A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 2.01 (Edited)


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 2.01 (Edited)

  1. 1. So we’re finally here! Generation 2 is about to begin so let’s not wait another moment and get thisthing started!Last Time: The Junior kids were captured by Alissa and Sebastian who turned out to be their Aunt andUncle.After it seems like things are going to be over for the kids they are saved by their attackers Zombieservant, who pushed Alissa into the water she used to see the future forcing them to retreat;Sebastian ends up killing the zombie teen though who turns out to be Shawn Lopane, Jesse’s twinbrother.Ericka and Elijah both go to college.Jesse and Tara celebrate their finale Age Transition together but Tara finds out her father passed awayjust before she entered her elder years.Cecelia and Oliver finally leave for college, leaving Tara and Jesse alone for the first time in 18 years.
  2. 2. Ericka, Elijah and Puck stood outside the dorm that would be their home for the next yearand ½. Neither of them could believe that they were finally here.“Come on, let’s go see our dorm rooms.” Elijah suggested as he grabbed Puck’s wrist anddragged him inside.
  3. 3. After ‘finding’ their dorm room, Elijah decided to get to work on his Term Paper just like his father had told him too; thequicker he got it done, the more time he could spend with Puck.Ericka also had the same idea and the 2 of them spent the next 3 hours typing away at their computers.
  4. 4. The days in the dorm seemed to fly by and the 3 of them had settled in pretty quickly; theirdormies also got used to quite a few things when living with 2 outgoing kids, 1 of which whowas very much in love.One of those things were seeing Elijah and Puck all over each other.
  5. 5. It was also pretty common to find Elijah and Ericka out on the basketball court together. Thetwo of them were excellent players, especially when they played against someone.The dormies wished though that when they won they didn’t throw the basketball at them incelebration.
  6. 6. When Elijah was out playing sports with his twin, Puck usually returned back to his dormroom to paint something.Usually Elijah finished him game before Puck finished his painting but he always waited forhis boyfriend to finish before jumping on him.
  7. 7. It was also common to see Elijah and Puck on the chessboard.“So why are we doing this again? I’m just going to end up beating you. Again.” Puck pointedout with a smirk as he moved one of his pieces forward.“Because it’s fun to spend time together.” Elijah replied simply with a smile, even when Pucklooked at him completely unconvinced.
  8. 8. “It’s not like we’re ever apart. We live in the same-?!”“Oh my god! The cook set fire to the cooker!” Elijah suddenly shouted out causing Puck tolook over his shoulder in shock.“What? No he hasn’t-?”
  9. 9. “You know Elijah I use to live with 5 younger siblings, 2 of which were constant cheaters sowhat makes you think I won’t catch you?” Puck demanded as he crossed his arms over hischest, completely unimpressed.
  10. 10. The look on Elijah’s face was pure ‘Child caught with their hand in the cookie jar’ and with anervous laugh he placed the piece back where it was original.
  11. 11. He made it up to Puck later though by giving him a rose he found on his daily jog; Puck wasmore than happy to forgive him, even though he wasn’t really mad at him to begin with.
  12. 12. Surprisingly Elijah wasn’t that bad when he was on his own, while he only had 1 nice point hedefiantly wasn’t as bad as his father or Ericka. In fact he was actually generally a very happyperson, if a bit cheeky.When Ericka teamed up with him though, the dorm usually looked like a Cow Mascot hadgotten in when the two of them had had enough of pranking everyone.
  13. 13. Thanks to the fact Ericka was not only very neat but also very outgoing and mean, she was also pretty vain.If she got the chance, she would pull out her little pocket mirror to make sure she still looked decent; even after a game ofbasketball.
  14. 14. Elijah also had his own little pocket mirror, but he wasn’t as bad as Ericka was.
  15. 15. As always, time flew quickly and it wasn’t long before the 3 students were going to their finaleFreshman exams.All 3 passed with top marks and were placed on the Dean’s List.
  16. 16. Sophomore year though, brought something that Elijah had been waiting for, for some time.“Puck, through everything that has happened you’ve stood by my side. I know this is suddenand also not very romantic.”“Elijah...” Puck whispered in shock as he watched his boyfriend get down on one knee whilepulling something out of his back pocket.
  17. 17. “Puck, will you marry me?” Elijah grinned while opening the beautiful diamond ring he hadheld on to for some time.“Elijah...B-but you’ve feared engagement every since we come to college.” Puck whisperedeven as tears filled his light blue eyes.“That doesn’t mean I never wanted to spend the rest of my life with you Puck. I love you andI would love for you to spend the rest of your life with me, standing by me and also in mybed.” Elijah smirked cheekily, loving the way Puck started blushing.“’Lijah!” Puck laughed eve as he reached for the ring and placed it on his finger.
