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Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Dreams Visions
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Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Dreams Visions



Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries was birthed by God given dreams and visions to our founder, Sister Lara. These pages are taken from the personal journal of Sister Lara to share with our ...

Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries was birthed by God given dreams and visions to our founder, Sister Lara. These pages are taken from the personal journal of Sister Lara to share with our listening audience of our Live Voice Conferences, how this Online Ministry was birthed. We pray it is a blessing to you, today!



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Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Dreams Visions Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Dreams Visions Presentation Transcript

  • Beyond the Veil Team Sharing Prophetic Ministries “God’s Dream & Visions Behind Our Ministry” Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Volume 23 Sister Lara 1
  • “What I tell you in secret say to the light and that which is whispered in your ears proclaim upon the roof tops.” Matthew 10:27 (KJV) *Excerpt of God’s audible voice spoke to me in Feb. ‘89 2
  • Provided by Creative Commons You have selected the Attribution- Noncommercial- No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. This license is permanently located at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc- nd/3.0/us/ 3
  • About These pages are written in text from our Live Voice meetings located on the Pal Talk server. These pages have not been edited as the writings were written the way the sermon from the Word of God was ministered. The name of our voice conference is called Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries. Join us for relevant kingdom messages that have birthed from the Secret Place, along with relevant prophetic worship for greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit with our Team Sharing Panel. 4
  • Time United States of America Time Our scheduled times of meetings are nightly at 10pm EST, along with daily morning programs at 10am EST. We also have other meetings available for those who live in different time zones in the Nations abroad, as our Online Live Voice Conferences continue to grow. 5
  • Book Mark to Join http://www.paltalk.com/g2/group/789353808/MediaLibr ary.wmt Join us!! You will be glad you did! 6
  • ClipArt All clipart in these pages are from open domain http://www.christianuniteclipart.com/ All clipart in these pages are also from open domain http://www.microsoft.com/clipart 7
  • Face Book If these pages are a blessing to you, and you would like to connect more with Sister Lara we are now on Face Book! After many years on dial up we have finally graduated to high speed Internet, which allows us to be connected with more of the Family of God. Simply add us to your wall by using my personal email address located below. SisterLara@fuse.net As well, you may contact Prophet Ronald H Flowers at Ronald_Flowers@hotmail.com for any questions about our program schedules. You may also add him on your Face Book by searching Ronald H Flowers. 8
  • Power Talk If you are visually impaired and have downloaded this PDF into your Microsoft PowerPoint viewer, you can use a free tool called Power Talk, which is a free text to speech program. http://fullmeasure.co.uk/PowerTalk/ 9
  • Beyond the Veil Team Sharing Prophetic Ministries “Our Vision” Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Volume 23 Sister Lara 10
  • Table of Contents God’s Audible Voice to Preach the Gospel…12 The Cross-of Macedonia, False Prophetic Movements..24 Internet Ministry: Dream of Jacobs Ladder, Golden Nugget, Golden Pot, Golden Ladder, Golden Living Waters, Jesus Appears…38 Invitation to the Nations…51 11
  • God’s Call to Preach the Gospel (Insights given by Pastor Paula Cavu, Daystar Ministries in Brisbane Australia in Feb. ’89) In this section, I would like to share how God called me to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This experience has been my life long mandate, which was given to me in Feb. ’89. I pray it is a blessing to you, today. 12
  • Titled Topical Message of my Heavenly Assignment: Vision by Sister Lara The call of God, the trial with demons and finding her place of ministry in God's company of prophets in the late 1990's who are going to be in unity, full of the Holy Ghost, full of praise and full of divine prophecy. 13
