Filling Up the Gap - Chapter 1: Strangetown


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Filling Up the Gap - Chapter 1: Strangetown

  1. 1. “Well it could be worse I suppose. I could be living in a trailer park.” Fabian Junior shrugged as he stood outside what would, hopefully, become his brand new home.
  2. 2. Fabian was right in saying it could have been worse but it was still a lot smaller than what he was used to; it would defiantly take him some time to get settled down in it. With a sigh Fabian quickly got to work in moving his stuff into the small bungalow knowing fully well he had a lot work to do. *Council Housing Set by joandsarah77
  3. 3. He was just finishing the last touches when the door bell rang. “Who could that be?” Fabian muttered to himself as he opened the door, slightly curious. Standing outside was a teenager wearing a paper delivery uniform and smiling at him happily. “Hello there. I’m Aaron Stikes and I’m the paperboy of the part of Strangetown. Sorry your paper is so late but we didn’t realize someone had actually moved in.” Aaron admitted as he held out his hand. “That’s alright, Aaron. I’ve just finished unpacking so you brought it at the perfect time. I’m Fabian Junior.”
  4. 4. “Mr Junior, huh? Well allow me to be the first to welcome you to Strangetown; the place where normal is strange for us.” Aaron grinned and Fabian chuckled. “I must admit I wasn’t sure about coming here. I’m very glad I did though, I can see myself being happy here.” Fabian admitted and Aaron smiled.
  5. 5. “Strangetown is perfect for those who don’t quiet fit in every else. I must admit you’re the first elf I’ve seen here.” Aaron said pointing to where the tips of Fabian’s ears were peaking through his hair. “I’m actually only part-elf.” Fabian revealed as he carefully ran a finger of his right ear; Aaron smiled comfortingly as he adjusted his bag. “Our population is mostly half-breeds anyway. Don’t worry, you’ll be welcomed here with open arms.” Aaron reassured with a shrug.
  6. 6. Aaron couldn’t stay much longer than that but he promised to announce Fabian’s arrival to the rest of the town; Fabian had tried to stop him, not all ready to meet so many people, but the boy had already walked away. With a sigh Fabian picked up his newspaper and started looking for a job. To his surprise there was a job going in the Education track as a Playground Monitor. Quickly Fabian applied and smiled when he was told he would start tomorrow.
  7. 7. Slowly, as the days went by, Fabian found himself falling into a routine. He would get up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat tea, play his guitar, then go to bed. It was simple and calming which was just what he needed. Fabian missed his family dearly though, he knew it would be hard to break contact from his family but he hadn’t expected it to be so lonely.
  8. 8. Things seemed to only get worse for the half-breed as the weeks went by. Fabian seemed to hit rock bottom when he was fired from his job for putting a very powerful kid in detention for bullying. He had been feeling sick for a few days now but none the less he had gone to work, needing the money to the pay the bills; what he hadn’t expected was to get in trouble for actually doing his job! The kid he had put in detention was apparently the son of someone who was supplying a lot of money into the school, which meant he had to be treated like a king no matter what he did.
  9. 9. Fabian hadn’t agreed with that at all and had placed the boy in detention as soon as he caught him bullying one of the younger kids. The headmaster was not happy and Fabian found himself quickly fired on a day he needed to the money more than anything. “Maybe a few hours sleep will help.” He muttered to himself as he slouched back inside; hoping that he could keep down what little he had little for lunch.
  10. 10. Later that evening Fabian was on his way to make his tea when he felt something give in his stomach; with a shocked gasp he looked down in shock. “A bump…?” He whispered while placing a shaky hand on his stomach; his eyes widened further when he felt something push back against his hand. “I-I’m p-pregnant?! B-but I-I haven’t slept with anyone since….” Fabian trailed off as he quickly counted the dates in his head before swallowing hard. “Oh my god. T-this is Dustin’s baby, I’m carrying Dustin’s baby.” Fabian whispered before he laughed as tears filled his eyes. “I’m carrying Dustin’s baby!” He laughed before something caught his eye.
