How to write an article


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How to write an article

  1. 1. LIVE FROM CAMPUS TUTORIALHow to write an article in my blog?
  2. 2. Definition of the Back Office School? What is the Back office school?The back office school is a the space where the reporters can write articles, add media files (photos and videos) and manage their blog. Each reporter has is own back office school account.Through these media files the readers will be able to see each campus from the inside.
  3. 3. Where to add articles? Go on 1) Insert your name 2) Insert your password 3) Click on the « Login » button to go into your reporter account The homepage of the Live From Campus (LFC) Back office school
  4. 4. Where to add articles?The homepage of your reporter accountOnce you logged in you will be on this page which is your reporter account on the back office school
  5. 5. Where to add articlesThe back office school has a dashboard on the left Click on the « Add an article » menu to open the writing articles page Click on the« add an article » menu to open the writing articles page
  6. 6. Where to add articlesThe « add an article » page on your Backoffice School account.
  7. 7. Where to add articlesBefore starting to write the article fill in the following fields 1) Pick the appropriate topic in the scrolling list List of topics: - Welcome to my campus, -Campus faces, -Events, Art, Sport, -International students, Each reporter has a minimal quota of 6 articles per month ! -Tips & tricks,  1 article on 4 different topics -Program insight,  2 articles or more for which he can choose the topics -Lyfestyle, among the list -Alumni.
  8. 8. Where to add articlesThe way to write articles:Complete all the parts 2) Give a title to your article 3) You can add tags here. They are keywords used to improve the SEO of your article 4) Click on the « Browse » button to add a photo to your article If the file is not accepted check the size and the format.
  9. 9. Where to add articlesThe way to add articles:Write the article and use the toolbar The toolbar give multiple possibilities (add links, pictures, change the colors of your text, etc…) Don’t forget to justify your text : -Select all you text - Then click here to justify it 1) Write the content of your article in the text box 2) Once you finish click on the « Publish » button to post your article
  10. 10. Thank you for Watching Do not hesitate to contact us for any more informationLive From