A Struggle to Survive a Legacy - Part 3.01 C


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy - Part 3.01 C

  1. 1. Last Time: Jessica and Benji finally entered college and Jessica got accepted into the SecretSociety on her first week.Benji had a problem juggling his need to learn and sleep, which caused him to pass out in thedorm cafeteria.Eventually both of them got accepted into the Greek House where Jessica was greetedhappily by Michael the family butler.Benji shocked Jessica by proposing to her on one of their dates.Jessica becomes suspicious of Dustin’s strange behaviour and when she fears that Fabian’slife might be in danger she confronts him.Dustin denies everything but the phone calls continue. Eventually his mystery caller gives hima warning.He has 3 days left before his little sister pays the price.
  2. 2. It was a cold Saturday evening. The first snow of the season was slowly setting on the grassoutside as the boys, and the college mascot, settled down for a night of board games.“Looks like a win again.” Benji smiled as she showed off his row of tiles much to the boysannoyance.“Why do I always agree to play against you? You’re chosen hobby is games for crying outloud!” Dustin grumbled and Fabian chuckled.“Because you like a challenge.” Fabian replied simply causing Dustin to glare at him playfully.“Shut up, you.”
  3. 3. Standing on the landing Jessica placed her hands on her hips and frowned in thought. Eversince that strange feeling the other night Jessica had been feeling very tense, especiallyaround Dustin.‘I need to find out what he’s up to.’ She thought to herself firmly as she took one last look atthe boys before running up the stairs.
  4. 4. It didn’t take her long to make it into the boy’s dorm. The moment the door was shut Jessicawas looking around the room trying to find out which bed was Dustin’s.
  5. 5. In the end she took a guess and looked under the 3rd bed.Her guess was rewarded and with a sound of triumph she pulled out a wooden chest withDustin’s name clearly printed on it.
  6. 6. “Okay then Dustin. Let’s see what we can find here.” Jessica whispered to herself as she satdown in front of the chest and pulled out a bobby pin from her hair. It only took her a coupleof twists of her pin before he locked click open.
  7. 7. Inside the chest Jessica found a lot of items that were obviously very close to Dustin.Some small trinkets, a card that was obviously made by a child and also a gun with Dustin’s initials carved into theside.There was also a pile of photos that Jessica could tell were of his family, all though the most recent picture of alittle girl and a little boy was strange as Jessica couldn’t recognise either of them.With a frown Jessica turned the photo around and read the back.“’Sophie and River outside our new house’. Who’s Sophie and River?”
  8. 8. “My younger siblings.” A familiar voice stated and Jessica’s eyes widened in shock as shelooked over at the door.
  9. 9. “Dustin!”“Hello Jessica. Having fun looking through my stuff?” Dustin questioned with a smirk as herested his hand on the still open door.“Younger siblings? I thought you said it was just you, Dirk and Beau?”“No my mum was pregnant when my dad died and then she had River after marrying mystep-dad.” Dustin shrugged but Jessica swallowed hard as she stood to her feet.Something wasn’t right here.
  10. 10. “What are you planning? What are you planning on doing with my big brother?!” Jessicademanded as she kept herself on guard.
  11. 11. “You should have just kept your nose out of it, Jessica. You shouldn’t have interfered in thingsyou don’t understand.” Dustin growled as he slammed the door shut.“Answer me, Dustin! What are you planning on doing to Fabian?!”Dustin stayed silent as the two sets of blue eyes locked in a battle of wills; it was only acouple seconds before Dustin smirked.“I’m going to kill him.”
  12. 12. “What?!” Jessica gasped as she stumbled backwards in shock.“B-but why? Why Fabian? He’s just a spare! I’m the heiress of the family, it’s me you shouldbe going after not him!”
  13. 13. “You may be the heiress but unlike your brother you are completely powerless. You arehuman through and through, with only a small amount of Elvin blood running through yourveins. You are completely normal!” Dustin shouted back and Jessica flinched stumblingslightly over the wooden chest on the floor.“Fabian on the other hand is almost a full blooded Elf. The only reason he isn’t aware of hispowers is because of that damn Simself blocking them; she could slip though and my bossisn’t ready to let that happen!”
  14. 14. “You mean to tell me that your boss is so afraid of my big brother’s so called powers that herather have him killed?! Why? Who are you working for?!”
