Lithium Likes to Loves Tour NYC


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Catch Lithium, Sephora,Verizon and Ant's Eye view on turning customer likes into customer loves.

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Lithium Likes to Loves Tour NYC

  1. 1. Building a Brand Nation September 21, 2011 Katy Keim Chief Marketing Officer, Lithium @katykeimNew York We’re Tweeting! Join the conversation at #L2LTour
  2. 2. breakfastnetworkinginformation 2
  3. 3. contextpossibilitiesnext steps 3
  4. 4. why likes to loves? @katykeim #L2LTour 4
  5. 5. transformation @katykeim #L2LTour 5
  6. 6. to @katykeim #L2LTour 6
  7. 7. reinventing thetelecom company @katykeim #L2LTour 7
  8. 8. the change in the customerfan “I acknowledge you”engaged “I want something from you”advocate “I act for me and for you”superfan “I belong because of you” @katykeim #L2LTour
  9. 9. @katykeim #L2LTour 9
  10. 10. @katykeim #L2LTour 12
  11. 11. the change in the business Passionate, engaged social customers Your Brand who love you, Nation not like you @katykeim #L2LTour 13
  12. 12. we build brand nationsvibrant online communities full of passionate, engaged social customers @katykeim #L2LTour 14
  13. 13. @katykeim #L2LTour 15
  14. 14. Sean McDonald Candace Sims Rebecca CarrollSVP & Colony Master Social Media Marketing Community Manager Manager @katykeim #L2LTour 17
  15. 15. Building a Brand Nation September 21, 2011 Sean McDonald SVP & Colony Master, Ant’s Eye View @iamseanmcdonaldNew York We’re Tweeting! Join the conversation at #L2LTour
  16. 16. The Ant’s Eye View Team WHO WE ARE: Ant’s Eye View is a strategic management consulting firm that helps recognizable brands transform into enterprises that fully engage with their customers. Our practitioner heritage and enterprise-wide experience sets us apart. Founded in 2009, our client list now includes large, complex organizations such as P&G, Google, Microsoft, Dell, Unilever, HP, Canon, Xerox, KPMG, USAA, Scotiabank, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Jack in the Box and AT&T. Ant’s Eye View team as of August 8, 2010 OUR LEADERSHIP (L to R): OUR TEAM INCLUDES SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT LEADERS Sean O’Driscoll, CEO & Co-founder FROM: Jake McKee, SVP & Co-founder Dustin Johnson, SVP & Managing Director Sean McDonald, SVP & Managing Director 19
  17. 17. In the last five years… Technology Society • Instant publishing • Lack of corporate trust • Multi-screens/multi-device • Online opinions influence decisions • Constant connection - access to what I • Difficult for messages to break through want, when/where I want it (cloud the noise computing) • Demand for real-time communication • Location-based/aware services • Gen Y – like flattened hierarchy, no fear • End users bringing consumer technology into IT Economic • Slow growth environment in most areas of the world • Barriers to entry falling fast 20
  18. 18. "If you aim at nothing, you are bound to hit it" -S. McDonald, 1997
  19. 19. The Social Engagement JourneyStage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5Traditional Experimental Operational Measurable Fully EngagedTraditional, Dabbling in Social Social engagement Social engagementcommand and social engagement drives real betweencontrol business engagement becomes more business results, customers andoperations using occurs but is embedded in with systems and employees andone-way disconnected to business tools fully betweencommunication to business operations. optimized to employees withdrive business operations. Internal training, support confident each other are partoutcomes. Fractured tools, channel alignment and competent of the silo’d efforts and and campaign employees and to organization’s disparate integration begin more fully harness DNA. measures reign. to deliver tangible online results. relationships.
  20. 20. Assess yourself
  21. 21. Social EducationStage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5Traditional Experimental Operational Measurable Fully Engaged Compliance across the enterprise Competence & Acumen Collaboration amongst peers
  22. 22. 101: Compliance Full scale compliance training that helps to ensure employees are acting in the best interest of the company, during and after work.The 101 level of content is typically targeted to the broader base of employees, where the goal is toset a baseline understanding of what online social behaviors are acceptable as well as clarifying thepotential problems that may arise by not fully considering their actions. • Ketchum employee tweets a negative post about Memphis… while on his way to visit his client, FedEx. • FedEx discovers this and reprimands him
  23. 23. 201: Competence Focusing on developing, distributing, and applying shared best practices across the entire enterprise, in order to effectively inject social media into normal course of business. The 201 foundation is a Playbook, a modular, easy to consume, easy to use collection of how-to content, worksheets, tools, and more. • Nordstrom has 196 stores, but has 200 individual Facebook pages, with some stores having more than one page! • This is carving up their brand, confusing customers, and creating far too many dissociated messages.
  24. 24. 301: Collaboration Peer-to-peer, dialogue-based interaction that drives engagement amongst employees, where the by-product of that engagement is tighter working relationships and curated best practices content. At the 301 level, priorities and implementation shift to the creation of two-way communication channels that allow colleagues to better exchange ideas and build on 201 content assets. Basic community management practices and content curation efforts ensure that conversation is lively and that the discussions are captured for reuse.
  25. 25. Sephora’s SUPER(user) Evolution