  11. 11. With a huge grin Fabian carefully leaned forward and kissed the familiar grey looking urn lightly. “I’m carrying our Marara*, Dustin. I promise you, I will be the best Desh'ketai* I can possible be.” - *Desh'ketai-Father * Marara- Child
  12. 12. The months went by and before long Fabian discovered he know longer could fit comfortably in his originally clothes; so on a bright Saturday he made his way down to the market and brought some new clothes. While he was on his way out though a woman with short black hair and big glasses suddenly appeared in front of him. “Hello there. You’re the man who moved in the little pink house, right? The one on Dead End Road?” She questioned and after a couple of seconds Fabian nodded. “Oh I’m glad I’ve finally got a chance to met you! I’m Pascal Curious, me and my sisters live in the observation lab on top of the hill.”
  13. 13. “Yes I can see it from my study window. I’m Fabian Junior.” Fabian said as he returned her smile with his own shaky one; he was starting to understand now why this world was so similar to his own world, Ellie had warned him about it only having one small difference. That difference was obviously had to do with Benji’s father being female in this world. ‘Geez what a think to leave out.’ Fabian thought to himself in irritation before realizing Pascal had asked him a question. “I’m sorry I zoned out for a second. What did you say?” Fabian questioned sheepishly but Pascal simply smiled. “I asked if you had been abducted by aliens.” Pascal repeated and it took a couple of seconds before Fabian understood.
  14. 14. “Oh! Oh no, nonono. T-this is a normal pregnancy, well as normal as you can get with me being a man but it’s not an alien. Not that I have anything against alien babies but-” Fabian rambled nervously before Pascal chuckled. “It’s alright, Fabian. I must admit you’ve made me curious now, would you like to join me for a meal later? I would love to hear more about you.” “O-oh I’m not sure.” Fabian stuttered nervously causing Pascal to smile comfortingly. “My sister will be joining me and a good friend of mine as well.” She reassured and Fabian relaxed as he realized she wasn’t asking him out on a date. “Okay.” He agreed and Pascal grinned back happily; after arranging a time when to meet the two separated and Fabian made his way home; looking forward to his first proper steps out in the world.
  15. 15. Later that evening Fabian found himself sitting in a booth of a popular dinner; Fabian smiled as the waiter walked away. “Thank you for inviting me, Pascal.” Fabian said gratefully causing Pascal to laugh as she put down her water. “It’s not a problem, Fabian. Now how about you tell us a little bit about yourself?” Pascal suggested and after a couple of seconds Fabian nodded. “Well I moved here after my fiancé was…after my fiancé died during our last year at college.”
  16. 16. “Oh how terrible! If you don’t mind me asking, how did they die?” Vidcund, Pascal’s little sister, asked with a sympathetic frown. “H-he was struck by l-lightning.” Fabian stuttered before he swallowed hard and smiled at the girls sadly. “That was five months ago now, I must admit I haven’t quite moved on yet.” Fabian admitted and Vidcund reached over and patted his hand. “That’s understandable, Fabian. That’s something you can’t just get over, it’s a wound that might never heal but you’ll learn to live with it.” The blonde reassured and Fabian smiled.
  17. 17. “Well I actually found out that I’m pregnant with Dustin’s Marara*, and even though I wasn’t expecting it I am glad; it’s like Dustin left me one last gift.” Fabian said with a smile and a shrug causing the two Curious sister’s to smile in return. “Okay I’ve got a question for you.” Anxious Subject said and Fabian encourage her to continue. “Pascal said that you hadn’t been abducted by aliens, so how are you pregnant?” Anxious questioned bluntly but Fabian knew she didn’t mean to sound rude; she was just curious. “Well it turns out that some male Elves are given the ability to carry children for breading purposes, it’s hereditary and I got it from my Desh'ketai * so there’s a very high chance if this baby is a boy then he will also have the ability.” The night carrier on with the 4 asking questions back and forth; when Fabian finally made it back, he was happy that he managed to finally make 3 new friends.
  18. 18. Pascal and Vidcund weren’t the only Curious’ Fabian found himself making friends with. Logan Curious lived in a huge apartment down the road with his brother, Charlie Curious, and two roommates Erick and Kory Singles.
