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Social Fresh: Optimizing Email for Mobile Audiences
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Social Fresh: Optimizing Email for Mobile Audiences



Presented on Nov. 29th at Social Fresh Baltimore.

Presented on Nov. 29th at Social Fresh Baltimore.



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  • Appropriate b/c audience is technical and they expect it
  • Add desktop examples & iPhone chrome
  • Add desktop examples
  • When is each situation appropriate?
  • What is OW? RT? BR Store Event? Who is Brian and what is ROMI?
  • Snapshot of the challenges and diversity of devicesNokia Remote Device Access is a great way to experience Symbian first hand.
  • Snapshot of the challenges and diversity of devicesNokia Remote Device Access is a great way to experience Symbian first hand.
  • Snapshot of the challenges and diversity of devicesNokia Remote Device Access is a great way to experience Symbian first hand.
  • New blackberry shots from deviceanywhere?

Social Fresh: Optimizing Email for Mobile Audiences Social Fresh: Optimizing Email for Mobile Audiences Presentation Transcript

  • Who am I? • 5+ years in email marketing • Design & production • A “left-brained” creative • I’m a marketer, too!Justine Jordan Marketing Director, Litmus@meladorri + @litmusapp
  • Let’s talk about…• What’s happening with email + mobile• How each mobile OS handles email• How to create usable and beautiful experiences in both mobile & desktop environments
  • KNOW YOURAUDIENCE[Because knowledge is power!]
  • from to
  • Consider contextPeople check email… • In bed • At the gym • In the bathroom • While intoxicated • At their desk • To kill time
  • Knowing Your Audience• 15% of opens are on a mobile device Mobile 15%• 2-20% on individual campaigns• 30%+ for niche Desktop audiences Webmail 53% 32%http://litmus.com/blog/email-client-market-share-infograph
  • Mobile Opens by Platform Other 1%Majority of mobile opensin Android, iOS (iPad +iPhone) iPad 19% Android iPhone 17% 63%http://litmus.com/blog/email-client-market-share-infograph
  • WHAT SHOULDI DO ABOUT IT?[My emails could use some optimizationhelp!]
  • Doing nothing is OK.Not optimizing for mobile may be a validstrategy when it doesn’t make sense foryour audience, brand, or business.For instance: • Your mobile audience is very small • Resources aren’t available to implement • Quicker wins exist
  • The “aware” approachBeing mobile aware involves email designs thatconsider the mobile experience but aren’tspecially constructed for it.• Single column primary content• Big images• Big text• Big buttons• Skinny layout
  • One column primary content, and easy to press buttons. Visual style workswell on mobile without special setup.
  • Responsive email designUsing CSS3 @media queries to detect screensize, displaying specific content or elements indifferent types of viewing environments.• Detects large vs. small screen size• Rolls back to standard version when @media isn’t supported• Hide or remove content on small screens• Not for the faint of heart: CSS ninja skills required
  • Simple layout, selectively removing content & spacing adjustments create a@media query case study.
  • The finger is the new mouseDesign for tappable touch targets; not text links 44 x 44px minimum
  • Create touch targetsButtons can be traditional text buttons or image-based touch targets that linkback to content. Text Buttons Image “Buttons”
  • Bigger fonts are betterBeware minimum font sizes; automatic resizing• Font sizes at 600px scaled to 320px are roughly 50% smaller!• Body copy < 13px will be resized• Recommended minimums • Body copy: 14px • Headlines: 22px• CSS fix: “-webkit-text-size-adjust: none;”
  • Bigger fonts are betterToo-small navigation will be negatively affected by text scaling on iPhoneand iPad.
  • StreamlineSingle column layout; simplified content• Short, direct copy: “Twitterize”• Eliminate or hide low priority content • Links • Copy • Images• Clear and direct calls to action • Make it obvious
  • Got apps?When sending email regarding mobile apps, consider that users may bereading email on mobile, too. DO DON’T
  • Consider “mobile first”Simple copy + big headlines = an email that is mobile aware will also bemore usable in a desktop environment
  • Consider “mobile first”Featured products also serve as large, tappable buttons in a mobileenvironment.
  • THINGSTO SKIP[AKA what NOT to do]
  • Lots of links create frictionDon’t give users a reason NOT to click by making text or other calls-to-action impossible to tap.
  • The “mobile” versionDon’t waste clicks on a less-than-optimal text version when a mobile emailoptimized website exists. mobile version web site
  • Mobile versioningYou can’t predict where users will open! Distinctions between environments – Android mobile and desktop iPhone Version Version – drive behavior more than distinctions between email clients. Focus on viewing environment rather than specific devices or email clients.
  • First impressions still count• What is recognizable, trustworthy and relevant?• Does the subscriber have a relationship with a person, or the brand?• Use language they are familiar with
  • SUPPORT FORMOBILE EMAIL[How do mobile devices affect display?]
  • Display and support challengesThere are no mobile email standards!OS Preview HTML* Images* Alt text Scale Enlarge text fontsAndroid 2.3 ✗ -- ✗Android Gmail ✗ ✗ ✗iOS 5 -- ‡Symbian ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ‡Windows Phone 7 ✗ ✗ ✗ ‡Blackberry 6 ✗ ✗ ✗*HTML or images enabled by default‡ inconsistent wrapping and scaling of text Blackberry HTML email is not on by default in 4.5/5. The ability to download images automatically isan option. Blackberry 6 has webkit support and displays HTML email by default, but a promptappears to download external images
  • Display and support challengesPlan for an “images off” environment in most mobile operating systems. on Android alt text Symbian images off Symbian imagesAndroid supports alt text.
  • Display and support challengesWindows Mobile 7 blocks images, butimages off WinMo Preview WinMo offers preview text and many on WinMo imagesopportunities to download images.
  • Blackberry 6 supports HTML email well, but doesn’t zoom or display imagesby default.
  • Resourceslitmus.com/blogstylecampaign.com/blogcampaignmonitor.com/blog
  • Thanks! Justine Jordan Marketing Director, Litmus @meladorri + @litmusapp Presentation available at www.slideshare.net/litmusapp