  15. 15. “Oh your Fabian does have powers and he’s been showing signs of them all year. Thenightmares he’s been having? A side effect of having his powers blocked but of course youwouldn’t have know anything about them would you? Fabian made sure to keep them secretfrom you.” Dustin chuckled as he slipped his hand in his pocket.“As for who I’m working for well...you won’t recognise his name but you might rememberwho else works for him.”“Who else works for him?” Jessica echoed but she gasped as Dustin pulled out a very familiarlooking item out of his pocket.“Do the names Alissa and Sebastian Shiroyama ring any bells?”
  16. 16. “Ahahaha! It worked, it worked! Two legacy brats down, 1 more to go.” Sebastian laughedand Alissa smirked.“It’s not strange it didn’t work on that one. She’s not effect by our magic and yet she canspeak, understand Elven and most likely use the spells of the Elves too; if we don’t kill her thenNorth Forest Elves will.” Alissa smirked her white eyes seeming to glow bright in the darkroom.
  17. 17. “You leave my baby sister alone!” Imogen shouted as she jumped in front of Jessica fullyprepared to protect her.“Imy! No!” Jessica screamed as she went to pull Imogen back.She was too slow.
  18. 18. She was glad she could finally understand where her big brother was coming from but at thesame time she was sad. She was never going to make up with Fabian.“I’m sorry...b-big b-brother.” Imogen stuttered with her finale breaths before she finallyallowed herself to fall into the blackness that was calling out to her.With one last shudder her body fell still.
  19. 19. “Alissa and Sebastian Shiroyama? You’re working for those monsters?!” Jessica demandedand Dustin laughed as he turned and open the door.“Monsters? I hardly think they’re monsters.” Dustin shrugged and before Jessica could realisewhat was happening he had walked out of the door and slammed it shut.
  20. 20. “No! Dustin you let me out of here, now!” Jessica screamed as she banged against the door.“What was that Jessica? You can’t open the door?” The blonde smirked as he pushed a chairright under the door handle while adjusting his grip on the butcher knife in his hand.
  21. 21. “What a shame.” He whispered as he causally walked to the stars, easily ignoring Jessica’sdesperate screams for release.
  22. 22. With his arms tied behind his back Fabian tried to make sense of what was happening.The mascot had left about an hour ago leaving just him and Benji playing the game withDustin. It was when Dustin had announced he was getting a drink did things go wrong.
  23. 23. Benji didn’t even had a chance to move before something was smashed into the back of hishead and he collapsed on the game board completely unconscious.Fabian remembered screaming in shock before someone had grabbed him from behind andtied his hands together tightly.When he was forced to sit in a chair in the middle of the room he remembered screaming forDustin.Then the attacker revealed himself.
  24. 24. “Comfortable?” Dustin Broke questioned as he stood on the landing looking down at whereFabian was sitting.
  25. 25. “Why? Why are you doing this?” Fabian whispered as he watched the person he loves staredback at him with empty blue eyes.
  26. 26. “Because blood is thicker than water, Fabian. I’m afraid when it come to me choosingbetween you and my family, my family will always be my first choice.” Dustin stated simply ashe turned one of the armchairs around and sat down.“What do you mean? Why would you have to chose between me and your family?” Fabianasked and Dustin sighed.“As a big brother yourself I would think you would understand, Fabian.”
  27. 27. “As a -?! Jessica! What did you do to Jessica?!” Fabian demanded angrily but Dustin quicklywaved off his concerns.“I haven’t hurt her if that’s what you’re worried about. It’s not my job to kill the heiress. Myjob is to kill you.”
  28. 28. Fabian swallowed hard as tears filled his eyes.“Why? I-I just can’t understand it! Blood is thicker than water?! Are you trying to tell me thatyour family wants me dead?” Fabian demanded and Dustin chuckled.“You seriously think anyone in my family is capable of that?” Dustin asked and even thoughtears were rolling down his cheeks Fabian glared at the blonde darkly.“Then why?! Why are you doing this?!”
