Little Raleigh Radio First Steps


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This is our presentation from our first interestet meeting for Little Raleigh Radio at Kings in the Summer of 2011

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Little Raleigh Radio First Steps

  1. 1. Little Raleigh Radio
  2. 2. What is LPFM? Low Power FM radio refers to two types of special radio broadcasting licensesFCC created these new licenses becauseof concerns that radio no longer providedan outlet for local voices, music, newscontent, or media training Regulated by the FCC so its bonafide and certified // Must abide by all FCC rulesNo joke about the low power // the licensesare for 10 and 100 watt transmitting power
  3. 3. Educational Nonprof t Radio Organizations in our area iWKNC transmits at 25,000 watts WUNC pushes out 100,000 watts from Chatham County, along with two repeat transmitters in Rocky Mount and Manteo WXYC wheezes with 1100 watts WXDU kicks 2150 watts WSHA 88.9 is 50,000 watts WCOM in Carrboro is a LPFM that started in 2000 WVDJ 107.9 is the only LPFM station in the Raleigh market
  4. 4. Who Can Have One? FCC gives the licenses to nonprof ts or government groups i like: educational institutions both public and private – or – public safety and transportation authorities – or – public service and health organizations – or – faith based groups – or –An association or entity with an educational purpose – like acommunity group Like you and you and you you you you you you you All of you – together – make a community group
  5. 5. Why now?In 2000 FCC made LPFM legit,this raised concern from fullpower broadcasters // NationalAssociation of Broadcasterslobbies against LPFM Independent study was conducted in 2004 to see if LPFM caused broadcast interference on nearby channels Concluded that LPFM did not interfere Piece of legislature with other, larger signals // 2005 // new dies in 2007 // reborn legislature introduced to encourage in 2009 // voted on in more LPFM December 2010 Local Community Radio Act signed into law on January 4, 2011 by PresidentBarack Obama → NOW because of law the airwaves are opening up
  6. 6. The time is now // soon // very very close FCC has been mandated by Congress to expand LPFM and lift restrictions on channel availability for LPFM This filing window for applying for a LPFM license has not been open since 2001Right now the FCC is writing the rules for the filingprocess // results will be published this year We anticipate the filing window will open in the first quarter // possibly second quarterFCC is anticipating LPFM stations being established in larger mediamarkets // focus is on urban and city areas for new LPFM The FCC knows there is a need for change in the media landscape // a year-long study on the market just published
  7. 7. Where is the future of media? /// Hype it upHyperlocal (neighborhood-based) information is betterthan ever: technology has allowed citizens to help createand share news on a very local level – by small town,neighborhood and even block.Our view is that the “public interest obligation”system is broken, and it does matter.June 9, 2011: Future of Media Report, Steven Waldman, Senior Advisor to“The Information Needs of the Chairman of the FCCCommunities: The Changing MediaLandscape in a Broadband Age” “Hyperlocal” used 60 times in the report
  8. 8. Why are we here today? we need your help and this has to be a shared experience everyone of you is a w e s o m e we know you are actively interested in having an impact in Raleigh Radio is a change we want to share we want to change radio you can Change the way you hear where you are
  9. 9. our vision visibility // a store front DJ booth in the heart of downtown Raleigh open // walk-in open door hours outreach // content coordinators who curate, gather and teach *educate // “mic-ing” events already happening in Raleigh accessibility // hear and be a part of the community you belong to engagement // supporting other community groups def ne hyperlocal // 2 blocks over and 6 blocks down ithe vision exists only because we love where we live
  10. 10. 515 Bart StreetPossible location of tower //located in Southeast RaleighStudio would not be at thislocation
  11. 11. 321 W. Davie Street easy rooftop accesslots of space for events opens up to sidewalk warehouse district
  12. 12. 131 S. Wilmington Streetantenna possibly on top of Sittistorefront for DJ boothhigh foot traff c iEmpire Properties
  13. 13. our missionbroadcast the vibration of change in our communitycreate an open outlet for expression, nurture expressiongive a sound to growthgive voice to the value of people and what they createchallenge and stimulate mindsinstil a sense of community ownership, stewardship and accountability
  14. 14. feeling connected // creating a connection // creating contentcommunicating // drain of being constantly connected // sense: to listensharing // accessible // affordable // transverses the digital gap // versatileamorphous // transforms senses into thoughts // growing a voiceestablishing an identity // realizing identity through voice // confidencefun // fresh // changes // familiar in our society // teaching // story telling technology gives us the tools // radio gives us the voice the need for voice will never change
  15. 15. How to make it happen file articles of incorporation with NC // ties into getting a FCC license obtain a fiscal sponsor or establish LRR as a 501(c)3 finalize organization structure explore transmitter and studio spaces // not necessarily the same location researching frequency availability // waiting on FCC to interpret law and publish consult an engineer for a frequency audit launch digital identity // first week of September // Hopscotch and SparkCon solidify timeline for development // filing window not announced by FCC develop fundraising strategy // flexible design which aligns with timeline community engagement strategies // branding strategies spread the word // generate press // maintain momentum and enthusiasm document development // create content