  • Vision Begins: I came home late from work and I read about the first thirteen chapters of the Book Matthew and I went to bed. Immediately, was awakened by the audible voice of the Holy Spirit. His voice filled my room. The sound of His voice was deep, and baritone, yet full of Love. This is what I heard, "Yield not towards the words of man, but be yielded to your walk and walk. The things I give you in secret, you shall say to the light, and that which is whispered in your 14
  • ears you shall preach upon the rooftops. Fear not the faces of men" (Here He sounded very authoritative. After this experience, when I went to see where this was in the word, I realized the Holy Spirit spoke to me the whole chapter of Matthew 10:27-42) Insight: Paula Cavu This is very much a prophetic calling and preaching from the roof tops is preaching / prophesying from places of revelation (roof tops). 15
  • Experience Continues: I lay on my bed praising the Lord, and eventually went to sleep. When I did, my room filled up with demonic laughter. I was snatched from off of my bed kicked around, and even thrown around; I even tried to put my hands on my body to stop the blows. Then I cried, "Jesus!!! Help Me!" Insight: Paula Cavu It is not unusual for us to be tried at the hands of the devil after receiving our calling and to learn spiritual warfare and total trust in the Lord thereby. 16
  • Vision Continues: Instantly, I was taken in the Spirit. (I thought I was in the rapture, but when I didn't see anyone, I figured I would just keep praising the Lord.) I vaguely remember seeing different towns and cities in the earth. While I was being taken up, I could hear the sound of speed. (You know like being on the wing of a jet airplane in full flight.) Insight: Paula Cavu Obviously, "Jesus! Help me!" was the right thing to say in spiritual warfare at this time for you were rescued and taken further into visions of your calling. 17
  • Vision Continues: Suddenly, I was resting in a room, being elevated near the roof top. In the room, I could hear thousands of voices praying in the Holy Ghost. I noticed there was not one voice out of tune. I began to listen intently to the voices. I could hear the sound of unity. I could hear the sounds of symphonic praise. I could hear the sounds of a waterfall, or river. While listening, I looked around the room. (Again, I was in amazement that I was so close to the roof top, and I could not see any people, I just heard their voices.) 18
  • Insights: Paula Cavu You will find your place of ministry (rest) in God's Prophets calling (room near roof top). Here you will be of God's Apostles and Prophets Company who are going to be in unity, full of the Holy Ghost, full of praise and full of divine prophecy (sounds of a waterfall, or river). Vision Continues: In the room, I remember seeing a white winding staircase. I also remember seeing a long narrow window. (This was the most evident thing I saw) It did not go up and down, but side to side. The window was clear, and transparent. It also 19
  • had beautiful latticework, perfectly trimmed around the window, but not disrupting the view outside the window. Vision Insights: White winding staircase - that which connects this room to heaven for divine fellowship and communion (like Jacob's ladder). Long narrow side-to-side window - That ability which gives the prophets revelation into the things of the world and of the flesh. 20
  • Continued: As I looked outside the window. I remember only hearing, (again I did not see) voices of great laughter. Voices of children; the courtyard was not colorful. In fact, the walls where gray. ( I thought to myself, "How can there be so many voices of laughter, in a place that doesn't have such beauty like a courtyard should?”) Insight: Paula Cavu If the courtyard represents that section of the church which is after the flesh (not colorful, walls gray and immature 21
  • children's voices of laughter) and not after the Spirit then the laughter here is not of God's Spirit. Continued: So, I set my attention back on the room, and the beautiful voices of praying, and singing in the Holy Ghost. Out of the voices, I distinctly heard a voice that I had recognized, a voice of a woman I knew in my Church. Then I awoke. I looked at the clock; it was 1:10 in the morning. Insight: Paula Cavu You, are not of the gray courtyard but of God's Apostolic and Prophetic company of the late 1990's (my church). 22
  • Comments: Many years have gone by and I have had learned, through the Secret Place and direct teachings of the Holy Spirit my place of rest and my assignment gifts. 23
  • The Cross-of Macedonia, False Prophetic Movements What God spoke to me, in His Living Word assignment in my life came to pass, after nine months of praying and meditating upon His Word. It was there God would cause me to go forth into His Harvest, with the gift of Apostle, and plant house churches, in unreached areas in the State of Ohio. It was there, I would become ordained in the Full Gospel Church, in Christ—and serve a local fellowship of seven years. In these small beginnings I was blessed by God to preach in three different states—three times a week, for seven years to the date. However, the Holy Spirit would continue to teach me in the School of Dreams about the 24