  29. 29. Dustin stayed silent as he fiddled with the clever in his hands. After a couple of seconds ofsilence Dustin finally sighed and leaned backwards slightly.“I’m doing this because if I don’t then my brother and sister will pay the price.” Dustinadmitted and Fabian’s eyes widened in shock.“What? Y-you’re being forced to do this?” Fabian breathed in shock and Dustin narrowed hiseyes.“Blackmailed would be the better word for it.” The blonde stated shortly and Fabian lickedhis lips.“H-have you tried to find a way out of it? Or even tried finding help?” Fabian stammered andDustin narrowed his eyes.
  30. 30. “Help? From who? The Simself? Please the only people she helps are those that follow thepath of Fate, she doesn’t give a damn about the ones following Destiny’s way.”“Destiny? Fate? Just what are you going on about?!” Fabian demanded and Dustin smiledslightly.“You can’t see it?”“See what?!”“You honestly can’t see it after everything your family has gone through? You can’t see thatthe reason your family goes through so much suffering, is because you follow the path ofFate?”
  31. 31. “D-Dustin I don’t know w-what you’re talking about! P-please let me go, y-you need help!”Fabian cried out and Dustin chuckled again.“You mean to tell me that even after all those sleepless nights you still haven’t realized?”“R-realized what?”“Realized why you’re having nightmares.” Dustin said with a shrug and Fabian’s eyes widenedin shock.“I-I know why I’m having them! M-my little sister was killed and I was tortured! It’s expected Iwould have nightmares from something like that!” Fabian shouted out and Dustin shook hishead.“You’re wrong. Your nightmares are a sort of side effect. Your being blocked from somethingthat you shouldn’t be and your mind doesn’t like it.”
  32. 32. “B-blocked? Blocked from what?”Fabian stammered and Dustin fell silent for a couple ofseconds before he answered.“From your powers, Fabian.”“What?!” Fabian gasped in shock and Dustin grinned.“You’re being blocked from your powers and that’s why you’re having such violentnightmares. Because your being blocked from something that is part of you, your mind isbreaking down. Slowly but surly your going insane-”“No! You’re lying!” Fabian cried out while violently shaking his head.“I’m afraid I’m not and the worst part is that the one your family relies on the most, is the onewho is causing this.”
  33. 33. Fabian’s breathes were nothing more than panicked gasps as he tried to make sense on whatDustin was telling him.“No. No you’re lying. Y-you’ve lost your mind and you need to get help!”“You don’t know how much I wish that was true, Fabian. But unlike Fate I only follow thetruth.”“No...”“Do you want to know who is behind all this Fabian? The person who your whole family hastrusted with their lives and those of their family soon to come.” Dustin hinted and Fabianswallowed hard.“Y-you can’t possible mean...” Fabian whispered and Dustin smiled once again; his eyes stillcold like icicles.
  34. 34. “That’s right Fabian. The one who is in charge of keeping this entire Pocket Dimension safe isthe one who is slowly driving you mad. Our very own Simself, Ellie.” Dustin growled,practically spitting out the name like he was tasting dirt.“N-no...” Fabian whispered as he looked down while trying to stop his tears; it was all toomuch to take in and he couldn’t tell if the blonde was lying or just plan insane.“No! No I’m sorry D-Dustin but I don’t b-believe you. I-I think y-you need help. J-just l-let mego and I promise to help you.” Fabian stammered and Dustin snorted.
  35. 35. “Well that’ll teach me for expecting you to be any different. No you’re just like your familyand that damn Simself.” Dustin scoffed as he stood to his feet.“D-Dustin please...don’t...” Fabian whispered quietly but Dustin shook his head sadly.
  36. 36. “I’m sorry Fabian but for the sake of my sister and my baby brother, you have to die.” Dustinwhispered as he lifted his arm.“Dustin...” Fabian sobbed as he closed his eyes.“My love for you was real, remember that Fabian.” Dustin whispered and the brunet’s eyesshot open in shock just in time to see Dustin start to swing his arm down.A click and both boys froze.
  37. 37. “Yeah? Well you and your so called love can go back to hell!” Jessica shouted as she stood onthe landing glaring down at the blonde.
  38. 38. “No!” Dustin shouted out as he recognised the gun in the Heiress’s hand but before he couldmove a loud pop echoed around the room.With a grunt Dustin was on the floor as his clever went skidding across the floor.Jessica gasped for breath as she stood frozen in place, the gun still pointed in position; shecouldn’t believe she had actually managed to fire the thing.“J-Jess....” Fabian stuttered just as Benji groaned and started coming round.“Oh god. Fabian, Benny!” Jessica gasped as she quickly allowed the gun to drop to the floorand ran down the last few steps.