  18. 18. “Of course I will.” Puck whispered and Elijah grinned as he pulled the half-breed into a hug.
  19. 19. “Oh gross! Elijah!” Ericka screamed as she tore her eyes away from the telescope she hadbeen using to spy on the campus; she was happy for her twin but that didn’t mean shewanted to see what the two of the do in private.The fact their ‘tender moment’ was taking place at the student hall across from them justmade it worse; Ericka could practically hear Elijah’s gleeful laugh.
  20. 20. With Ericka, Elijah and Puck now Sophomores it was time for a new wagon of Freshman to join the university.As such it was no surprise when Oliver, Cecelia and her boyfriend Tank were dropped off at the same dorm astheir older siblings.
  21. 21. Oliver was the more vain one out of the two; just like Ericka he was constantly looking intohis own personally mirror, looking for smudges of dirt and such.
  22. 22. With the arrival of Cecelia and Tank that meant their were two very active couples in thedorm; seeing this was a very common feet.
  23. 23. The Sophomores were quick to go through with their mid-term exams but wit their results,perfect for all 3, came a letter from the Dean.Because of the shortness of Dorms for the Freshman that would be arriving, it was requestedthat all students who were Sophomores or higher had to find their own place or join a GreekHouse before the year was up.Trista LeTourneau, a girl who had been picked by Jules to become the placeholder, was morethan happy to welcome the next generation of Juniors to the house.
  24. 24. She was sad to find out though that Oliver wouldn’t be joining the Greek House just yet; thetwo had become surprisingly close over pancakes and they promised to meet up as much aspossible.
  25. 25. New members though, meant brand new pictures to go up on the wall! Trista, Ericka andPuck were ore than happy to pose for the camera and place their pictures in the back roomwith the others.
  26. 26. Puck was given the task of painting Elijah’s portrait; during it, he ended up maxing his hobbyenthusiasm and easily entered The Zone with a smile.
  27. 27. When he was finished, Puck proudly framed the painting before placing it in the receptionroom besides Jesse’s.Side by side the pictures looked brilliant and Puck admitted he would like to meet the personwho Jesse’s portrait, it was very good.
  28. 28. After finishing assessments or coming back from class, the students usually found themselvesmoving towards the pinball machines.At the moment it’s Elijah who has the top score but Trista is defiantly catching up to him.
  29. 29. Trista also found herself getting along pretty well with the eldest Junior boy; the two of themshared the same hobby and with 3 sports enthusiasts in the house, the basketball court wasin constant use.
  30. 30. Trista was also the first one to use the games consol she had gotten from the campus.Whenever she got the chance she would sit down in front of the TV, screaming at it as shepushed buttons on the controller.
  31. 31. The hot tub though was constantly used by Puck and Elijah; as soon as the two of them gotfree time together, you can guarantee that you would find them out in the conservatory.
  32. 32. Finale exams were closing in and quickly.As such the 3 Sophomores arranged a study day and took residents in the library, working to get theirgrades up as high as they could.
  33. 33. When Ericka admitted she knew how to fix things, Trista felt relieved; she didn’t have anymechanical skill points at all so she was glad someone with mechanical skills was living withher now.It wasn’t until she heard loud banging and shouts coming from the bathroom did sheremember that Ericka was the daughter of Jesse Junior; the man who was dubbed ‘Prince ofDarkness’ around campus because of his horrible mood and attitude.When Ericka walked out of the room proclaiming to be done, Trista wasn’t surprised to seethe shower covered in many new dents when she went to take a look.
  34. 34. Trista herself did try and mend something herself but she ended up electrocuting herselfwhen she tried to fix the computer in the library.
  35. 35. Sadly she had a terrible few of being electricity and fell into Aspiration failure as soon as thecurrent was broken.Puck was one who found her, attracted to the library by the insane laughter, and he wasquick to place her bed with a warm drink; ordering her to rest up till she felt better.
  36. 36. As it turns out, Puck was the one with most nice points in the household; with 9 to hisname, he ended up taken up the roll of carer to roommates.One of things he found himself pushed in too was judging the tournaments between thetwins.
  37. 37. “Ericka wins!” Puck announced and Ericka cheered happily with a laugh.“Ahahaha! Yes! Take that Elijah!”“Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.” Elijah cursed as he banged his head against the controller indefeat.