  19. 19. Fabian found himself enjoying the brothers' company but he got on with Logan a lot more than Charlie. The two of them had a lot in common and Fabian found himself loving the time he spent with him.
  20. 20. Fabian also started noticing how beautiful Logan’s smile was; of course those were thoughts he wasn’t quite ready to accept just yet. They were pushed far down in his mind but that didn’t stop him enjoying Logan’s company.
  21. 21. It was early Saturday morning when Fabian was forcibly awoken from his sleep. “W-what?” He muttered as he sat up and placed his hand on his stomach; his eyes narrowed as he felt the baby twisting restlessly. “What’s wrong, little one?” He whispered before he sighed and carefully pushed himself to his feet hoping a glass of water would help. He only took 2 steps though before he was struck but a horrible pain. “W-what?! A-AH! N-No i-it’s t-too soon!” He gasped out as he grasped his bump and cried out in pain.
  22. 22. “T-too s-soon! T-t-too-Christ how did Desh'ketai* and dad do this?!” Fabian shouted as his eyes clenched shut. “O-okay I g-guess I-I haven’t g-got a choice here.” Fabian stuttered before moaning in agony.
  23. 23. “O-okay h-here we go.” Fabian stuttered before taking a deep breath; he could feel the twirl coming and with one last time before going with it.
  24. 24. “Oh! Why hello there little on. Who looks just like his daddy, you’ve got his eyes too.” Fabian cooed and the baby gurgled in his hands. “You’re beautiful. My little Justin.” Fabian whispered before kissing the little one’s forehead lightly.
  25. 25. That night Fabian returned back from the hospital where he had taken Justin to be checked over; because he had gone into labor early Fabian didn’t want to take any risks with Justin. Lucky enough Justin was completely healthy and also fully grown, which explained why Fabian went into labor before he was due. Now though there was only one thing Fabian wanted to do. “I’m sorry it took me so long to do this. I went into labor early and I had to check-” Fabian cut himself off as he looked in front of him before adjusting his hold on Justin. “Dustin, this is your son. He has your eyes and my hair color but he looks just like you. I called him Justin.” He finally whispered before kissing Justin’s head lightly.
  26. 26. Dustin’s urn remained still and unresponsive; Fabian’s eyes misted slightly before he forced himself to take a deep breath. “I miss you, Dustin.” He whispered but still the urn remained silent.
  27. 27. Fabian found himself easily falling into the roll of fatherhood; Justin was a little angel and Fabian found himself enjoying every moment he spent with his little boy.
  28. 28. Fabian was actually lucky enough to find the same job he had in Strangetown’s private school, going in Strangetown public school. Knowing full well it would be less corrupt in the public school Fabian quickly applied. On his first day there though Fabian found himself on his way home just as quickly with a smile on his face; he had been offered a job as a Teacher's Aide. With a pay of §316 coming in every weekday Fabian knew life was about to get a lot easier.
  29. 29. As time went by Fabian found himself becoming even more closer to Logan the more time the spent together. It had been almost 2 years since Dustin passed away and while he would forever hold a place in Fabian’s heart, he knew it was time to start moving forward. Hopefully with Logan by his side.
  30. 30. Fabian’s life continued to move forward and it wasn’t long before he was helping Justin through his 1st age Transition. Surrounded by his friends Fabian rocked Justin happily before helping him blow out the candles.
  31. 31. With a laugh Justin was thrown into the air and with a burst of light he fell easily into Fabian’s hands as a giggling toddler. To Fabian’s relief Justin didn’t have elf ears, which meant Justin didn’t have to go through the painful Markings Ceremony.
  32. 32. Justin Junior-Broke Stats: 10/6/4/6/7 Star Sign: Capricorn Hobby: Cuisine
  33. 33. Justin proved to be a very intelligent toddler, he took to all the skills Fabian taught him and also fell in love with a slip and block toy Fabian had managed to get second hand for him.
  34. 34. Fabian loved Justin with all his heart and he knew, no matter what, that would never change. Justin was his last gift from Dustin, and he was going to treasure him for eternity.