  39. 39. “J-Jess h-he tried too...” Fabian stuttered as Jessica quickly undid the ropes keeping him tothe chair.“I know. I’m so sorry Fabian.” She whispered as she pulled her still crying big brother into awell needed hug.“What are we going to do, Jessica? We can’t leave him there.” Benji pointed out as he rubbedhis aching head.But before Jessica could answer a loud screech echoed around the room.
  40. 40. “You useless boy! Even after almost 4 years you still couldn’t even kill one measlyhuman?!”
  41. 41. Fabian, Jessica and Benji covered their ears in agony as the loud voice boomed around theroom making their ears ring horribly.
  42. 42. The only one who could stand the pitch of the voice was Dustin who pushed himself upfearfully off the floor.“Destiny...” He whispered shakily as he pulled himself up to his knees.
  43. 43. “Please, please Destiny give me another chance! I promise you he’ll be dead by morningplease!” Dustin begged feebly and Destiny’s scoff echoed loudly.“You think I hadn’t noticed, you stupid boy?! That ring on your finger reveals everything tome! You ended up falling in love with that Junior boy!”“No! No that’s not true! Please, please don’t do this!”
  44. 44. “You had one task and one task only. All you had to do was kill Fabian Junior and yoursiblings would have been safe but you couldn’t even do that! Your weak and it’s obviousthat that boy means more to you than your little sister does!”“No! No don’t hurt Sophie or River please! I’m sorry, Destiny! I’m sorry just give me a secondchance! Please! Please don’t hurt them! Just one more chance, please!” Dustin criedhysterically as tears rolled down his cheeks.It was silent for a couple of minutes before Destiny replied.
  45. 45. “I don’t give second chances.”
  46. 46. “Dustin!” Fabian cried out as he tried to make sense of what had just happened; tears wererolling down his cheeks as he watched Dustin fall to his knees with a chocked gasp.
  47. 47. Dustin didn’t say anything. He didn’t try to talk.Instead he simply looked at Fabian with dimming blue eyes before he collapsed to the groundwith a chocked sigh as his heart stuttered to a stop.
  48. 48. The Grim Reaper arrived without a sound and went completely unnoticed by Fabian as hestood next to him.“This hasn’t been an easy time for you has it, Fabian Junior? First your little sister and nowyour fiancé.” Grim Reaper sighed as he shook his hooded head.Fabian continued to sob, completely unaware of the Grim Reaper’s presence.“I’m sad to say that while Fate and Destiny may be done with you, they are not done withyour family.” He admitted before leaning down and touching Dustin’s body with his withbone fingers.
  49. 49. “Another innocent life taken in a petty argument between brothers. I wish things weredifferent for you Juniors but you have been chosen to bare the title of Legacy and for thatyou must live with the consequences.” The Grim Reaper finished as an urn appeared in thesame spot Dustin had rested.Before he left the Grim Reaper took one last look at both Jessica and Fabian before shakinghis head.“Fate is not an easy path to follow and I’m afraid it’s going to get worse, long before it getsbetter.” With that chilling sentence the Grim Reaper departed knowing full well no one hadheard a word he had said.
  50. 50. “Fabian…” Jessica whispered sadly as she wrapped her arm around her brother’s shoulders;on his other side Benji placed his hand on his shoulders and rubbed it comfortingly.“W-why? Why does this keep happening?” Fabian whispered before he burst into incoherentsobs.With a sigh Benji tilted his head to the side, with a worried frown Jessica left Fabian’s sideand followed Benji to the other side of the room.
  51. 51. “What are we going to do, Jess? We’re not going to be able to keep this quiet you know.”Benji warned as he placed his hands on his hips.“What do you mean?”“Well for one thing the Dean has got to be alerted about Dustin’s death. Then we’ve got totell his family and your family is going to have to be told as well.”