  38. 38. Even though they didn’t have much money between them, even with Puck’s 8 Scholarships,Elijah made sure that he would save enough to take his fiancé out every now and then.One of the best places he took Puck was Londoste.
  39. 39. The two of them had a great time together, feeding each other, flirting, generally doing everything intheir power to make the woman surrounding them go ‘aww’ in jealousy.
  40. 40. The night was perfect, especially when Puck admitted he had never felt more special than hedid when he was with Elijah.The brown haired student was practically glowing from the praise.
  41. 41. Finale exams finally made their appearance and all 3 of them were happy to announcethey passed with flying colours.With Junior year though came the re-roll and the twins re-rolled their aspirations giventhem a new outlook on life.
  42. 42. The moment they got back from their exams, the 3 Juniors got to work on their term papers.They had long since learned that it was better to get their grades up as quickly as possible,leaving them more time to enjoy college.
  43. 43. They also lived up to the fact they were Greek House members, which meant getting overpeople in.“Come on, ‘Eri! Live a little.”“You’re so embarrassing I don’t know why I call you my twin.”
  44. 44. Of course Cecelia, Tank and Oliver were more than happy to join the Greek House; thatmeant with 2 couples in the house, the hot tub was in constant use.“You’re so beautiful, Cee.”“Thanks, Tank.”
  45. 45. With more members in the house Trista decided to take advantage of it by throwing aToga party.Everyone put on their sheets and made sure the night was filled withjuice, bubble, music and Whaooing.All in all it was a pretty enjoyable night.
  46. 46. After weeks of dancing around each other though, Oliver and Trista finally admitted theirlove for each other.The other members were relieved, the house had been dripping with sexual tension so thickthat Elijah was planning on throwing both of them in the hot tub himself.
  47. 47. Trista was the only one who went through her end of term exams on her own; she finishedher Freshman year with full marks and a trip to the Dean’s list.“Tank! If you’re going to dance, do inside we’re it’s not raining.” Trista ordered out watchingthe younger student stumble on the side walk in a similar way to smustle.“Screw that! I’m dancing in the rain!” Tank announced proudly proving that he had a bit toomuch juice.
  48. 48. Even with the occasional party, things continued on normally in the Greek House.Like the fact that Elijah continued to try and cheat Puck at chess but sometimes he picks the wrongtime to do it, like when Puck is stressed from studying; Elijah discovered his kind-hearted fiancé had aincredibly terrifying glare.
  49. 49. Puck always forgives him though, much to Elijah’s relief.
  50. 50. Trista continued to be strangely prone to electricity; the members of the house couldn’t helpbut wonder where the more expensive hot tub came from but they were even moreconfused when the burnt Trista came inside with a smile.
  51. 51. It didn’t take long for Trista to get up Cecelia’s, Oliver’s and Tank’s pictures in theconservatory; she admitted though that they were running out of room and that they wouldhave to find a new place to start storing them.
  52. 52. Elijah found himself making a lot of friends when he took a trip down to the library; one thinghe noticed was that most of them wore strange uniforms.He ended up spending all night there and had made 6 new friends.
  53. 53. With more money coming in, Trista took the chance to extend the library for future use.She managed to buy 3 more computers, a bigger book case and also a lovely blue couch; Oliver andCecelia were the first ones to study there as they worked to get their grades up before their finaleexams.
  54. 54. The next morning Cecelia, Oliver and Tank all went off to there end of term exams and came backwith smiles.They all passed with full marks and entered Sophomore year with their names on the Dean’s List.
  55. 55. When summer finally came around the Junior kids took advantage of it.Cecelia spent most warm nights out on the balcony using the telescope while Elijah and Ericka madegood use of the basketball court.With their constant use of the hobby items it wasn’t long before all 3 gained the ability to go into TheZone.
  56. 56. With new friends though, came new surprises.When the police officers came to collect Elijah and Ericka, they seemed strangely nervous to confrontthem.None the less they did their dance, listened to the twins demanded to know what they were doing, andthen cuffed them; both breathed a sigh of relief when the two students were shoved into the back ofthe limo.
  57. 57. Both of them were given a new uniform but the only who seemed to enjoy the hideout was Elijah.Ericka ended up glaring at all the members, scaring them, and went home while her twin decided to look around.
  58. 58. Of course if Ericka had realised how much conflict was in the Secret Society she would havestayed.You see Jules O’Mackey slept with nearly everyone in the Secret Society on the same lot, assuch it was no surprise when someone become angry.It turns out Mackenzie, the red head, was actually a majorly jealous person and when shecaught Jules sleeping with Hobert, the blonde, she decided it was Hobert’s fault not Jules; assuch Elijah took great joy in cheering on the two as they fought for both their honour and thelove of their life, who really didn’t love them.