  • Dream Begins: In my dream I met a young girl, about 8 years old, come into a restaurant in need of prayer for headaches. She asks me to pray for her (at first I was hesitant), then I prayed. She was instantly healed. As I enjoyed the little girls presence she began to beckon me to follow her, and share in the joy of her deliverance, down a street, and introduces me to her mother, and her mother's friend. She used the words, "confirmation" to her being healed. 27
  • COMING TO A WHEAT FIELD IN A SPRING TIME FOR GOD'S PROPHETIC MINISTRIES AFTER A "WINTER TIME" OF NON-RECOGNITION. Then, this young girl beckon me to follow her more. The seasons have changed from winter, to spring. This girl takes me through a wheat field. The wheat is very tall. Dream Insights: Wheat field - The Church that will be a time of the harvest of the earth. This is a ministry of God’s Apostolic/Prophet assignment in your life. IN STEPPING UP TO AN APOSTOLIC/PROPHET MINISTRY IN HEAVENLY PLACES IN A SUMMER 28
  • TIME FOR YOUR MINISTRY YOU WILL SEE THE GENERAL APOSTATE CONDITION OF THE CHURCH RELATIVE TO THE PREACHING OF THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST. Dream Continues: This young girl beckons me to look up at another plane in the sky. She beckons me to step up. (At first I am hesitant) I took one large step up, and we were both there. I SEE A VERY LARGE CROSS, NOT STANDING UP, BUT LAYING DOWN. On the side of the cross are these words, "Welcome to the Church of Macedonia." (I instantly thought of the Apostle Paul) The seasons have changed, it is now summer. 29
  • Dream Insights: Paula Cavu Another plane in the sky – God’s Prophets are people who see, hear and function in heavenly (spiritual) places. Cross laying down - Apostate church condition as Jesus is not lifted up from the earth due to the acceptance of doctrines of seducing spirits of the world. Welcome to the Church of Macedonia - You will be led to the Nations who will be crying out for the Apostolic/Prophet ministry such as yours (Macedonian call). Alternatively, the Church in general will be desperately needing God's anointed Apostolic/Prophet ministries in these times of deception. 30
  • EVANGELISTIC MINISTRIES WILL BE FILLED AND ANOINTED WITH GOD'S SPIRIT AND POWER AT THIS TIME. Dream Continues: The young girl beckons me to go into the Church building, in the middle of this wheat field. As I walk in, to my left and to my right I see ponds that are very clear, I hear running water from fountains flowing, in the foyer. Drinking from those ponds are geese that have heads and necks that are long, as they are drinking from the ponds and fountains. On the ankles of these swans or geese, there are bands on them, like they are messengers. 31
  • Dream Insights: Paula Cavu When a building represents a church, the front part can refer to the evangelism ministry or "reach out" ministry (heads and necks that are long). Thus, at the time of your calling, the Church is going to be blessed with anointed Five Fold Ministry Gifts, that will be sent to you to work with you in the Five Fold Ministry Gifts which will also be evangelistic ministries (messenger swans or geese) who will be drinking from the fountains of God's Spirit and power. PROPHECIES BY RECITALS WILL BE THE PREDOMINANT PROPHETIC METHODOLOGY IN THE APOSTATE CHURCH AT THIS TIME. 32
  • Dream Continues: The young girl beckons me to follow her on a tour of the building. In the foyer, I see a sign that says, "Prophecy, this way" It points to the right of the foyer, leading into the sanctuary. When I step into the sanctuary, I see that it looks like a movie theater. To the left, there are movie theater seats. As I scan over the left, I see fathers teaching their children how to prophesy, and recite fervently. The father repeatedly recited, "Let my people go!!" In the center, I see team ministries working together with the youth and the old, to recite and to speak out the prophetic. 33
  • I see the walls of theater disappear. More people are filling the wheat field learning and reciting, and enjoying the wonderful fellowship. Dream Insights: Paula Cavu Sanctuary like a movie theater - Place of 'recital prophecy' in the Apostate Church is largely for entertainment. Walls of theater disappear - Overflowing influence and popularity of 'recital prophecy' amongst gullible Christians. Never interrupted - Not of this apostate church. Dream Continues: 34