  35. 35. It turns out that Fabian was a natural with children. His experience with not only being a Big Brother but also being a father helped him greatly in his job. As such it was no surprise when he received another promotion making him a Substitute Teacher. With a promotion in his hands Fabian knew it was time to officially move things forward; he had been in Strangetown for 2 years now and he knew it was time for him to make it his permanent home.
  36. 36. Later that evening Fabian invited Logan over, hoping the half-breed alien was just as ready to move forward as he was. “Hey Logan. Thanks for coming.” Fabian grinned as he took Logan’s green skinned hands into his own pale ones. “I always enjoy your company, Fabian. It’s been ages since we’ve spent time together though, where have you been hiding?” Logan teased causing Fabian to laugh. “I’ve just been busy with work that’s all and Justin has been very grumpy recently.” “Where is the little tyke?” Logan questioned curiously and Fabian grinned as he tilted his head to the side slightly. “Pascal is watching him. It’s just us tonight.” Fabian admitted and was reward with a grin from Logan.
  37. 37. “Here we go. It’s an old family recipe.” Fabian said as he placed down a plate in front of Logan with a smile. The green skinned man looked at him sceptically. “I don’t think it counts as a family recipe when everyone can make it.” Logan stated as he twirled a bit of pasta on to his fork. “That’s what you think.” Fabian smiled as he picked up his own fork but instead of taking a bit of is own meal, he watched Logan take a bite first. “You don’t have to make a meal name for my sake, you know? I would have been perfectly happy with-Oh my god what is this?” Logan suddenly moaned as the sauce melted onto his tongue. Fabian laughed as he placed his hand on top of Logan’s. “As I said, it’s an old family recipe.” Fabian explained and after swallowing Logan smiled in return.
  38. 38. It was the best night Fabian had in a very long time, he hadn’t felt this loved since Dustin was alive. There was on problem though, after Fabian fell asleep Logan left leaving Fabian once again alone. When Fabian woke up the next morning to an empty bed his heart felt heavy, because it was just another reminder that it was very unlikely he was going to find someone who was as kind as Dustin was.
  39. 39. Fabian’s life continued to move forward. He and Logan continued to date and both were slowly getting more and more familiar with each other. Justin was moving leaps ahead in his development, astonishing his father when he easily read a book meant for 7-8 years olds. Fabian never treated Justin any different though, he made sure to treat Justin fairly and always made sure he knew how much Fabian loved him. As time went by Fabian fully believed that Justin was going to be his only child, he knew he would never love someone enough to go to the level he had with Dustin and was happy with that.
  40. 40. Or at least he was, until he started suffering from some very familiar symptoms.
  41. 41. Shakily Fabian stumbled to his feet and placed a hand on his still rolling stomach. He swallowed a few times before placing a hand in front of his mouth. “Oh no.” He whispered before sniffing hard and rubbing his suddenly wet eyes. It was too soon, Fabian was ready to admit he did have feelings for Logan but they were not strong enough for such a huge commitment. He was not ready to have Logan’s child and the more frightening part was he knew Logan wasn’t ready to be a father either. With a hard swallow Fabian flushed the toilet and quickly walked to the phone, it was best he got it over with quickly.
  42. 42. Later that day, Fabian was giving Justin his bottle when he spotted Logan making his way down the street. It was pouring with rain and the green skinned man was dressed appropriately keeping himself dry. “Hey Logan.” Fabian called as he opened the door and Logan smiled happily in return.
  43. 43. “Afternoon Fabe. “ Logan said as he kissed the brunet lightly on the lips before hugging him tightly. “You said there was something you wanted to tell me?” Logan finally hinted and Fabian took a deep breath. “Yes there is. Come in, I’ve got some coffee already brewed.” “Aww you know just what I like.” Logan teased as he closed is umbrella and walked inside the small house, Fabian following quickly after.
  44. 44. “Are you feeling any better? Pascal said you had caught the flu or something.” Logan asked after taking a sip of his coffee, it took a couple of seconds before Fabian remembered Logan and Pascal were actually half-siblings. “Yes I’m much better. I asked Pascal to watch Justin for a few days because I didn’t want him getting sick too.” Fabian explained as he smiled at where his son was playing with his toys and Logan smiled in return. Fabian took sip of his own coffee as he tried to stall for time, after a couple of seconds though he sighed.