  59. 59. Surprisingly it was Hobert who came out of the fight as the victor.To congratulate him Elijah grabbed hold of a pillow and started having a pillow fight with theblonde.Of course the moment he stopped Mackenzie pounced on the poor blonde again but thistime she came out as the winner.
  60. 60. Time flew by quickly though and it wasn’t long before the elder students headed towards their end of termexams.They all passed with brilliant grades once again and also made the Dean’s List one more time as theyentered their senor year.
  61. 61. Love was clearly in the air at the Greek House though when both Tank and Oliver proposed totheir respected girlfriends.They both said yes, of course, and are happily waiting for college to end to start a family.
  62. 62. Elijah and Puck also continued to be completely adorable around the house; it was strange tosee one boy without the other beside them.
  63. 63. The one thing they didn’t forget to do though, was to do their term papers.It didn’t really sink in until they sat down that they were in their final year, this would be the last time theywould write their term papers.In mutual agreement the 3 Seniors decided to make sure they’re finale piece of writing would be the best onesout of the whole year.
  64. 64. Oliver and Cecelia continued to study together but with their older siblings claiming thelibrary, the two of them had no choice but to study in the living room.They didn’t mind, as long as they got their grades up that was all that mattered.
  65. 65. Oliver was the finale one in the house hold to gain the ability to go into The Zone; due to thefact he didn’t like basket ball, it was a lot harder for him to gain hobby enthusiasm.He managed it in the end though and he was more than happy to accept the plague that saidso.
  66. 66. One of the strangest things Oliver had ever done was when he came home a Dark Warlock;he reassured his shocked family that he wasn’t planning on staying that way and he wouldget to work on studying to become one with the Light.His siblings accepted that but Elijah made it perfectly clear that Oliver was to practice hismagic outside of the house and no where near Puck.Confused but more than happy to keep his big brother content, Oliver agreed much to bothElijah’s and Puck’s relief.
  67. 67. It wasn’t long before the 3 Sophomores went to their end of term exams, Oliver of course flying there withhis new powers.The 3 of them passed with flying colours but with them entering their Junior year, it meant it was time forthem to re-roll their aspirations.The youngest Junior twins made sure to do it with a smile just like they normally do.
  68. 68. The Greek house had been lucky enough to have avoided visits from Cow Mascots for almost4 years, but it seemed like the message that Jesse was no longer there had finally reachedthem.Shame that someone else was there to make sure they didn’t get into trouble.
  69. 69. Puck enjoyed getting rid of the Cow Mascots greatly; he claimed it was good stress relief butElijah believed it was because Puck didn’t get a chance to mean very often, it just wasn’t him.So the only time he would show his temper was on Cow Mascots...
  70. 70. Or when he caught someone cheating him at Chess.“Cecelia if I catch your brother cheating, what makes you think I’m not going to catch you?”Puck demanded and waited for the sheepish brunette to place the piece back beforereturning to their game.
  71. 71. All in all, Senior was generally a very quiet one.As such it was no surprise to anyone when the finale exams for Puck, Elijah and Ericka arrived quickly.They all passed with honours making all 3 of them graduated students!
  72. 72. “We did it, Puck.” Elijah whispered as he pulled his fiancé into a tight hug; Puck grinned as herested his hands on Elijah’s shoulders.“It’s time for me and you to spend the rest of our lives together.” Puck whispered beforeElijah pulled him closer and allowed their lips to touch.
  73. 73. “Till death do us part. I will forever be by your side.” Puck words echoed around the newlyaged up Elijah’s head as he slipped into the taxi.With one last smile he closed the door and allowed the taxi driver to take him back home; totake up his throne as Generation 2 Heir.
  74. 74. “What’s wrong, Trista?”“Uhh...”-And that’s it guys! That’s the end of college, for now! Cecelia, Oliver, Trista and Tank will now stay incollege as placeholders until Generation 3 comes around.I’m sorry it’s a bit shorter than the last college one I did but if I’m honest I can’t stand the collegephase, you’re lucky to have them graduate let alone planning an actually storyline as complicated asthe last one.So it was just college but I promise things to start to speed up next chapter! Which will be up ASAP!Puck’s stats are on the next page!Till next time guys.
  75. 75. Puck Summerdream(Soon to be Junior)Aspiration: Popularity/FamilyLife Time Want: Become The LawStats: 7/2/6/2/9Star Sign: TaurusHobby: Arts & CraftsTurn Ons: Red Hair & Brown HairTurns off: Fatness