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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 1.01 (Edited)
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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 1.01 (Edited)


Same story but with better looking pictures!

Same story but with better looking pictures!

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  • 1. Hey guys! Welcome back to ‘The Struggle to Survive a Legacy’! I’m sorry for taking so longwith this but my internet was cut off and I had to wait to the 22nd to get it back on.But it’s here now so enjoy!-Last time: We meet the main Lopane family who was in the process of moving to a biggerhouse but the eldest son, Tucker, was having doubts about moving to college.After he does leave we find out that his family’s green skin isn’t the only strange thing aboutthem, something isn’t right and Franstiek, one of the father’s, is having doubts.We skip 19 years into the future and Tucker is all grown up with a family of his own but thehappiness doesn’t last as he finds out that he was going to lose one of his sons to fate but hedidn’t know which one.Jesse Lopane was the chosen and he was teleported to somewhere completed different onlyto be confronted by a strange Servo who called himself Nathan.And now on to the chapter!
  • 2. “Nathan I’m telling you this boy isn’t an intruder.” I barely held back a growl of anger at myServo’s persistence; it wasn’t his fault after all.“But aren’t intruders people who come in without permission?”“Well yes-”“Then this boy is an intender! Mistress gave Nathan orders that no one is allowed anywherenear your home.” The servo wasn’t planning on letting this go anytime soon; he had hisorders and this was going against them. I sighed in frustration.“Nathan I told you he was coming before I went off to work, don’t you remember?” Iprompted and watched as the blue eye looked down to the ground in thought.
  • 3. “Mistress did tell Nathan, didn’t she?” Nathan questioned quietly and it took all my effort tosmile at him happily.“I did and you did the right thing brining him inside, you did good Nathan.” I praised andwatched as the Servo’s blue eye light up with childish glee over the small praise.“Nathan is happy, Mistress. Nathan will return to his chores.” Nathan finished with a bowbefore he walked out of the room; I sighed as I looked to the ground, not for the first timemissing who Nathan used to be before the computer crash. I managed to save everything butNathan’s mind.I was broken out of my thoughts by a groan coming from the unconscious occupant laying onmy couch.
  • 4. Jesse groaned as he felt himself waking up with a throbbing headache; the last thing heremembered was being thrown to the ground by something. He remembered metal legs, wasit a Servo?“So you’re finally awake then, that’s good you had me worried for a second there.” I said as Iwalked around the front of the couch allowing the teenager to see me properly; I received anangry glare for troubles.“Where am I? And who are you?” Jesse demanded as he pushed himself up from the couchso he could look at me properly.
  • 5. “Well I’m Little White Comet but you can call me Ellie. I’m the SimSelf of this dimension in theMulti-Verse. As for where you are well...” Here I took a deep breath, I knew what his reactionwas going to be exactly; while he didn’t know me, I knew Jesse very well. I was there fromthe start from when he was potter trained to when he go fired from his job for punching hisboss; I knew his personality and with 1 nice point, that made him a very grouchy Sim.“..Well your in Belladonna Cove.” I finally admitted and waited for Jesse’s reaction.I wasn’t disappointed.
  • 6. “Belladonna Cove?! That’s halfway across the world! How the hell did I go from Green AppleValley to here?!” He shouted and I winced as I heard the old man who lived across from mebang on his wall, demanding us to keep the noise down.“Well first how about keep the noise to a minim? While Mr Biggers doesn’t hate me, hedoesn’t exactly like me so I’d rather not make him angry.”“Answer my question.” Jesse growled furiously causing me to smile as I clasped my fingerstogether.
  • 7. “Well fate brought you here.”“Oh don’t give me that-” Jesse started to rant but I easily cut him off with a laugh.“No I mean that literally. Fate brought you here, nice man a bit on the stiff side but still nice.”I shrugged even as Jesse gawped at me flabbergasted.“Y-you’re serious?” The teenager stammered and I smiled again.“Oh course I am. You have been chosen by Jesse to become the founder of my legacy.”
  • 8. “Wait I’ve heard about them. Aren’t Legacy families something that starts off with 1 Sim andthen works towards getting to a certain generation.” Jesse summarized as he stood to hisfeet.“That’s right.” I nodded not at all surprised he knew what a Legacy was; it was a word thatwas whispered by many Sims in the Multi-Verse and considering many of his former familymembers had echoes that were in Legacies, his father Ashley being one, it wasn’t a surprisehe knew what I was getting at.“So I’m going to be a founder? But doesn’t that go against the rules or something? I meanaren’t you meant to use someone who doesn’t have a family tree?” Jesse pointed out and Ismiled once again.
  • 9. “Well your not a Lopane anymore.”“What?” Jesse whispered lowly and I knew he was a few seconds away from either attackme, or running away.“You’re last name has been changed. You’re now Jesse Junior, a completely fresh new sim;perfect to become my founder.”“What If I don’t want to become a founder? What If I just want to return home to my familyand never see you again?” He demanded and I took a deep breath.