  45. 45. “The truth is I found out that I wasn’t actually suffering from flu.” Fabian admitted nervously causing Logan to narrow his eyes slightly. “What do you mean?” “L-Logan I-I...” Fabian swallowed hard before forcing himself to take a deep breath, he couldn’t stall like this anymore. “Logan...I’m pregnant.” Fabian finally admitted and a deathly silence followed. Fabian watched Logan nervously as his eyes displayed a wave of different emotions, but the green skinned man suddenly jumped to his feet and threw his coffee cup to the floor.
  46. 46. “You’re what?!” Logan roared furiously and Fabian quickly placed himself in front of Justin, who was looking at the two adults in fearful confusion. “I’m pregnant.” Fabian repeated quietly and Logan shook his head in denial. “Oh no, I’m not having this!”
  47. 47. “W-what do you mean?” Fabian asked as his blue eyes narrowed cautiously, he knew whatever Logan whatever Logan was going to say next it wasn’t going to be good. “Who is it, Fabian? Mmm? Who have you been seeing?” Logan hissed through his clenched teeth and Fabian’s eyes widened in sudden shock. “W-what are you accusing me of?!”
  48. 48. “Don’t try and act stupid! Who did you sleep with?! You did you cheat on me with?!” Logan finally shouted out and Fabian was shocked into silence.
  49. 49. “What the hell, Logan?! I would never cheat on you! You have been the only person I’ve slept with since moving to this town, this baby is yours!” Fabian cried out angrily causing Logan to scoff bitterly.
  50. 50. “Considering I can’t have children, I find that very hard to believe.” Logan muttered before he scoffed once again while holding out his arms. “Why would you do this, Fabian? I’ve treated you fairly and then you go and do this?! Why?!” “I didn’t cheat on you!” “Is that why you moved here? Huh? Because you actually cheated on your fiancé and had to run away to hide the truth from him?!”
  51. 51. Fabian flinched back slightly at Logan’s cruel accusations, not at all expecting him to bring up Dustin. But as Logan continued on Fabian felt so much anger filling him up, he actually felt calm. “You can say what you want about me but I will not have you talk about my past in such a way. Get out of my house.” Fabian ordered and pointed to the door with tear filled light blue eyes that continued to glare at Logan.
  52. 52. “Oh I’m going and consider our relationship over, Fabian. I refuse to get involved with such an unfaithful, lying slut.” “GET OUT!” Fabian shouted, not longer feeling the eerie calm that had filled his being, and with a sarcastic wave walked out of the door without looking back.
  53. 53. The small bungalow shook violently from the force of the slam, and with a sigh Fabian sat down on the couch as his ears rung from the silence. With just a few cruel and hateful words Fabian found himself once again a single father, expect he now had another child on the way. “Amonta de' Toya*.” He could barely cope looking after himself and Justin, let alone adding another mouth into the mix. Fabian groaned as his head throbbed with an oncoming headache and tried to work out what to do. ---- *Amonta de' Toya- God Dammit!
  54. 54. He was so lost in thought he didn’t notice Justin pull himself to his feet before toddling over to him on unsteady legs. The small tot stopped in front of his daddy and watched him look to the ground with a frown, the shouty green man was gone but now his daddy was sad. Justin pouted as he tried to think of a way to help his daddy before deciding to do something daddy does to him when he’s sad. He clumsily patted Fabian’s knee and when he looked up Justin smiled as wide as he could revealing his still growing teeth. “’Me luv Papa sooo much!” Justin proclaimed holding his arms out as wide as he could before losing his balance and falling on his behind. When he looked up though Fabian was smiling.
  55. 55. With a laugh Fabian picked Justin up and tossed him in the air lightly, making him squeal and giggle, before easily catching him. With grateful eyes Fabian took in his son appearance taking in the features he received from Dustin and the ones he got from him. “Papa loves Justin more.” Fabian finally replied causing Justin to cheer happily in response. As he looked into Justin’s dark blue eyes, Dustin’s eyes, he came to a decision. This was a gift, a beautiful gift that doesn’t deserve to be brought up in a house full of bad memories and fights. With that though Fabian rested Justin on his hip and looked around.