  52. 52. “No no no no. We’re going to leave my family in the dark for as long as possible.” Jessicastated firmly causing Benji to look at her in frustration.“Jessica…”“Look Benji, the people who Dustin was working with has been after my family for a 3generations now. If my parents find out that me and Fabian had been attacked in a place thatwas considered safe then no one in our family will be able to go to college again.” Sheexplained and Benji sighed.“Jessica , if our kids are in danger when they come here then I rather them go without acollege education, don’t you?” Benji pointed out and the Generation 3 Heir fell silent.
  53. 53. In front of Dustin’s urn swayed unsteadily in place.His vision was blurry and Jessica’s and Benji’s voices sounded muffled in his ears. The worldaround him spun dangerously as the generation 3 spare fought desperately to stay on hisfeet.“Fabian?”
  54. 54. “Fabian are you feeling, alright?” Jessica questioned cringing afterwards as she realized howsilly that question was.“Fabian? Do you need to sit down?” Benji asked as he watched the taller male sway onceagain in place.
  55. 55. Fabian sadly didn’t answer.With a loud groan he finally surrounded himself to what he had been fighting and fell to thefloor into a very familiar position.
  56. 56. “Fabian!” Jessica cried hysterically as he started babbling completely nonsense to himself.“Aspiration failure…” Benji whispered in shock having seen it many times when he wasgrowing up; Nero wasn’t exactly the greatest romance sim in the world and it hadconsqences.
  57. 57. “A-Aspiration Failure? H-he’s fallen into Aspiration Failure?!” Jessica croaked having neverseen Fabian in such a state before.“Yes. You’ve never seen it before?”“Both my parents and my grandparents are Permanent Plats, and none of my siblings hadever got into such a state when we were younger. W-what do we do?” She rambled and Benjisighed.
  58. 58. “We’ll have to get him into bed. It’s been a hard night and we all need rest.” Benji admittedand Jessica swallowed hard.“But…”“Jess the best thing for your brother right now is rest. He’ll come out of It after a good nightssleep.” Benji reassured but Jessica bit her lip nervously.“B-but what about Dustin? What are we going to tell him when he wakes up?” Jessica askedand Benji sighed once again.“The truth Jessica. We can’t keep this from him, especially since he will remembereventually.” He stated firmly and Jessica looked down.“Come on, help me get him into bed.”
  59. 59. Jessica stared sadly down at her big brother as he tossed and turned in his sleep with tearsstill running down his cheeks; she knew her brother had love Dustin but she hadn’t expectedhim to fall into Aspiration Failure.She herself had never gone through such an experience and the only one in her family thathad, before this, was her father Puck; who had suffered it in his bedroom after Imogen’sfuneral.She understood now why Elijah locked the door and wouldn’t let neither she or Fabian in, itwas terrifying to watch.“D-Dustin...please...” Fabian whimpered in his sleep and Jessica felt tears filling her eyesagain but she refused to cry again. Fabian needed for her to be strong.
  60. 60. At least that’s what she told herself up until Fabian muttered something that completelyfroze her heart.“My fault...Dustin...Imy...all my fault...” Jessica gasped as she heard her sister’s name passfrom Fabian’s lips and she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer.“Oh god. Why is all this happening to him?” She whimpered before burring her face into herhands and started sobbing.
  61. 61. “Jess...” Benji whispered as he wrapped his arms around her and Jessica easily turned intohim, accepting his comfort.“Why is this happening to us, Benny? Why is it that Fabian seems to be the one who’ssuffering from all this?” She cried out but Benji couldn’t answer her; he didn’t know whyFabian was the one suffering out of the family so the only thing he could do was give Jessica ashoulder to cry on as the two of them watched over the traumatized Senior.
  62. 62. And that’s exactly what he did.
  63. 63. Benji was of course correct.As soon as Fabian recovered from his Aspiration Failure he remembered exactly what hadhappened to make him fall into it.It broke Jessica’s heart every time she heard Fabian crying but there was nothing she coulddo about it. Dustin had lived in the Greek House for almost 4 years, his mark was all over thehouse.It was impossible for Fabian to even walk through the front door without being confrontedby something that reminded of the blonde.
  64. 64. The air was heavy with sadness as winter hit the Stritford Campus. Snow fell heavily to theground and while most of the students enjoyed, the same couldn’t be said for the LegacyGreek House members.Finale exams arrived right on time for the trio and with heavy hearts, one heavy than theothers, they went off to take them.Jessica and Benji passed their Junior finales with flying colors and secured their spot on theDean’s list once again.
