A Struggle to Survive a Legacy! 3.02 A


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy! 3.02 A

  1. 1. Jessica adjusted her veil nervously as she stared into her bedroom mirror. The gems on her wedding dress sparked when they caught the light and Jessica smiled while running her hand down her side. Her dad Puck had made the dress as a graduation present, when he presented it to her he admitted it had been a dream of his since he was little to make his daughters’ wedding dress. “I had hoped that I would be able to do this more than once but Fate obviously has other plans.” Puck had said with a said smile while measuring the dress for his daughter. Jessica sighed as she looked down at her engagement ring and fiddled with it nervously. “A bride shouldn’t have such a sad face.”
  2. 2. “Dad! What are you doing here? You should be downstairs.” Jessica frowned but Elijah simply smiled as he gestured to his daughter. “And miss the chance to walk my daughter down the isle? No way. Beside your my Heiress, as the Heir of Generation 2 it’s my job to pass the torch on to you.”
  3. 3. “Dad why did you pick me for your Heir? I mean if Fabian had been chosen maybe he wouldn’t have disappeared.”
  4. 4. “Sweetheart, I didn’t pick you. I didn’t have control over this, Ellie did. She was the one who told me you were to be my Heir, she said Fabian had another job to do.” Elijah said as he crossed his arms over her chest. “So I wouldn’t have been your choice?” Jessica asked causing Elijah to sigh. “Honestly? I wouldn’t have chosen either your or Fabian.” Elijah admitted causing Jessica’s eyes to widen in shock. “What?” “If none of this had happened I would have chosen Imogen as my Heir simply due to the fact of how close Fabian and you were growing up. I would have never separated you two.”
  5. 5. Jessica was silent as she took in what her Dad had just said. She wasn’t upset about not being his first choice as Heir but to hear that he would have given it to Imogen just because he didn’t want to separate her and Fabian? That was a shock. “Do you think Imogen would have accepted being the Heiress?” “Being a Legacy Princess? I’m pretty sure she would have loved it.” Elijah laughed causing Jessica to smile but it faded almost immediately. “I wish she was here to see me. In fact I wish both Imogen and Fabian were here for this.” Jessica admitted sadly. Elijah smiled sadly as he pulled his youngest into a tight hug.
  6. 6. “I wish they were here too, sweetheart. But you have an amazing man waiting for you out there so don’t think about those who couldn’t be here. Think about those who are here.” Elijah whispered and Jessica smiled as she hugged him back. “Thanks dad.” “Now let’s get you downstairs. We have a wedding to start.”
  7. 7. If I could look across the country From California to New Jersey Then I would count the parks and lake resorts And number all the jets and airports All those rather dreary rain clouds still bother me Cause I look through the camera eyepiece and cannot see
  8. 8. If I could open up my window And see from Tampa Bay to Juneau Then I would survey all those open miles And line them up in single file Everywhere I look I see green scenic sublime And all those oceanic vistas are so divine
  9. 9. If I was standing on the balcony And you were walking down below I'd feel rather depressed and out of place And lonely just to watch you go If you were swinging from the highway overpass Within the western hemisphere I'd feel rather afraid and insincere If you began to disappear
  10. 10. If I was walking through a sad art gallery And you were driving through the night I'd feel rather alone and ill at ease Beneath the brilliant showroom light If I was flying on a plane above your town And you were gazing at the sky Somehow I'd feel intact and reassured If you began to wave goodbye Fuzzy Blue Lights – Owl City
  11. 11. “Mmmm. Oh Benji that’s delicious! Where did you get it?” Jessica asked after swallowing the bit of cake Benji had just fed her. “I made it actually. It took me a few times before I managed to get it right. So you like it then?” Benji confirmed and Jessica nodded with a huge grin. “I love it! Hey! Everyone! Come get a piece of this cake, my husband made it himself!” Jessica suddenly shouted to the guests causing everyone to crowd round the table.
  12. 12. “Ellie can I talk to you for a second?” Elijah asked after finally managing to corner the Simself in the kitchen. “Well I just got a huge sense of Déjà vu. What’s wrong Elijah?” Ellie questioned with a smile causing Elijah to sigh. “Ellie where is my son?” Elijah demanded and the Light Witch smiled in reassuringly. “He’s safe don’t you worry, ‘Lijah. I gave him the chance at a fresh start and he’s very happy there.” “But where is he?” “I can’t tell you that.” “Why not?!”
  13. 13. “Think Elijah. What do you think would happen if Destiny were to find out his location?” The Simself asked sternly and Elijah fell silent. “I know your worried, you have every right to be, but I promise you he’s safe and much happier.” Ellie swore but Elijah looked at her sceptically causing her to sigh. “Look I’ve got some pictures that he gave to me on one of my trips there. Here take a look.” Ellie said as she pulled out an envelope from her bag and held it out to the 2nd Generation Heir. Elijah looked at her for a couple of seconds before finally reaching out to take the envelope, and with shaking hands he opened it up.