  • I see the young girl is gone. So I walk around. In a different room, I see women of different nationalities sitting at a very long banqueting table. They are feasting, and their voices of fellowship fill the room. I go to introduce myself to them, they smile, but no conversations are made. YOU ARE NOT PART OF THESE FALSE PROPHETIC COMPANIES, AS YOU WILL LEARN DISCERNMENT FROM GOD’S HEART TO SPEAK TRUE PROPHETIC WORDS TO THE NATIONS. 35
  • Dream Continues: I go outside, to enjoy all the more of this tour. I begin to walk through a beautiful garden, that was a courtyard. The season is still summer. I introduce myself to people along the way, and tell them how wonderful it is to meet them. None, really strike up conversations. As I begin to walk away, from this wonderful day....I awake from the dream. Dream Insights: Paula Cavu You did not make conversation with the women in the room with the banqueting table nor did you speak with the folks in the beautiful courtyard garden. This may again be saying 36
  • that you, as representative of God's Apostle/Prophet Group of ministries you are not part of this church delusion. That is, a church that has replaced the preaching of the Cross for the crucifixion of the sinful flesh nature with the doctrines of New Age and Eastern religious selfish psychology and selfish religion. Comment by Sister Lara: I have learned to rest in what God has assigned me to do understanding that through much rejection, God is always with me to declare His Glory & Revival and True Prophetic Insights from His heart to the Nations. God continues to enlarge my boarders (Geese that have neck like Swans) and surround me with people of like 37
  • faith to rely upon the Holy Spirit and the Word of God— rather then, false prophetic moves in the earth. 38
  • Internet Ministry: Dream of Jacobs Ladder, Golden Nugget, Golden Pot, Golden Ladder, Golden Living Waters, Jesus Appears 39
  • In this section, I will share God’s Mandate to continue in the riches of His assignment in my life, and launching forth the Internet Ministry. I pray it is a blessing to you, today. Dream Begins: In my dream I was with a man who was giving me a tour throughout a house. As I walked through the house, I was intent to listen to everything he showed me. We walked together through the Living Room, the Dining Room area, the kitchen, etc; in each section of the house there were people talking on their computers in small cubicles. 40
  • At this time, I overheard many of their conversations. Some, were preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ--while others, were in a time of praise and worship. In addition, as I continued to walk through the house there were others who had different ministries of intercession from their computers. (At the time I never knew this existed and computers would be a way to minister the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.) As I listened to the man leading me on a tour, my heart leaped within me when I saw the staircase, going up to the upper part level of the home. 41
  • It was there, that seemingly, the man who took me on the tour, was no longer there and I began to ascend up the beautiful white staircase. As I reached halfway up the staircase, suddenly before my very eyes, the roof of the house opened up. Ascending out of the heavens came billowing towards me, in beauty and grace, a beautiful Ladder. This Ladder stretched from the heavens, and stood in front of the very place I was standing in, in the midst of the staircase. 42
  • Suddenly, I fell to my knees, and in silent awe I began to whisper words of awe to my Heavenly Father. In my mind I thought a million thoughts, "Is this the Ladder that Jacob saw in God's Holy Word?" Immediately, in the very center of the Ladder appeared our Lord Jesus Christ. In description, He was about five foot seven and a half inches tall, perhaps five foot eight inches tall, as He stood in the midst of the Ladder. He wore a beautiful white, brilliant robe upon His body. As our Lord stood in the midst of the Ladder, I began to behold Him in a way I never saw before. Jesus Christ stood there, with His head inward, and looking downward, with His arms crossed in front of Him. I noticed the beauty of His arms, and it was 43
  • at His very wrist, I saw that He had them crossed while gazing upon Me. Suddenly, to the right of our Lord Jesus Christ, from heaven came a Golden Pot, which descended downward to me, in a slow graceful way. As I record this dream publicly from my journal, and heart, I can still hear the sound of the Golden Pot descending from heaven towards me, as it moved in soft graceful ways. Upon the staircase, I trembled in the Holiness of our Lord Jesus Christ, as my eyes and mind pondered His beauty while looking upon the Golden Pot, simultaneously. Briefly, I turned my head downward and inward, while I was kneeling in the midst of the staircase, giving thanks to our 44