  65. 65. Fabian on the other hand barely received a high enough grade to graduate let alone withhonors.As soon as he returned home he burst in tears as the horrible truth finally started to sink in.Dustin was gone and he was never coming back.Graduating together was something the two boys had dreamed of, they were going tograduate and have a beautiful white wedding in the winter.But those dreams will never come true.
  66. 66. Fabian graduated alone and with a broken heart he sobbed.Snow fell heavily around both him and Jessica, covering the ground in a beautiful whiteblanket.It only made him cry harder though.
  67. 67. That night both Benji and Jessica slept like logs. The last few days had been so stressful so itsurprised neither of them when they dropped off to dream land easily.
  68. 68. Fabian though was wide awake.He had packed all his stuff when he was given a chance as well as Dustin’s urn.It was time for him to leave. This part of his life was over and with Jessica taking over thefamily there was no reason for him to return to Moonlight Valley.With a heavy heart and no destination in mind Fabian called a taxi to pick him up as soon aspossible.
  69. 69. The snow had stopped falling some time ago and now all that was left was a slight dusting onthe ground.With his had down and shoulders slumped Fabian hopped into the taxi without looking back.The house fell silent once again as it’s sleeping residents didn’t even stir.
  70. 70. It was still dark when Jessica rouse the next morning, as she passed the bathroom she heardthe shower running and knew Benji was up as well.She wondered if Fabian was up yet but she doubted it, recently he’s only been getting unlesshe really has no choice.Finally reaching the kitchen Jessica reached inside the fridge for some ingredients for asimple soup; it wasn’t the best dish for breakfast but it was the only meal Jessica could cookthat didn’t contain any meat.She had been living with Benji for exactly 3 years now and she still found it hard to get usedto his vegetarian diet and she knew it would be the same when they got home.Jessica sighed as she finally finished the meal and started serving just as Benji appeared onthe stars looking like he had been awake for hours.
  71. 71. “Smells great, Jess. You know I could have cooked though.” Benji pointed as he sat down atthe table with a smile.“I know but I just felt like treating you for once.” She shrugged with a small smile as she satdown as well.“Have you seen Fabian this morning?” Jessica questioned after a few seconds of silence andBenji shook his head.“From what I can tell he was still sleeping when I got in the shower.” As soon as he said thisthough the sound of footsteps was heart above them.“That might be him.”
  72. 72. It become pretty obvious that it wasn’t Fabian pretty quickly though and Jessica held back adepressed sigh as she greeted their newest member.“Morning Shawn. How did you sleep?”“I slept alright actually. Um you guys wouldn’t happen to know where Fabian is would you? Ihaven’t seen him since yesterday and he’s not in our room.” Shawn admitted with a worriedfrown.Jessica’s spoon clattered to the table as she and Benji exchanged shock looks before takingoff upstairs.
  73. 73. Fabian though wasn’t in his bed and his side of the room had been stripped bare. Jessicastated at the perfectly made bed for a few seconds before tears started rolling down hercheeks.“H-he just left? W-why?” She whispered sadly and Benji quickly wrapped his arm around hershoulder.“Jess if Fabian left then he has his own reasons. He’s an adult and is capable of making hisown choices.” Benji whispered and Jessica released a soft sob.“But…he didn’t say goodbye.” She said before finally allowing herself to cry.
  74. 74. It took a couple of weeks for Benji to help Jessica back on her feet again.Sadly no matter how much sadness you feel life continues on, with a heavy heart Jessica forced her mindback on to work.Together both her and Benji finished their term papers…
  75. 75. …and also did their assignments to get their grades up that final little bit.Jessica had to admit that college was exactly what she needed; she needed to be distractedand all though she’s still upset about Fabian’s sudden departure she was no longer going tosulk over it.She was the heir of her families Legacy and it’s time she started acting like it.
  76. 76. Shawn decided to do something completely different. He was good friends with Fabian and,just like Jessica, he was upset when he heard Fabian had just left.While trying to get his head in order he went back to his hobby. In the end he ended upcreating a beautiful picture of both Dustin and Fabian.
  77. 77. Jessica was impressed and allowed him to hang it in the living room. She knew she wouldnever forgive Dustin for what he had done but Fabian had loved him in the end, that wasenough for her.
