 62Confidential Status Update #1 She thinks it's time to let go of the past. He thinks this works just fine. Who do you think is going to win this one?
    63. 63. 63Confidential Grilling isn't just for summer, or for burgers and hot dogs. Here are a few of our favorite grilling recipes for fine dining. Go ahead and brag a little - what's the best thing you make on a grill? Status Update #2
    64. 64. 64Confidential Status Update #3 VS. She thinks a pink grill is just the thing. He wants stainless. We're giving away a $50 off coupon at If you could have any color in a BBQ, what would you choose?
    65. 65. 65Confidential Status Update #4 Who grills in the winter? Send us a photo of you grilling in the winter and we'll pin you to our Pinterest page! http://somepinteresturl. com What do you think - is this crazy or what?
    66. 66. 66Confidential Status Update #5 60,000 BTU's, 5 burners and a cast-iron griddle…and a little something for her too. Get the full story here: Best of all - get a $50 off coupon here!
    67. 67. 67Confidential Audience Questions • If we don‟t get to answer all of your questions today, please feel free to email and I‟ll follow up with you. • We may also take some of your questions and use them as topics for future blog pieces too.
    68. 68. www.liveworld.comConfidential Facebook Scoring Algorithm
    69. 69. 69Confidential Spreadsheets are your friend! Editorial Categories Product Categories Brand Categories ● Brand reputation ● Charitable campaigns ● Employees ● Vendors & Suppliers ● Crowdsourcing ● Sentiment ● Stores ● Customer Service ● Brand Wins ● Product – 30% ● Category – 40% ● Social – 30% ● Current product lines ● Features ● Future features & products ● Interesting uses of products Tagging Content
    70. 70. 70Confidential Content Value Content Value: What value did these actions have to the brand? A weighted score that combines several metrics to measure the positive effect for the brand relative to a piece of content Engagement Success Engagement Success How many people did you engage with a piece of content. A weighted score that combines several metrics to measure how successful the content is at engaging fans.
    71. 71. 71Confidential Scoring Algorithms aligned with business goals
    72. 72. 72Confidential What to Remember Today 1. Social marketing is a conversation, not a monologue 2. Use data to prove or improve 3. Know what you want to know – engage with a purpose
    73. 73. 73Confidential Audience Feedback Are you thinking about your social marketing program a little differently now because of this webinar? ● Yes ● No
    74. 74. 74Confidential Thank you for joining!! Dorice Piraino @DoricePiraino1 Mark Williams @MarkWilliams Slides and workbook are at: