Silverpop Agent ROI: Keys to Creative Success


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Presentation from Silverpop's Agent ROI Digital Marketing Tour. NYC, Nov. 8th, 2011

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  • Why are you sending this email:To drive leads? Increase brand awareness?Who are you sending to:Internal audience? External audience?What do you want subscribers to do: Register for a webinar? Read an article?How willyou measure success? Open/click data; registrations; leads?
  • What is OW? RT? BR Store Event? Who is Brian and what is ROMI?
  • At the gym, in the bathroom, in bed, at the playground, while intoxicated…
  • Silverpop Agent ROI: Keys to Creative Success

    1. 1. CRACKING THE CODE:Keys to Email Creative SuccessJustine Jordan | Marketing Director | Litmus | @meladorri + @litmusapp#spoptour
    2. 2. WHO AM I?• 5+ years in email marketing• Design & production• A “left-brained” creative• I’m a marketer, too!#spoptour
    3. 3. LET’S TALK ABOUT…• Why does design matter?• Great design helps you visualize success. It requires an action plan with measurable goals.• It’s more than pretty pictures!• Creating an excellent subscriber experience• Quick wins for mobile optimization#spoptour
    4. 4. THE ACTION PLAN• WHO are you sending to?• WHAT are you trying to communicate?• WHEN is it appropriate to send the message?• WHERE will the recipient read it?• WHY are you sending this message?• HOW does the recipient take action?#spoptour
    5. 5. THE ACTION PLAN• WHO are you sending to?• WHAT are you trying to communicate?• WHEN is it appropriate to send the message?• WHERE will the recipient read it?• WHY are you sending this message?• HOW does the recipient take action? = SUBSCRIBER EXPERIENCE#spoptour
    6. 6. WHAT are you saying to me? aka “do you make sense”#spoptour
    7. 7. FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER Sender Subject line• What is recognizable, trustworthy and relevant?• Does the subscriber have a relationship with a person, or the brand?#spoptour
    8. 8. FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTERUse subscriber-friendly language#spoptour
    9. 9. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?• What’s the point?• Is there enough context for understanding?• Appeal to emotional and rational drivers. • Use imagery, data and personalization when appropriate.• Tie subject line, headlines and calls to action together. Follow through. • Don’t forget the landing page!
    10. 10. WHAT IS THE MESSAGE?#spoptour
    12. 12. A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE? Add to cart? Where’s the download?
    13. 13. MESSAGE HIERARCHY• Content hierarchy • Prioritize important information • Prune extraneous and irrelevant content• Visual hierarchy • Use color, weight, size and placement to provide emphasis• Bullets are your friends
    14. 14. 8.15.2011 | Page # Internal Only
    15. 15. Internal Only
    16. 16. HOW do you want me to take action? aka “tell me what to do”#spoptour
    17. 17. OPPORTUNITIES TO ENGAGE• Linked imagery• Video• Buttons• Charts• Colored backgrounds• Preheader text• Forward & share
    18. 18. MAKE IT OBVIOUS• What’s the call to action?• Use buttons, context, active language
    19. 19. WHAT SHOULD I DO?#spoptour
    20. 20. WHAT SHOULD I DO?#spoptour
    21. 21. WHAT SHOULD I DO?#spoptour
    22. 22. WHERE am I reading your email? aka “the mobile factor”#spoptour
    23. 23. BIGGER IS BETTERBeware minimum font sizes; automatic resizing• Body copy < 13px will be resized• Recommended minimums • Body copy: 14px • Headlines: 22px• CSS fix: “-webkit-text-size-adjust: none;”
    24. 24. NO-GO NAVIGATION
    25. 25. CREATE TOUCH TARGETS The finger is the new mouse Design for tappable touch targets; not text links 44 x 44px minimum
    26. 26. CREATE TOUCH TARGETS Text Buttons Image “Buttons”
    27. 27. STREAMLINESingle column layout; simplified content• Get skinny: 320-550px wide• Short, direct copy• Eliminate or hide low priority content• Clear and direct calls to action • Make it obvious
    28. 28. DITCH THE “MOBILE VERSION” Why the extra click? email mobile version web site
    30. 30. “MOBILE FIRST”
    31. 31. TAKEAWAYS• Design for your subscribers• For every email, ask: • WHAT am I trying to say? • HOW will subscribers take action? • WHERE will the email be read?• Make everything simple, obvious & clear• Consider “mobile first”
    32. 32. THANKS! Justine Jordan Marketing Director, Litmus Testing & analytics tools @litmusapp