  78. 78. It wasn’t long until both Benji and Jessica were going to their half-term examsLucky enough Jessica chose the right time to tucker down on her studying and both passed withflying colors, securing their spot on the Dean’s list.
  79. 79. With snow falling heavily outside, for some strange reason considering it was summer,our strange couple settled down to get their Term-Papers done.
  80. 80. Shawn also continued on with college life and a few days later he was off to his own half-term exams.He passed with flying colors, literally, having brought in his beautiful painting off Dustin andFabian.He received not only a perfect grade but also a spot on the Dean’s list.
  81. 81. “Jessica here, I got something for you.” Shawn admitted after he managed to corner the redhead in the study.“What? Shawn you didn’t have to do that.” Jessica protested but the short blonde simplysmiled as he held out the box.“Of course I did. Your graduating soon so think of this as a graduation present.” Shawnreassured and with shaking fingers Jessica opened it.
  82. 82. “Oh Shawn….!” Jessica gasped as she carefully traced the picture with her fingers.It was of the night Benji had proposed to her. Fabian had been waiting to see her off andwhen he kissed her cheek Dustin had snapped a picture without either of them noticing.It had been added to a book that was especially for all the memorable pictures taken inAnnya-Cham-Hoh-Var Greek House.“Shawn it’s beautiful. B-but why would you do such a thing?” Jessica whispered as she heldback the tears that wanted to fall.Shawn stayed silent for a couple seconds before he smiled and looked to the groundbashfully.
  83. 83. “I’ve known your whole family for 3 generations and while every one of them tolerated me,some even become my friends, it’s you and Fabian who has given me the chance to actuallygraduate. Thanks to you and your brother I can now find someone to settle down with andgrow old with them. I can’t thank you enough and that painting is small in compassion towhat you actually deserve.” Shawn said causing Jessica to sniffle.“Shawn…”“Thank you Jessica Junior for actually giving me a chance to live.” Shawn finished and Jessicareleased a watery laughed as she kissed his cheek lightly.“Thank you so much, Shawn. I will treasure it.”
  84. 84. Graduation really wasn’t that far away for both Benji and Jessica.As they went through the finale weeks the couple worked together to get their grades upand also their Hobby Enthusiasm.
  85. 85. Soon enough though everyone was off to their finale exams on the first day of spring.Both Benji and Jessica graduated with honors while Shawn become a Sophomore with full marks.
  86. 86. The graduation party was planned and thrown for when the two go back.Jessica was shocked that after changing into her graduation robs she was greeting by her parents,who were more than happy to wish her congratulations.
  87. 87. The Greek house was completely packed with both graduates friends and Jessica’s family.It was a loud, boisterous and defiantly one that would be talked about for generations tocome.
  88. 88. College defiantly wasn’t an easy experience for them but the most important thing was thateven through everything, Benji and Jessica stuck together till the end.That was all that matters most, especially to the Junior family.
  89. 89. Fabian groaned as he forced himself to awaken from his long sleep. His eyes were gritty as hepushed himself up with a groan.After giving his eyes a good rub the half-breed finally took a good look at his surroundings.His eyes widened in shock as he forced himself to straighten up.
  90. 90. “E-Ellie?” Fabian whispered with shock, sadness and also a trace of anger in his voice.
  91. 91. “Hello Fabian. I think it’s time me and you have nice long chat.”
  92. 92. The awkward moment when you realise both your father and your boyfriend have too manynice points for them to be mean to each other in your honour.-Hehe. Hahahe. Ahahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I FINISHED IT! I FINALLY FINISHED IT!GENERATION 3’S COLLEGE ARC IS FINALLY OVER!Oh I’m so glad that’s over and done with. Even when I add storylines to it, it’s very hard towrite my sims all the way through college; it’s so boring! Especially when the storyline forcesme to expand the arc for so long!But I’ve finished now which means I can go back to playing my sims again! Yay!Before the next official chapter there is an interlude which will basically tie up all the loseends of this arc and also explain what will happen to Fabian.Anyway I’m sorry for the long wait you guys but I do have my own life, no matter how much Idon’t want to I do have to live it.I hope you guys enjoyed not just this chapter but also this entire arc! I will see you guys nexttime!Happy Simming!
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