  14. 14. “Oh my goodness! He looks just like Fabian! I-is this his son?” Elijah questioned as he stared at the brunet in the pictures. Ellie smiled while nodding her head. “Yes. That’s his eldest and your first grandson. He’s name is Justin Junior-Broke.” “Broke? You mean-?” Ellie nodded once again before Elijah could finish the question. Elijah smiled sadly as he looked at the pictures in his hand. “So he’s not alone then? That’s a relief.” Elijah whispered before he noticed Ellie’s smirk. “What?” He asked but instead of answering Ellie wordlessly handed him another photo filled envelope.
  15. 15. “M-more? He’s had 4 kids? Does that mean he’s moved on from that Broke boy?” Elijah questioned but Ellie smiled sadly. “He probably won’t ever get over Dustin, he was his soul mate. But for a little while he did find someone, sadly they broke up when Fabian fell pregnant.” “That bastard. I’ll kill him.” Elijah growled quietly and Ellie chuckled in return. “He ended up giving birth to triplets.” “Seriously?!” Elijah gasped causing the Light Witch to giggle before she nodded. “Yep. 2 girls and a boy. The one with the alien skin is Selene and then there’s Serenah and Helios. As you can probably see those two are identical and have Elf Ears.”
  16. 16. “So do you see? It hasn’t been the easiest of lives for him but he is happy. He’s also safe and that’s the important thing.” Ellie reassured and Elijah sighed his shoulders relaxing. “Thanks Ellie. I should have trusted really but-” “I know. He’s your son and you have every right to worry. Just remember that he’s safe and happy.” Ellie ordered with a grin and Elijah nodded with his own impish smile. “Now you’re youngest has just gotten married, so go spend time with her.”
  17. 17. The party continued on without a hitch and it wasn’t long before it was time for the first dance. Music played into the receptionist room and the guests gathered round to watch as Benji took Jessica’s hand. The two of them danced beautifully together and when the song came to an end everyone was more than happy to cheer for them. “I love you.” Jessica whispered and Benji kissed her passionately in response.
  18. 18. The next day the shuttle arrived just after sunrise. The newly married couple had already packed their bags the night before, so they could easily leave without disturbing anyone.
  19. 19. When they arrived at the holiday site Benji was the one who went to sign them in. “Honeymoon, sir?” The receptionist asked and when Benji looked up he nodded to his still shinning wedding ring. “Ah. Yeah, we got married yesterday.” Benji said as he signed his name down in the book. The receptionist smiled once again as he took the book back. “Well then I wish you well Sir, and I hope you two have a wonderful honeymoon.” “Thank you.”
  20. 20. “Wow Benny! This place is amazing! How on earth did you get a bungalow on Twikki Island at this time of year?” Jessica demanded as she looked around the small shack they would be staying in. “I booked in advanced.” “How long ago?” Jessica hinted causing Benji to look to the side with a blush. “I booked it when I proposed to you.” The alien spawn confessed in embarrassment causing Jessica to laugh. “Seriously? That long ago?” She asked while lightly running her fingers under Benji’s chin.
  21. 21. When Benji nodded silent Jessica smiled, pulled him forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. “I knew I made the right choice marrying you.” Jessica grinned when they pulled apart causing Benji to roll his eyes. “Oh that’s nice. So you only married me because I’m good at getting holiday spots?” Benji questioned sarcastically and Jessica grinned. “That and other things.” She hinted suggestively causing Benji to blush. “Come on, let’s go test out the bed.”
  22. 22. Later that day the two married couple took advantage of staying right on the beach, and built a sandcastle together. It wasn’t brilliant but it was perfect for them.
  23. 23. “Okay, maybe the Cheese Aspiration is perfect for you. These are some damn good sandwiches.” Jessica said around a mouthful of bread and cheese. Benji cringes in slight disgust before he smiled and waved his hand at the pile of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. “You’re always so shocked when I cook something. With 10 cooking Skill points it should be no surprise how well I can cook.” “That may be true but there hasn’t been a Junior who can actually cook since my Grandpappy.” Jessica shrugged causing Benji to smile. “Well lets hope out kids will inherit my cooking skills.”
  24. 24. Of course the two of them were not planning on spending their entire honeymoon inside their room. The next day Jessica booked them on the 3 tours available. When they were being lead through the forest the tore guide upset a huge next of bees, they were chased all the way back to the car. When they were on the boat the glass bottom cracked and they were all thrown into the water. The only tour that went right was the Helicopter tour, on which they ended up helping a lost family and was reward with a map.
  25. 25. Jessica also made sure to by some souvenirs for her parents back home.