  • 10. “Because that’s not possible and could very likely cause everything to be destroyed.” I sighedand looked at him sadly as I saw tears filling his grey eyes.“You’re an echo of your original self. While your here, preparing to live out your destiny,you’re family is mourning your unexpected death.”“W-what?” He whispered and I could see him struggling to hold back the tears.“The only people who are aware of the truth are your parents, your grandparents, your UncleWolfe and your Uncle Lucius. Everyone else believes you’ve passed away.”“L-Lucius? But he’s just a kid!” Jesse objected and I knew he was trying to turn his mind awayfrom what he’s just been told.“He’s a very special child as you should know; his hair didn’t turn white because he thought itwould look cool you know.”
  • 11. Jesse closed his eyes and took a deep breath; he knew he didn’t have many options here. Hecould say no to the deal but that means he would never be able to return home, he wouldnever see his family, his twin brother again.On the other hand if he does take up the job then he would have a chance to makesomething of himself, have a family and also be the founder of a legacy that would run forgenerations to come.In the end there was only one option left for him; with another deep breath, Jesse opened hiseyes and nodded his head.“Alright, I’ll do it.” And I smiled happily in return.
  • 12. 1 Hour LaterI knocked confidently on the door, trying to ignore how Jesse was glaring at everyone aroundhim as if it had offended him.“What are we doing here, Ellie?” The teenager finally demanded while crossing his arms and Ismiled at him over my shoulder.“We’re going to see a friend of mine to ask in a favour. I’m hoping he’ll let you go to collegewith his daughter, who will be going in a few weeks.”“What?! I don’t want to go to college! That’s the last place I want to be!” Jesse objected butbefore I could reply the door was opened.
  • 13. “Armand! Welcome back, how was your trip?” I called while pulling the well dressed blondeman into a hug, who returned it with just as much force.“Well if it’s Mrs Ellie, I was wondering when you were going to come up and see me. The tripwasn’t as bad as I thought it would but I’m glad to be back.” He replied as he pulled apart, itwas then he took notice of my companion.“And who is this? I didn’t know you had a son, Ellie.” He questioned and I couldn’t stop thelaugh spilling from my lips; especially when Jesse scrunched his nose up at the thought.
  • 14. “No, no. Armand this is my protégé Jesse Junior, Jesse this Armand DeBateau; he’s a businesstycoon and one of the most famous men in Belladonna Cove.”“Ellie please...” Armand whispered quietly knowing full well I was teasing him; I smirkedslightly in return while nudging Jesse forward.“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr DeBateau.” Jesse greeted while holding his hand; I wasimpressed, I was beginning to think the moody teenager didn’t have any manners.“The pleasure is all mine, uh Jesse was it? Is that short something?”“No Sir.” Jesse replied shortly but Armand simply smiled. “Well then let me introduce you to my daughter. Tara! Can you come here for a second?”Armand called out just before a flash of red came around the corner.
  • 15. “Hi there! I’m Tara, Tara DeBateau!” The energetic teenager cried out happily before shepulled the startled Jesse into a hug; hesitantly he returned the hug, not knowing what else todo.“Tara do you think you can keep Jesse company while me and Ellie talk into the other room?”“Of course I can, Daddy! So you’re name is Jesse huh? I have a friend who’s called Jessica butshe’s hates it when I call her Jessie...”I giggled quietly into my hand as Tara dragged the slightly protesting Jesse out of the room,talking his ear off all the way.“Come alone, Ellie. We’ll go talk in the library.”
  • 16. “So what is I can do for you, Ellie?” Armand questioned after silently telling me to have aseat; I blinked at him in slight shock while shrugging my shoulders.“What makes you think I want something?”Armand looked at me with a blank look on his face.“Because if you were coming to actually visit me, you would have called first. You only dropin unannounced when you need a favour.”“Oh...” I whispered; I didn’t even realise I did any of that so it came to a bit of a shock.
  • 17. “So? What is it you wish to ask of me?” Armand prompted and I smiled while rubbing theback of my head.“Well...I’ve been expecting Jesse to arrive for some time now but, me being me, I haven’tsigned him up for any colleges.”“How old is he?”“He’s the same age as Tara.”
  • 18. “Ellie I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I don’t wanthis...kind around my daughter.”“What? Armand how can you say such a thing? You’re going to deny him an education justbecause he isn’t either a knowledge or fortune Sim?” I demanded angrily; having Family asmy aspiration I know what’s its like to be looked down upon in Belladonna Cove.“It’s not like that Ellie. You know I don’t care about things like that it’s just...” Armand trailedoff helplessly but I understood.“Armand I know you care for Tara but this boy, Jesse, is important. It’s crucial that he goes tocollege and you’re the only hope I’ve got. Please Armand at least think about it?” I beggedquietly .
  • 19. “I’ll think about.” Armand sighed and I couldn’t help but smile at him happily.“Thank you Armand.”
  • 20. 2 Weeks Later“I can’t believe we’re actually here!” Tara giggled happily as she, Jesse and Jules O’Mackey allstood in front of what would be there home for the first semester.For the girls it was just another step in their lives, a chance to get a better job and to enjoytheir life one last time before they had to grow up.For Jesse though it was the first step towards his task, the first step he would be taken as anofficial Legacy Founder.
  • 21. And he couldn’t be more excited.“Come on Jesse! Let’s go check out our rooms!” Tara called out from where she was alreadyrunning inside the building.“So are you as nervous as I am?” Jules whispered quietly as she nervously ran her hand upand down her arm; Jesse huffed as he brought his hand to run the back of his neck.“I wouldn’t really describe what I’m feeling as nerves. It’s more disbelief.”“A good disbelief or a bad one, like I should go warn my Step-Mum to watch out for you?”Jules questioned and Jesse smirked as he started walking up the stairs.“When I figure that out, you’ll be the first to know.” He promised but Jules scoff proved shedidn’t believe him at all.
  • 22. After checking out his dorm room, which was small just like he had expected it to be, Jessewandered back downstairs to do some studying.He had decided to sign up for the Political Science Major , while it won’t give him a push withhis Life Time Want, it was the only major he could see himself doing.As he walked passed the sitting room, he spotted Tara in her sports clothes working out onone of the workout machines.That black haired boy shook his head at the strangeness of the girl he know called his friendbefore walking into the library.
  • 23. He grabbed a book from a selection of many and quickly started reading; while he was knowwhere near a Knowledge Sim, far from it, he did enjoy learning knew things every now andthen just like any other Sim.It was probably about ½ an hour later before Tara walked into the library freshly clean butstill wearing her sports clothes.
  • 24. “Already studying Jesse? Are you sure your not a knowledge Sim?” Tara teased as shegrabbed a book of her own and sat down on the scrappy looking couch; Jesse snorted as heshook his head.“Plumbob no. It’s just the quicker I get all this studying done, the quicker I can go and enjoymyself.” Jesse retorted causing Tara to giggle softly.“Spoken like a true Pleasure Sim.” Tara teased causing Jesse to glare at her but in an angryway.Shut up, nerd.” The two fell into a comfortable silence and before they realised 2 hours hadpassed.
  • 25. Jesse was determined to live up to his vows as not only a Popularity Sim but also a PleasureSim; as such the moment the words in his book started blurring together he made his wayupstairs to get to work on his term paper.“God why is she torturing me like this?” Jesse moaned as he rubbed his forehead lightlywondering to himself what Tara was up to, considering she had disappeared about 10minutes before.
  • 26. The red haired DeBateau actually ended up having the same idea as Jesse, except where themoody Popularity Sim was doing it to get it over and done with Tara was writing her TermPaper because she actually enjoyed doing school work.She had always wanted to go to college ever since she was a little girl in the orphanage, butshe knew it was unlikely she’d be able to go; that was until Armand happily adopted her.Tara smiled to herself about her father while saving her finished term paper and sending itto the printer in the building.
  • 27. It was dark by the time Jesse was finished and he was walking towards the cafeteria when hecaught sight of Jules, who was wearing her sports clothes meaning she had just been workingout.“Hey Jules. What do you think about going Downtown for a few hours? We might as wellenjoy our free time while we can, right?” Jesse suggested and watched Jules looked down tothe ground in thought.
  • 28. “You know what? I think that’s a great idea!” Jules replied enthusiastically; being a fellowPopularity Sim, she also felt the need to go out and enjoy the free time while it lasted.“Great! I’ll go hunt down, Tara and then we’ll go.” Jesse replied and Jules waved as shequickly ran off to her room.While she and Jesse shared main aspirations their secondary aspirations were a bit different;while Jesse wanted to have fun dancing and taking bubble baths, Jules wanted to have fun inthe arms of another; not really caring who.Surprisingly Tara might be the only one in control of her actions by the end of the night.
  • 29. It didn’t take too long to get to the club they planned on visiting; the moment they arrivethough, nothing stops them from enjoying themselves.They drink...“And then they kicked me out of the house, I mean I didn’t do anything right? I should just bemyself right?”“Dude I don’t even know you, why are you talking to me?!”
  • 30. Making knew ‘Friends’“Okay so I’m not ready for a relationship just yet, how about you?”“I’m cool with that red. As long as you except my phone number and call when you need a one night standagain, then I’m all good.”“Sweet!
  • 31. Constant use of the Dance sphere“Daddy?! What are you doing here?”“I’m enjoying myself, sweetie! Definitely not spying on you! Nope!”
  • 32. And finally dancing.“You’re a good dancer, Jesse!”“Same could be the same to you, Tara.”
  • 33. All in all it was a good night; and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.As such it was no surprise when the moment they got back everyone collapsed in their bedsfor a good nights rest.It was peaceful dreams all around the dorm that night.
  • 34. 1 Week LaterThe time flew by quickly and before the realised what had happened, they had taken theirmid-terms exams and all passed with A+s putting them on the Dean’s List.Tara yawned as she awake from her sleep with the sunlight shining into her room; she hadstayed up late studying last night, trying to as much as she could before she had to forceherself to stop.Unlike the first half of the semester though, Tara wanted to finish her work quickly so shecould have a go on the telescope the 3 brought with the money they got from their exams.With another yawn the red head made her bed and got dressed before walking into thewreck room.
  • 35. It wasn’t until she grabbed her book and sat down, did she realise she wasn’t alone like shenormally was at this time of morning.“Vicky, what are you doing up so early? Didn’t you have late classes last night?” Taraquestioned in concern.
  • 36. The brown haired dormie looked up at the sound of her name with sleepy blue eyes andsmiled sheepishly with a shrug.“I haven’t gone to sleep yet. My Professor wanted us to read 3 chapters from ‘The Wind andthe Willows’ and I know if I go to sleep I won’t get it done.” Vicky Umby shruggedunconcerned; Tara was about to voice her worries when they were interrupted by a loudbang.
  • 37. “Stupid classes! Why do they start so damn early?! It’s like school all over again! What thehell am I doing here?! I don’t even like college or any type of education! Why do I forcemyself to suffer through this every day---” Jesse’s loud, angry, ranting continued on even ashe stomped out of the building and disappeared out of sight.Leaving behind a dorm full of grumpy dormies who had been rudely awaken by Jesse’s angryrants.
  • 38. “And the Prince of Darkness has awaken. Is he gone or has he spotted Tara?” Jules called asshe walked into the wreck room in her revealing Pjs with a smirk.“Why would seeing me change Jesse’s attitude? He’s always angry.” Tara pointed out, lookingup from her book briefly before looking back down.“Except when he’s around you.” Jules retorted shortly.
  • 39. Jules did have a good point though. Jesse was someone who was always furious with the world,except when he was around Tara.He always seemed to have a smile ready for the red head whenever she approached him, it was theonly time the dormies could relax around him.
  • 40. They also found out he smiled when the sports was on the T.V; if the team he supported wonthey is was happy days for about a week, if they lost though the dormies decided to stay outof the way.It was a smart decision.“Woo! Go Llamas! Beat thoughts cows into the ground!”“Why am I watching this with you? Oh yeah to stop you killing someone if they end uploosing.”
  • 41. ‘He does have a pretty cute smile.’ Tara thought to herself before she blushed to the tips ofher ears the moment her thought actually sunk in.“You alright there, Tara?” Jules questioned and the red head cleared her throat anddeterminedly looked back at her book.“Fine! I’m fine.” Tara squeaked, pushing away the urge to look up at her friend, who wassurely smirking at her in knowing fashion.“Okay sure. Whatever you say, Tara.”
  • 42. Tara reached to move one of her chess pieces across the board as her mind continued towork; she had always got on really well with Jesse, even with his horrible attitude.But now she was starting to fall for him and she didn’t like admit she was a bit scared; what ifhe didn’t like her too?“Can I join you?” A familiar voice asked and Tara looked up to see Jesse sitting down oppositeher; all her worries left her and Tara feel herself relaxing almost immediately.“Are you sure that’s a good idea? I am a Knowledge sim.” Tara smirked as she started settingthe pieces back in place.
  • 43. “Tch. What’s that got to do with anything? I played chess before.” Jesse scoffed as he Taramake the first move before taken his own.“Well then how about we make it a bit more interesting?” Tara suggested causing Jesse tolook at her in interest.“Yeah? How?”
  • 44. Tara brought her hand up to rub her chin slightly in thought, she was only silent for a coupleof seconds but Jesse still made a sound of frustration which made the red head smirk.“How about a bet? If I win you’ve got to take me to that new Ice Rink in Riverblossom Hills.”
  • 45. Jesse smirked as he raised an eyebrow while moving another one of pieces.“Okay but if you win, you’ve got to do all my work for the rest semester.”“That’s not really a downfall for me but whatever, deal.” Tara shrugged and the two shookhands before turning back to their game.
  • 46. “Aw man.” Jesse whined as he looked at the chess board sadly; even with his cheating he stillmanaged to end up losing.“Yes! Haha! That means you’ve got to take me to Riverblossom Hills.” Tara triumphantlyshouted as Jesse put away the pieces.
  • 47. “Okay fine a bet was a bet. So how about after finale exams? It’ll be like a celebration?” Jessesuggested and Tara smiled as she nodded in agreement.“Sure!” Her eyes widened in slight shock though when Jesse leaned forward with a smirk.“It’s a date.” He whispered into her ear causing the girl to shiver; she could even bringherself to answer, she just watched as Jesse walked out of the room.She was almost positive that the hotness she was feeling was because of the sudden rise inthe room temperature. Yes, that was it.
  • 48. The remaining few days were spent by last minute studying to try and get their grades upjust a little more.As such when the finale exam for Freshman year finally came around, it was no surprisewhen all 3 students passed with A+ grades and another trip on the Dean’s List.
  • 49. As such the moment Jesse got back from his exams as a Sophomore, he went straight to hiscomputer and started his term paper; he had proof that his tactics work and it was somethinghe was going to continue to work with until he graduated.“Why haven’t I dropped out yet?!” Jesse grumbled to himself as he rubbed his achingforehead in frustration.It was dark by the time he finished it but that didn’t stop him from fetching Tara so he canpay up his lost bet.
  • 50. Tara laughed as the taxi finally stopped at the ice ring in Riverblossom Hills; she had alwayswanted to go skating, but living in a place like Belladonna Cove always puts a stop to that.“Thank you!” Tara laughed as she threw herself into Jesse’s arms happily; the black hairedman grunted but easily adjusted to her weight with a half smile.“Come on, let’s get your skates on.”“Yay!”
  • 51. While Jesse didn’t grow up in a busy town like Belladonna Cove, Green Apple Valley wasn’t asempty enough for the city to afford things like ice rings.As such it surprised no one, not even himself, when the moment he stepped on the ice heended up slipping.In fact it was very rare that he managed to stay up on his feet for a few seconds.
  • 52. Tara, as expected, also fell a few times; just not as many as Jesse. As such she proceeded tolaugh at him every time he ended up on his rear end.
  • 53. She especially enjoyed it when she preformed a near perfect twirl right as he fell down again.“Oh get lost you little show off.”
  • 54. All in all, the two of them had a great time; Tara especially like it when Jesse helped her upoff the ground, after her twirl, and kept hold of her hands as the two of them spun togetherslowly put steadily; even though she was blushing almost all the way through it.
  • 55. They were on the ice for almost 2 hours but were forced to get off when their bottomsstarted to become cold from all their falling; what made Tara smile though was the fact Jessewas laughing, a very rare thing indeed.“I have to admit this was more fun than I thought.” Jesse admitted with a smile as Tara rolledher eyes with a teasing smirk.“And you call yourself a Pleasure Sim?” She demanded jokingly but she froze when Jessereached forward and touched her chin lightly.
  • 56. Jesse wasn’t going to admit it out load but he was terribly nervous; his heart was beatingfuriously against his chest and he knew he would never admit his feelings for Tara out load,not even to her.That just wasn’t who he was.So instead he pulled her forward and laid a soft but sweet kiss on her lips and forced hisfeelings into it.When they pulled apart Tara’s eyes were shinning and Jesse knew his feelings were returnedwith just as much force.He grinned before he pulled Tara into a proper kiss that left them both breathless.
  • 57. After revealing their feelings for each other, Tara and Jesse couldn’t keep their hands off ofeach other when they were together.“Get a room you two!”“Shut up, Jules. Like you can talk.”
  • 58. One day Jesse managed to stop kissing Tara enough to actually talk to her; it was about timefor him to come clean.“Tara I’ve got to talk to you. Before we get to into this you need to know something aboutme.” Jesse said as he crossed his arms over his chest seriously; Tara smiled and nodded forhim to continue.“Tara I’m a Legacy Founder, that means if you do end up settling down with me your going toend up joining the Legacy; are you up for that?”
  • 59. Tara looked at her boyfriend seriously with a small smile on her lips.“Jesse when you’re an echo yourself, you come to know who else is an echo. I know you’relike me and I kind of expected you to be part of a Legacy anyway. Someone doesn’t becomean echo unless they have been spread across the Multi-Verse. I’ve been in legacies before, Iknow how it goes.” Tara reassured calmly causing Jesse to narrow his eyes slightly.“What?”“What I mean is I care for you a lot and I already promised myself I would live through allyour baggage. That means even if I become a spouse.”
  • 60. “This means we’re going to have to get our own place.” Jesse mumbled as Tara reached upand rubbed his cheek gently.“I know. I’ll help you find one; you shouldn’t feel ashamed of this Jesse, you should be proudto be a founder of something as big as a legacy.” Tara scolded softly and Jesse sighed as hegript her wrist lightly, carefully touched her many bangles; he looked at her with heavy eyesand Tara smiled in return.“I love you too.”
  • 61. It took many days but eventually Tara and Jesse found the perfect house for them; the landwas big but the house itself was cheep so they took that as a bonus.With a quick touch of paint and a big clean, the Greek house called Annya-Cham-Hoh-Varwas up and running; fully prepared to house the many generations to come.
  • 62. One thing the group was quick to discover was that now they were living alone, that meantthere was no cooks to prepare them food; they decided to improvise.“Guys! I brought Pizza!” Tara shouted and ignored the groans that come from the other 2occupants.“Why couldn’t you get Chinese?!” Jules complained but that didn’t stop her from grabbing apiece for herself.
  • 63. The only one who could actually cook a decent meal without setting the kitchen on firethough was Jesse; the girls thought his food was the best but he refuses to cook unless hefeels like it.“Jules if you’re just going to stuff your face then I’m just going to thrown this mix away.”Jesse grumbled especially when Jules chocked on the milk, leaving a small puddle on thefloor and closed the fridge in a flash.“You’re making pancakes? Sweet!”
  • 64. Of course the other reason Jesse didn’t cook as often as he could was because Tara wasconstantly grabbing his attention; it really got on Jules nerves, especially when the two ofthem were only studying and not taking advantage of their alone time like she would.
  • 65. In then end though Jules managed to find something to distract herself with; with the onewith the most creativity points in the house, she was given the job to paint Jesse’s portrait togo up in the wall.She was honoured and was kept distracted for hours.
  • 66. Eventually though Jesse’s picture was placed up in the reception room where he would soonbe joined by his 9 heirs .
  • 67. Jules also took the chance to take her and Tara’s picture and placed them in the conservatorywhere soon they would be joined by the many pledges and Jesse’s spares. She and Tara tookgreat joy in pulling faces into the camera until they found ones they were happy with.
  • 68. Getting sick of his best friend and girlfriends giggling as they played with the camera, Jesse decided to take a trip downthe library to see if he could make some friends.Of course, Jesse being Jesse, he ended up catching the attention of some people in strange uniforms.Being who he is, Jesse requested multiple times for them to leave him alone but somehow by the end of the night he hadmade friends with 5 of them
  • 69. Jules also took her own trip down to the library after listening to Jesse complain about thestalkers; she of course welcomed the strange students with open arms.“You’re very beautiful Phoebe. I love how your hair just screams, touch me.”“Oh god. No one has ever talked to me like that before back in Sim State.”
  • 70. With the amount of time they spent at the library though; they almost missed their finaleexams as Sophomores.As expected the 3 of them passed with flying colours and once again got placed on theDean’s Lists.The Dean of the college joked asking why he bothered to take them off in the first place.
  • 71. With Jesse now a Junior, it was time for him to re-roll his aspirations; he ended up gettingRomance as his primary while keeping Pleasure as his second.As such the moment he got the chance, he decided to try out his new flirting techniques onhis girlfriend.Tara was far from complaining about it though.
  • 72. Jesse also took great joy in keeping the cow mascots from destroying things but sometimesthe girls thought he enjoyed it a bit too much.“Ahahahaha! Die, die, die!”
  • 73. The girls also quickly caught on to Jesse’s strategy to finish everything quickly so they could relax the rest of thesemester; together all 3 of them took over their small library and got to work on their term papers for thatsemester.
  • 74. With work out of the way, Jules decided to live up to her primary aspiration and through atoga party; she donned her sheet with pride and quickly got everything started.“Toga!”
  • 75. She also enjoyed raising the parties score by occupying the hot tub with one of her manyaffairs that she had over the campus.
  • 76. The moment she got back from class and saw what was going on, Tara was quick to put onher own sheet and jump on the bubble blower.
  • 77. Jesse also ended up joining in on the fun but he only put his sheet on after he had drunk halfof the juice in the keg; his logic was, if he didn’t remember doing it, then there’s nothing tobe embarrassed about.
  • 78. Of course the juice also helped in their confidents and it was Tara and Jesse who got theparty score high after they took over the couch for their *cough* personally reasons.
  • 79. As he started cleaning up the house though, Jesse was slightly spooked when he wasapproached by a woman wearing the same clothing as his stalkers and started making weirdclucky noises at him.“What the hell was that?!” Jesse demanded angrily even as Jules continued to read her bookcalmly on the couch.
  • 80. “Talk to me like that will you? You’re coming with me you rude brat!” Ruby Harrison spat asshe pulled out a pair of handcuffs and placed them on Jesse’s wrist.“Jules! Why are you just sitting there?! I’m being kidnapped here!”“Uh huh. Yeah sure, Jesse.”“Damn it! Where’s Tara? Tara! Tara!”
  • 81. Tara couldn’t hear Jesse’s angry shouts though as she was playing the grand piano; Jesse’scursing continued until he was forced into the limo waiting for him outside.
  • 82. Of course Jesse soon calmed down after the police officer, the woman was a police officerwho knew?, explained to him what was going on and gave him a uniform of his own.That didn’t calm him down completely but at least he wasn’t threatening to kill his so calledkidnappers anymore.
  • 83. Of course the Secret Society hide out wasn’t as cool as it sounded ; so Jesse helped himself towhat he wanted and then called the limo to drop him back home.“Um are you allowed to take those from there?” The blonde driver stuttered nervously butfell silent when Jesse glared at him.
  • 84. Jesse was unsurprised to find the girls hadn’t move that much since he left, Tara was the onlyone who had moved and that was to join Jules in her reading.“Hey I’m back from my, you know, kidnapping that happened right in front of you. It’s nice toknow you guys are there to look out for me when I need help.” Jesse grumbled sarcasticallyas he walked out into the conservatory to poor himself a drink.“Uh huh. Sure Jesse.” Both Jules and Tara replied at the same time, never taking their eyes ofthe books in their hands causing Jesse to roll his eyes.
  • 85. Jesse also found out quickly that not only was he the neatest in the household, but he wasalso the one with the most mechanical points.Which meant it fell upon him to fix things when they decided to break; when Jesse wasfinished with them though, there were a lot more dents and missing pieces than before. Theyalso never seemed to break again after the black haired student spent an hour banging thetool against the broken appliance and screaming at it.
  • 86. In celebration for the group passing their half-term exams, Jesse made them all grilled cheesesandwiches.The girls were, understandably, wary but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the un-burntmeal.
  • 87. They of course found out later why Jesse was in the a good when both of them received visits from police men in the strange uniforms.“Oh god! This is why he cooked for us! I knew it was too good to be true!”“Maybe we shouldn’t have ignored him when this happened to him?”
  • 88. Just like Jesse though, they were slightly underwhelmed by the lameness that was the Secret Society; well Tara was anyway, she had kind ofexpected something called the ‘Secret Society’ to be a lot more spookier.Jules liked it though but for a completely different reason to why people were meant to like it.“So who wants to find out how well you can keep a secret?”
  • 89. Tara was more than happy to return back home, especially when she found out that Jessehad already stolen all the cool items that she might have enjoyed looking at.
  • 90. Jules on the other hand, decided to take advantage of not only the privacy at the Secret Society hideout but also the obvious attention the membersneed, seeing as they were normally ignored because of their weirdness.
  • 91. And boy did they need attention. After joining the organisation, the 3 Greek members quicklyfound the phone ringing none stop and every time they answered, it was always a SecretSociety member.“Uh huh. Uh huh. Yeah of course I’m listening Mackenzie!”
  • 92. “Mmm. Uh huh. Uh huh. Oh really? Uh...look Donte you’re going to have to call back anothertime, I’ve got class now.” Jules hesitantly said as the local streakier started dancing in front ofher with an obvious smirk; quickly Jules hung up the phone and looked at the man in front ofher with a smirk of her own.“So...couch or hot tub?”
  • 93. Time flew quickly at the Greek house and it wasn’t long before the 3 students were running to their finale exams of Junior year; theyonly had 2 more semesters left, 2 more semesters and they would become adults.Of course that didn’t distract them from the exams they were taking at that moment, and the 3 of them passed with another set of A+’sand yet another trip on the Dean’s list.
  • 94. “Hey Tara. I’ve booked us a table at Londoste, Are you up for it?” Jesse questioned as hegently rubbed Tara’s cheek; the red-head blushed but she still smiled.“Okay. Let me just got get something nice on alright?”
  • 95. Together to two of them got out of the taxi and almost immediately Jesse took Tara’s handinto his own.“You look beautiful.” Jesse breathed as he stared into Tara’s brown eyes which were, foronce, not hidden by her strange glasses.“Thank you. It took a lot of effort to get my hair into this style.” Tara admitted with a smilewhich Jesse returned with his smaller version.
  • 96. The two of them quickly got settled on their table and made their orders; Jesse smiled as hefed Tara a bit of his salad, watching as the girl closed her eyes in satisfaction.
  • 97. “Tara there is a reason I brought you here tonight. I care for you a lot, you know this. You putwith my anger, even when you beat me at darts.” Jesse said causing Tara to giggle even astears started filling her eyes.“That’s why I’m asking you, Tara DeBateau, will you marry me?” Jesse questioned hesitantlyas he placed the small black box on the table causing Tara to gasp as she covered her mouthwith her hands.
  • 98. “Oh Jesse...” Tara breathed in shock as she picked up the box and opened it, revealing theglittering diamond ring.‘Please don’t turn me down. This is the first time I haven’t feared getting engaged to yousince I‘ve change my aspiration.’ Jesse thought to himself nervously.
  • 99. “Oh Jesse of course I will.” Tara laughed wetly as a tear rolled down her cheek; she pulled thering out of the box and easily slipped it on her finger.Jesse smiled happily as Tara look at the ring once more before he leaned across the table tokiss him lightly.“I love you, Jesse.” She breathed as the black haired student allowed his eyes to meet Tara’s,silently relying his feelings.‘I love you too, Tara.’
  • 100. After announcing their engagement to their roommate, who had rolled her eyes and asked them what took them so long, the group of 3decided to get to work on getting their hobby inspiration up and out of the way.
  • 101. Jules was the first one of be able to go into the Zone with her music ability and she was morethan happy to change into her formal wear and perform for her roommates on the violin.
  • 102. Tara on the other hand, forgot that it was actually winter. She ended up being so absorbed inher telescope that she almost froze; Jesse was quick to pull her inside and force her to drinkmany cups of hot chocolate till she was normal colour again.
  • 103. With another batch of straight A+s the 3 roomies entered their finale semester in their senior year; togetherthe 3 of them got to work on their term papers.All though someone did end up visiting them during their sessions.“Uh...Jules, I think someone is here to see you.” Tara called out nervously to where her friend wasresearching.
  • 104. Now that their relationship was official, it seemed that they no reason to hid their love foreach other from the world; as such their was a lot of them simply touching each other.
  • 105. Cuddling under the stairs, even on the cold winter nights.
  • 106. Jules also had the misfortune to have caught them in the middle of Wahooing in thereception room; in her defence though, if they hadn’t wanted to get caught then theyshouldn’t have chosen the couch which is right by the front door.“You two are so gross.” Jules groaned as she quickly walked away; easily ignoring thelaughing that had followed her.
  • 107. Sadly the college years weren’t to last and on a cold, snowy day the 3 of them were off to their finale exams; they all passed with flying coloursand Jesse was more than happy to throw his graduation party.It was time for him to get this legacy moving, with Tara right beside him.
  • 108. In a small, lonely house a little girl stared deeply into a beautifully decorated fountain; hername was unknown but yet she was looking into the water with clear excitement.She could finally see him! Her excitement dimmed slightly though as she looked down atherself.‘A lot of good it will do. What am I supposed to do in this body?’
  • 109. “You dare come into my house and threaten me? You’re power are nothing compared tomine, to me you are nothing but mere children. For trying to harm my family I curse youwith the looks of you arrogance! Until the one you seek has children and they are nearly oldenough to take up their thrown, you will remain in those forms!”The girl shivered as she remembered the feel of the power that had surrounded her beforeshe found herself a child once more.It was beyond humiliating to look such a way, especially when it was a Light Witch that hadcursed her; she also did it with a kind smile.
  • 110. It made her feel sick.The girl shook her head and forced herself to get back on the task at hand; quickly shecupped her hands over her mouth and called out.“Brother! Brother I’ve found him!” She shouted and listened to the sound of rapid footstepsbefore he burst into the room.“You can finally see him? The protection over him has broken?” The boy questioned and thegirl nodded with a smirk.“So it won’t be long now.” The boy mused as he also looked into the fountain; unlike the girlthough, he couldn’t see anything.
  • 111. “We’ll have to keep an eye on the zombie. He’s more than likely to go and warn someone.”The boy warned causing the little girl to scoff.“He won’t. We claimed as our own and branded him, he is ours and while he shows signs ofremembering our past he would never be able to act on it.” The girl reassured her brother,who hummed and rubbed his chin slightly.“Well if your sure. What do you plan on doing then? We are stuck in these forms until nearthe end of the next generation.”
  • 112. “My dear brother of mine, it’s easy to get hold of some pawns. We may be stuck in theseforms but we still have enough magic to make people listen to us.” The girl laughed and theboy nodded.“Then I will leave it with you.” The stated before walking out to the room, while patting hissister’s shoulder lightly; she watched as he went before looking back into the water with avicious smirk that looked wrong on such a young face.“We see you now and soon you will be ours...”
  • 113. “....Jesse Junior!”
  • 114. “I’m not spying on anyone. Nope. I’m here by pure coincidence. It has nothing to do with the couple inthe background.”“Yeah whatever you say lady.”-That’s it guys! The first part is finished! There is a reason why haven’t shown the enemies faces yetbut you guys can’t probably guess who they are; I’m not telling until later on in this generation though:P.From now on, flashback pictures will be in the oval frames and the shades will be slightly different;that’s how you’ll be able to tell the difference okay?Anyway Tara’s states are on the next page so I’ll see you next time!Bye ^_^
  • 115. Tara DeBateau (Soon to be Junior)Aspiration: Knowledge/FamilyStats: 4/7/8/3/3 (Woo Boy. Their kids are going to be really grouchy)Star Sign: LeoHobby: ScienceTurn Ons: Black hair, AthleticTurns off: Unemployed