  26. 26. Social Media Goals Lead the Social Media space for retail and beauty Connect with Clients by fostering a dialogue and creating a compelling Sephora presence everywhere they are talking about beauty Drive sales and loyalty Showcase Sephora’s service and expertise in Beauty Elevate our brand by innovating in a new channels
  27. 27. Social Evolution 211.5K FB MM 1.8 Q&A 1.5 MM Followers Likes Reviews
  28. 28. Which is more helpful?
  29. 29. Clients turned online connection into offline action
  30. 30. Do they just talk the talk?• BeautyTalkers spend 2.5x more $• Super users spend 10x more $• This is their day job! Average super user spend 36.5 hrs/week on BeautyTalk
  31. 31. Lessons Learned Listen and LearnUnify Brand Voice theusers to personalize Feed Allow conversation Keep it Fresh
  32. 32. Turning “Likes” into “Loves” Deepen Engagement – Keep superusers coming back with special panels and offers to make them feel like VIPs – Give superusers the inside scoop on new community updates Create a social hub for all Sephora activity – Bring social cred with you on FB, get credit for writing reviews and visiting stores – Help us help you Be the go-to destination for all things beauty!
  33. 33. Growing a Brand Nation -and Measuring its Success
  34. 34. Becky CarrollCommunity Program Manager, VerizonAuthor, The Hidden Power of Your Customers: Four Keys to Growing YourBusiness Through Existing Customers@bcarroll7Lithium Likes to Loves TourSeptember 21, 2011
  35. 35. Verizon OverviewVerizon: IdeaExchange  Verizon is a global leader in broadband, wireline, and Verizon Community Verizon Overview wireless communications. IdeaExchange  Verizon Residential has America’s most advanced fiber-optic network.  Entertainment services  Converged communications  Information services  Diverse workforce of over 196,000  Consolidated revenues in 2010 of over $106 billion Source:
  36. 36. Verizon: IdeaExchange Social Media is not a campaign. It is a Relationship.
  37. 37. Expanding from Support to EngagementVerizon: IdeaExchange Verizon Community IdeaExchange Launched: August 2008
  38. 38. Open Innovation: Anyone, anywhereVerizon: IdeaExchange IdeaExchange Launched: July 2010
  39. 39. ObjectivesVerizon: IdeaExchange  Identify new product and service enhancement opportunities  Facilitate customer-driven product/service enhancements or new products/services  Enhance Verizon brand as establishing innovative ways to engage with and serve customers
  40. 40. Example: FiOS TVVerizon: IdeaExchange  FiOS TV is Verizon Residential’s flagship product, providing top-rated, high quality TV viewing via our fiber optic network  Includes our Interactive Media Guide (IMG)  IMG 1.9 - New feature release - Wanted to focus on customer requests
  41. 41. Collecting Customer InputVerizon: IdeaExchange Collaboration via social media tools  Verizon Forums  Verizon Idea Exchange  Twitter via @FiOSTV  Verizon FiOS Facebook page  Forums Sneak Peek Collaboration Refinement Co-Creation
  42. 42. FiOS TV IMG 1.9: A Huge Success With CustomersVerizon: IdeaExchange “Love the new guide!:)” “Wow. Impressive.” “I IMG 1.9.” “Whoohoo. The guide is finally in HD.”
  43. 43. Verizon Ideation Process Leverages Social MediaVerizon: IdeaExchange  We listen to customers  We open our product development process “85% of our latest release has been suggested, or refined by our customers.”
  44. 44. Measuring SuccessVerizon: IdeaExchange  Number of ideas submitted: 1700  Number of ideas in progress: 250  Number of ideas implemented: 31 Since launch…  107% growth in comments  403% growth in votes  555% growth in visitors
  45. 45. Our Brand NationVerizon: Success Measures Verizon: IdeaExchange Support Engagement Insight IdeaExchange  Able to self-serve  Get closer to the Customer  Look for issues (early  Insight to help take action detection)  Connect with Verizon  Customer retention  A place to be heard  Be affiliated with the brand
  46. 46. CommunityVerizon: IdeaExchange IdeaExchange Call to Action: Start by Listening
  47. 47. Next Step: Go DeeperVerizon: IdeaExchange Verizon: Community IdeaExchange  Use tools to listen beyond your own website  Incorporate social media into your strategies  Co-opt your customers
  48. 48. the must haves in a brand nation▪ engaging▪ scalable▪ everywhere▪ measurable @katykeim #L2LTour 52
  49. 49. engaging through interaction styles forums ideas reviews contests q&a videos @katykeim #L2LTour 53
  50. 50. engaging through reputation & recognition @katykeim #L2LTour 54
  51. 51. scalable through peer to peer @katykeim #L2LTour 55
  52. 52. scalable through superfans’ influence Aandms KachiWachi RealGeorgeW Distinguished Trusted Contributor Counsellor Logitech LegendMember: 3/2010 Member: 2/2009 Member: 5/2006 2161 Kudos 322 Kudos 748 Kudos 9,369 Posts 4,527 Posts 45,136 Posts 378 Total Tags @katykeim #L2LTour 40 Total Tags 56
  53. 53. scalable through superfans’ influence @katykeim #L2LTour 57
  54. 54. scalable through superfans’ influence @katykeim #L2LTour 58
  55. 55. everywhere. where your customers are. owned community sites Facebook mobile & Twitter enhancing the in-Store experience @katykeim #L2LTour 59
  56. 56. everywhere. definitely on facebook @katykeim #L2LTour 60
  57. 57. measurable insights, engagement and response @katykeim #L2LTour 61
  58. 58. Sometimes, love isnot enough. 62
  59. 59. Sometimes, love isnot enough. 63
  60. 60. brand nations grow brand loyalty @katykeim #L2LTour 64
  61. 61. brand nations drive sales @katykeim #L2LTour
  62. 62. brand nations reduce costs @katykeim #L2LTour
  63. 63. brand nations accelerate ideas @katykeim #L2LTour
  64. 64. next steps1 today 2 this month 3 before Dec 1 3 months free let’s discuss your let’s discuss your 3 months free meet customers meet customers with a one year with a one year needs and brand needs and brand and view demos and view demos subscription to subscription to report report LevelUp or SMM LevelUp or SMM @katykeim #L2LTour 68
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