  26. 26. Back at the shack Benji was more than happy to show off his cooking abilities, Jessica was shocked when the freshly baked cheese cake melted in her mouth. “My god, Benny! Why am I only finding out about this now?!” Jessica demanded and Benji shrugged with a secretive smirk. “Lets hope our kids like it, huh?” Benji smirked and Jessica froze as she realised what she just ate. If she was pregnant, then there was no way she was only going to have 1. “So twins, huh? Guess that’s alright. We wanted a big family anyway.”
  27. 27. The next day it was time for more exploring. When they visited the Hot Springs Jessica discovered some locals doing the hula. She was quick to join in and after a good soak, Benji also joined in.
  28. 28. Later they went to explore the crash Pirate Ship. Jessica loved sword fighting with the dummy and Benji pretended he was stirring the sea. When exploring the Captain’s cabin though the two of them were greeted by the ghost of the ship. After a few minutes of talking he taught them the sea chant.
  29. 29. Later that day night had fallen and the two newlyweds were watching the waves on the beach. It was still fairly warm out and the two of them were easily relaxed on the warm sand. “So we’ve done everything that’s available on the island.” Jessica remarked and when she looked over at Benji he hummed in agreement. “So what do we do now?”
  30. 30. After a couple of seconds of silence Benji finally answered his bored wife. “Well I still have we received from that lost family.” Benji admitted with a cheeky smirk causing Jessica to look at him in shock. “You kept that?!” “Of course I did, I was curious and wanted to know where it went.” Benji said with a shrug and Jessica laughed. “Well what are you waiting for? Let’s go!”
  31. 31. 3 hours later Benji and Jessica finally arrived at the finale destination on the map. They had actually stopped at the Spa for a little break as it was taking them so long. “Hello?” Jessica called as she poked her head around the doorway. A loud curse was her answer and she quickly signalled at Benji to follow before walking inside.
  32. 32. “Excuse me? Are you alright?” Jessica asked the tribal looking man who was attempting to fix his dish washer. The poor man banged his head against the washer in shock before glaring at the newlyweds angrily from behind his mask. “What? What you want? Can’t you see I busy?!” “Well we were just following a map and it led us here. Would you like some help?” Jessica asked not at all intimidated by the strange man.
  33. 33. “You help fix stuff?” The man questioned as he stood to his feet. Jessica smiled as Benji pulled out his pocket mop and started cleaning up the puddles. “Yeah we can do that, sure.” Jessica agreed and held out her hand. The Wise Man stared at it long enough for Jessica to feel awkward before he finally reached out to shake it. He flinched as if he had been shocked before looking at her with eyes that weren’t so furious. “You fix stuff I give you gift.” “What? You don’t have to do that!” Jessica objected but the Wise Man shook his head firmly while pointing at the broken dishwasher. “Fix stuff! Fix stuff, I give you gift.” He then turned around and walked out of the hut leaving the two alone. “Well then I guess we better get to work.” Jessica shrugged causing Benji to sigh.
  34. 34. 1 Hour Later Jessica had only just put down the spanner when the Wise Man returned. He looked around the room before nodding in satisfaction. “Take this.” “No I said there was no need. You don’t have to give us anything.” Jessica objected but the Wise Man shook his head an held out the gift firmly. “Take it! Will help family in future. Will help keep family safe, Heiress.” Jessica swallowed hard as she took the box with shaking fingers. “H-how did you know-?” She whispered in confusion only to watch as the Wise Man disappeared in a puff of purple smoke.
  35. 35. “Well that was weird.” Benji pointed out blandly but suddenly Jessica pulled him into her arms, forced him into a dip and then kissed him passionately. “What was that for?” Benji gasped after the two of them had separated. Jessica laughed as she allowed him to straighten up. “Don’t you see? He knew I was an Heiress to a Legacy! Whatever this is, it’s meant to protect my family. Benji maybe we’ll be able to put a stop to those horrible twins!” Jessica laughed and before Benji could speak she kissed him again. “Come on. Let’s go back to our bungalow.”
  36. 36. With that last adventure their honeymoon was over. Sad that it was over the two of them packed their bags and called the shuttle. Even though they were sad to go, both were ready to admit that they wanted to get back home and start moving their life forwards.
  37. 37. So when the sun was firmly in the sky the two of them were on the way to the airport, both ready to start the 3rd Generation of the legacy.
  38. 38. “So she finally installed Bon Voyage, huh?” “Good thing too. Makes our lives a bit more exciting.” - Oh yeah, like your family isn’t in danger ever second you live Jessica! Yes as you can see not only have I finally installed Bon Voyage and change my skins to something I like. I’ve also changed my eyes again but you won’t see that for a couple of chapters. Right I’m sorry for the wait guys but to make up for it I have got a few chapters over and done with so look forward to it! I’ll see you next time! Happy Simming ^_^