  • Lord for all He has done for me. As I lifted my head upwards to gaze at His beauty, out from the heavens, a beautiful Golden Nugget came descending downward--full of grace and gentleness it was suspended before my eyesight next to the Golden Pot. Immediately, my head bowed downward again, in awe of our Lord, not really sure what was happening. As I lifted my head upward to our Lord, I looked at the Golden Pot and the Golden Nugget before me, suspended, and upheld by grace in the midst of the air before me. I don't know what made me respond the way I did, but it was there that I reached out for the Golden Nugget and touched it. As I touched it, my hand grew stronger in 45
  • strength before our Lord to hold it in my right hand, while it was still suspended in front of me. In my dream, while holding and embracing the Golden Nugget, the Golden Pot remained--as the vision of our Lord in midst of the Ladder remained. Supernaturally, I was infused with the presence of the Holy Spirit from the top of my head, to the bottom of my feet. I shook. I trembled. I shook, again. I trembled. There was no strength left in me to embrace the Golden Nugget anymore. As I let loose of the Golden Nugget, I gazed upon the beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ and it was there that Golden Living Waters came descending down towards me, from the very portals of heaven, overflowing into the place I was 46
  • kneeling--filling the house thoroughly. As I continued to kneel in the midst of the staircase, the Golden Living Waters rushed over my knees, and down the staircase and into the house. It was there, for the last time, I gazed upon the beauty of our Lord, while trembling and shaking in the presence of our Lord and what I was being shown. At last glance, the Ladder was now Golden as the Golden Living Waters from heaven, filled the very center of the Ladder as Jesus Christ, stood in the midst. Later, I would share the dream with friends and my mentor of dreams, and they told me this could be no other then Internet Ministry. Pal Talk! Was discovered. I have been on 47
  • Pal Talk every since in different seasons, through out the past seven years—now, going on eight years. Comment: In these years, I can look back and see how God has had me in His training at every level, as He taught me in my visions and dreams. Several weeks ago, I began to have supernatural understanding and skill how the Holy Spirit would teach me to use Modern Day technology and open up our program to ministers around the world, to come and use our platform as a means of preaching/teaching God’s Word to the Nations. 48
  • As well, the Holy Spirit has given me supernatural understanding to launch out and have Concerted Declarations of prayer for the Nations. The response has been tremendous, as the Holy Spirit has surrounded me with His messengers of Glory & Revival in the earth. To current, our programs have grown from one night a week to nightly programs at 10pm EST, in the United States of America. As well, our programs are daily at 10am EST in the United States of America. Just like the dream that the Holy Spirit has given to me, and the heavenly revelation of His Hidden Manna, we now have began to see ministers from all over the world come and preach and teach the 49
  • Word of God. Our scheduled programs continue to launch forth and expand to the Nations. 50
  • Invitation to the Nations: Do you have a desire to preach or teach the Word of God to the Nations? Do you have a desire to “Declare God’s Glory & Revival to the Nations in Concerted Prayers” with our Team Sharing Panel? Is this ministry a confirmation to your heart and prayers of what the Holy Spirit has assigned you to do? We would ask you to prayerfully consider being a part of our Team Sharing Panel, and ministry. Let us know what time zone is best for you and we will teach you how our program works. 51
  • Simply email: SisterLara@fuse.net Ronald_Flowers@hotmail.com We will stand with you in prayer agreement, during your time of transition to be part of our team—and we are expectant to grow in deeper intimacy with the Heart of God and the warmth of fellowship with the Body of Christ. 52
  • Beyond the Veil Team Sharing Prophetic Ministry Bookshelf Be sure to check out our free online prophetic books. At this time we have twenty-three and growing. You can find them at http://www.scribd.com/sharinggodsdream 53
  • Prophetic Word of Encouragement This is the time to “Run! And again I say Run! With the vision that is set before us to the Nations. As we go forth together in the Heart of God may our boarders be continually enlarged in these Days of Glory & Revival.” Love to you in Jesus, Sister Lara 54
  • NOTES: 55