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The social media revolution has irrevocably changed the way people communicate—with each other and with the brands they purchase and support. Customers want to engage in conversations with your brand. Learn how Making Social the Way You Do Business can help you reorganize, engage with, and support the changing social customer across online communities to increase your business advantage.

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Lithium Making Social the Way You Do Business

  1. 1. Making Social the WayYou Do BusinessMarch 13, 2012
  2. 2. today’s speakersJoe Cothrel Brian KlingChief Community Officer Community & Social MediaLithium Program Manager@cothrel Autodesk @briankling @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  3. 3. we are lithium delivering social customer experiences for the world’s most iconic brandsfounded in 2001bay area hq, new york, london, zurich, paris300 customers 30+M registered usersnamed market leader by forrester, gartner100% cloud platformtop tier VC funding, including Benchmark &NEA confidential
  4. 4. what is social support? Social support is the use of social channels—forums, blogs, social networks, and other social media—to supplement or replace traditional customer service and support channels. @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  5. 5. challenges in service and support increase customerdeliver a great experience manage support costs satisfaction 80% 60% $10 $100of customers are less likely of customers say that Average cost for phone to buy again after a poor customer service does not support can range from $10 service experience meet their expectations to over $100 per call @cothrel @briankling #LithCast Sources: Accenture, Lithium customers, Jupiter Research
  6. 6. customers are ready for a solution fast easy accurate77% of customers seek search drives 30-60% customers are true answers on your of traffic to the product experts website community @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  7. 7. benefits go beyond cost reduction $1 ¢1 5 5savings scalability sales social support communities absorb community members reduces costs traffic spikes spend 25 to 150% 10-100x more @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  8. 8. WAVE 1 WAVE 2 WAVE 3 forums empower customers to help q&a each other by hosting a space for organized discussions  create a simple process for customers to ask for help knowledge base create a searchable facebook repository of peer content  bring proactive support to customers on social networks twitter  bring proactive support to customers microblogging @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  9. 9. social support is direct and peer empower employees to empower customers help customers to help each other @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  10. 10. We are Lithium4 types of social support integration WEB CRM SOCIAL PROCESS @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  11. 11. We are Lithium4 types of social support integration Single Sign-on Unified customer database Federated search Unified agent dashboard Embedded social content Autoescalation Mobile WEB Unified analytics CRM Social share Roles & responsibilities Social connect Tech-enabled workflows Social network apps Measurement & reporting Microblogging SOCIAL Curated content PROCESS @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  12. 12. We are Lithium10 future trends 1. Making social support easier (increased conversion) 2. More direct (vs. peer) social support on and off-site 3. More personalized support 4. More real-time support 5. Deeper and more diverse roles for superfans/superusers 6. Increased informal employee participation 7. Increased focus on customer ideas and insights 8. Greater integration of support and marketing 9. More efficient social support operations 10. Better tools and processes @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  13. 13. Next Generation Social SupportBrian KlingProgram Manager, Community & Social MediaTwitter: @briankling© 2011 Autodesk @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  14. 14. CRM IntegrationCustomer Feedback© 2011 Autodesk @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  15. 15. • 104 Software products • Design, Visualize, Analyze & Test • B2B/C • 13 languages • 10+M Users • Subscription = direct support • 1900 Resellers • 3M Students© 2011 Autodesk @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  16. 16.  >15 years old  Technical Support Focus  Subscription Model© 2011 Autodesk @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  17. 17. Knowledge Base Forum Threads Forum Posts $ Cases  @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk 17
  18. 18. Why a CRM integration? Provide enhanced service for paying customers Improve customer insight No FT staff for online communities Minimize effort & streamline processes @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  19. 19. What was the solution?1. Timely first Reply2. Verify Resolution3. Premium can ask for help4. Staff can flag anything @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  20. 20. 1) Timely first Reply Reply? No 24hrs @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  21. 21. 2) Verify Resolution Need Help? 1 Solution Marked? No 48hrs 3 2 No Yes© 2011 Autodesk
  22. 22. 3) Premium – ask for our help Need an Answer button Reply? No 24hrs @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  23. 23. 4) Staff can flag anything Escalate button @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  24. 24. What does it look like – customer community view @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  25. 25. What does it look like – employee community view @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  26. 26. What does it look like – Salesforce viewIn addition to “regular” customer data, we have: @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  27. 27. What were some of the challenges? Collaboration  Product Support, Marketing, IT  Lithium, Lithium Professional Services, Consultant Change Management  Awareness  Training  Weekly Meetings @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  28. 28. Why is customer feedback so important? @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  29. 29. Why is customer feedback so important? Relationship – NPS, CLV Transaction – CSAT, CES Resolution Deflection }ROI Ad hoc @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  30. 30. Results - NPS Community Channel 1:1 Silver 1:1 Premium 2 per. Mov. Avg. (Community) Q3 FY11 Q4 FY11 Q1 FY12 Q2 FY12 Q3 FY12 Q4 FY12© 2011 Autodesk
  31. 31. Results from 2011 53% percent of Subscription customers resolved their issues in the online community, versus 39% industry average for 2010 (per the Technology Services Industry Association [TSIA]). Of the 53% above, 49% would have logged/called in a support request (26% deflection rate). Comparing 1Q11 to 4Q11, Unique Monthly Visitors grew by 250%. In November/December 2011, 83% of forum posts had a First Reply, on average within 19 hours. Annual ROI of Support savings vs. overhead costs amounted to ~$6.8 million. @cothrel @briankling #LithCast© 2011 Autodesk
  32. 32. © 2011 Autodesk
  33. 33. Making Social the Way You Do Business Q&AJoe Cothrel Brian KlingChief Community Officer Community & Social MediaLithium Program Manager Autodesk @cothrel @briankling #LithCast
  34. 34. Thank you.