  56. 56. “What do you say, baby? Want to start fresh?” Fabian finally asked while running his hand through Justin’s messy brown hair. “Fresh start! Fresh start!” Justin giggled before planting a messy kiss on Fabian’s cheek. “Love Dada.” The tot stated simply and Fabian grinned as he hugged him tightly. He knew he was moving a bit fast but he was taught to never ignore his instinct, and, at that moment, his instinct was telling him it was time to move on. “Let’s get packed up then.”
  57. 57. I look around me But all I seem to see Is people going nowhere Expecting sympathy
  58. 58. It's like we're going through the motions Of a scripted destiny Tell me where's our inspiration If life won't wait I guess it's up to me
  59. 59. (Whoa oh) No we're not gonna waste another moment in this town (Whoa oh) And we won't come back the world is calling out (Whoa oh) Leave the past in the past gonna find the future And misery loves company Well so long You'll miss me when I'm gone (Ohh, ohh, ohh) You're gonna miss me when I'm gone (Ohh, ohh, ohh)
  60. 60. Procrastination Running circles in my head While you sit there contemplating You're wound up left for dead (You're left for dead)
  61. 61. Life is what happens While you're busy making your excuses Another day Another casualty But that won't happen to me
  62. 62. (Whoa oh) No we're not gonna waste another moment in this town (Whoa oh) And we won't come back the world is calling out (Whoa oh) Leave the past in the past gonna find the future And misery loves company Well so long You'll miss me when I'm gone (Ohh, ohh, ohh) You're gonna miss me when I'm gone (Ohh, ohh, ooh) You're gonna miss me when I'm gone ohh on ohh on ohh on ohh on ohh on When I'm gone ohh on ohh on ohh on ohh on ohh on
  63. 63. (Let's go! ) Won't look back When I say goodbye Gonna leave this big hole behind me Gonna take what's mine tonight Cause every wasted day Becomes a wasted chance You're gonna wake up feeling sorry Cause life won't wait I guess it's up to you
  64. 64. (Whoa oh) No we're not gonna waste another moment in this town (Whoa oh) We won't come back the world is calling out (Whoa oh) Leave the past in the past gonna find the future And misery loves company Well so long You'll miss me when I'm gone (Ohh, ohh, ohh)
  65. 65. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone (Ohh, ohh, ohh) You're gonna miss me when I'm gone (Ohh, ohh, ohh) You're gonna miss me when I'm gone (Ohh, ohh, ohh) You're gonna miss me when I'm gone - When I’m Gone – Simple Plan
  66. 66. She looked around the room with narrowed eyes and cursed when she realized she had probably missed him by mere minutes. Gritting her teeth angrily she turned and stomped back outside, determined to find out where he was heading. She was going to get her revenge, even If she had to follow him all over the Simworld to get it.
  67. 67. With a heavy heart Fabian heads out of Strangetown hoping to find somewhere where he can raise Justin and the new baby. Will he find that in Riverblossom Hills though?
  68. 68. Well this took longer than I expected to, sorry about that guys! I’ve actually been in the hospital thanks to the fact a Flu bug settled on my chest so bad I couldn’t breathe without help. But I’m all better now and the only thing I’ suffering from is my hayfever. I’m sorry about it being so short, I just wanted to get the first part of Fabian’s tale over and done with. I hope you guys like it and I will get the next one done as soon as possible! Happy Simming! Names: -Logan Curious -Smith(Lola Curious-Smith) -Charlie Curious-Smith (Chloe Curious-Smith) -Anxious Subject (Nervous Subject)
  69. 69. Justin Junior-Broke Stats: 10/6/4/6/7 Star Sign: Capricorn Hobby: Cuisine Fabian Junior Stats: 10/2/10/6/7 Star Sign: Virgo Hobby: Music & Dance Aspiration: Family/Knowledge Life Time Want: To Become Education Minister Turn Ons: Full Face Make-Up & Mechanical Turn Off: Formal Wear Preferences: Males (Gay)