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LevelUp Your Facebook Strategy

LevelUp Your Facebook Strategy



Jeremiah Owyang on what you need for social success on Facebook.

Jeremiah Owyang on what you need for social success on Facebook.



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LevelUp Your Facebook Strategy LevelUp Your Facebook Strategy Presentation Transcript

  • LevelUp YourFacebookStrategy
  • With us today… Jeremiah Owyang Katy Keim Partner and Principal Analyst CMO Altimeter Group Lithium @jowyang @katykeim #LithCast 2
  • Business hasn‟t changed, but thecustomer has…..22 hrs/week online Ave. Facebook 74% expect a A mere 17% of 5+ hrs/week user: 130 friends. response from consumers trust in social media Ave. Twitter user: a company corporate or product 300 followers online in 1 hour advertising #LithCast 3
  • Lithium Builds Brand NationsVibrant online communities full of passionate,engaged social customers. #LithCast 4
  • Customer example: Sephora #LithCast 5
  • why Lithium? Deep Rich SocialEngagement Analytics Success Identify and cultivate Optimize social investments Drive real ROI –superfans in Facebook and with performance data, measured in $ millions by across your website benchmarking, social media many of our customers monitoring, and more #LithCast 6
  • 7 Facebook Page Marketing The 8 Success CriteriaJeremiah OwyangPartner, Altimeter Group
  • Agenda • Connecting to Customers • Research Methodology • The 8 Criteria • What we found • Recommendations #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 9 More people visit Facebook than Yahoo! Source: Compete.com (January 2010)© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • Facebook Tops 750 Million Active Users #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 11 Research: Ecosystem Contributors • Vendors and Agencies 360i, AKQA, Awareness, The Community Roundtable, Context Optional, Digital Evolution Group, Edelman Digital, Facebook, Gigya, Horn Group, Inside Facebook, Janrain, KickApps, Lithium, LiveWorld, Ogilvy‟s 360° Digital Influence, Razorfish, RockYou, SHIFT Communications, Spredfast, StepChange Group, a Powered Company, Vitrue and Wildfire Interactive. • Individual Contributors David Armano, David Berkowitz, Bert DuMars, Charlene Li, Dave McClure, Annie Noll, Shiv Singh, Adam Smith, Justin Smith, Jason Sullivan, and Anita Wong. #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 12 Research Methodology Altimeter Group conducted research and gleaned input from 34 contributors to determine eight success criteria and develop a roadmap for Facebook page best practices. Report available online: http://www.slideshare.net/jeremiah_owyang/the-8-success-criteria-for-facebook-page-marketing Appendix contains supplemental slides from report© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 13  Altimeter Group‟s “The 8 Success Criteria for Facebook Page Marketing” was shared on the official Facebook PR page and has been viewed over 47,000 times: #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 14 Research Contributors (Partial)  360i  KickApps  AKQA  Lithium  Awareness  LiveWorld  The Community Roundtable  Ogilvy‟s 360° Digital Influence,  Context Optional  Razorfish  Digital Evolution Group  RockYou  Edelman Digital  SHIFT Communications  Facebook  Spredfast  Gigya  StepChange Group, a Powered Company  Horn Group  Vitrue  Inside Facebook  Wildfire Interactive  Janrain #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 15 Eight success criteria: 1-4 Criteria Description 1. Set Community Expectations Clearly articulate 1) what the customer should expect from the company (e.g. what the company will post about) and 2) what the company expects from the customer (e.g. whats appropriate, whats not, and what can be enforced). 2. Provide Cohesive Branding Match the overall brand experience of the company, so it is is familiar to followers and differentiates the page. 3. Be Up To Date Update content, at the minimum, within the last 2 weeks so that new users see that the company is present. 4. Live Authenticity Personalize interactions by giving a "human" touch to your Facebook page. #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 16 Eight success criteria: 5-8 Criteria Description 5. Participation in Dialog Engage with followers in a two-way dialog, reflecting customer behaviors in this medium and enabling word of mouth through news feed updates. 6 Enable Peer-to-Peer Encourage peer to peer communications between Interactions followers who are "following" the company, so that the company can scale. 7. Foster Advocacy Encourage followers to share content with others that are not already "following" the company. 8 Solicit a Call-to-action Have a clear and immediate call to action which invites the customer to "take the next step." #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 1) Set Community Expectations • Clearly Articulate Expectations to Reduce Confusion and Abuse. • Second, brands must explain what they expect from fans: Community Guidelines, Terms of Use, or a Moderation Policy. #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • Chevron sets expectations with policy #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 19 Best Practices: Set Community Expectations #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 2) Provide Cohesive Branding • Create a Holistic Experience that Matches the Brand. • Complete profile information, and upload branded logos, maximizing the real estate that Facebook pages allow in profile pictures. • Extend to tabbed experiences #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • Four Seasons extend brand to Facebook experiences and tabs #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 22 Best Practices: Cohesive Branding The SAP logo, a completed profile page, and multiple tabs with consistent branding provide a familiar brand experience for new visitors.© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 3) Be up to date • Keep Interaction High with Fresh, Timely Content. • Create a a content calendar. This “ensure[s] you have the right mix of conversational and promotional posts, and you are keeping the content fresh for your fans.” • Post content following the 80/20 rule: 80% of content should be informational, educational, or have entertainment value. Only 20% of content should be specifically about the brand‟s product or services. (Vitrue) #LithCast •© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 24 Conduct Analysis on What Works Data from Buddy Media: http://forms.buddymedia.com/whitepaper-form_review-strategies-for-effective-facebook-wall-posts.html© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 4) Live Authenticity • Build Trust by Personalizing Interactions with a “Human Touch. • Posts should be written in first person, using a conversational tone. • Show human profile pictures, images, and real names #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 26 Best Practices: Dialog & Live Authenticity This post from Axe is conversational – an All posts, including this one, interesting topic is chosen, are signed with the name of and a question is asked. the community manager. The community manager engages in conversation – in this case, Jennie Averbook.* *Note: If engagement is done this way, the community manager must be clearly disclosed as such.© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 5) Participate in Dialog • Connect with Customers by Fostering Two-Way Dialog • To foster two-way dialog, interact heavily with fans in existing discussions and create your own. • Remember, each time a fan comments on a brand‟s Facebook page, that interaction is be shared with an average of 130 friends. #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 28 Best Practices: Participate in Dialog SAP responds regularly to fan comments, photos, and in discussion boards – in meaningful ways beyond simple fan recognition.© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 6) Enable Peer-To-Peer Interactions • Harnessing the crowd‟s energy helps reduce costs and improves the experience for fans. • Seek third party discussion apps, with a moderator and recognition features, leverages the crowd to support itself. • Providing positive peer-to-peer experience requires a community policy, as well as trained community managers who are ready to monitor in real time. #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • Pampers fosters conversations with Q&A #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 7) Foster Advocacy • Prospects trust customers more than they trust brands, so promoting advocacy is an essential strategy. • Because customer to prospect recommendations often occurs organically, it‟s also a lower cost channel. • Start by simply asking existing fans to suggest the page to others or “like” a wall post, “voting on something, „sounding off‟ on something, sharing videos or photos, • Advocacy is the most difficult of all marketing objectives because brands don‟t have direct control over fans. It‟s a dual edged sword as negative messages can quickly spread. #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • Kohl‟s asks customers to share their savings “Raise your receipt” contest #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 33 Best Practices: Advocacy Honda and Hallmark provide an easy, relevant way to share experiences and connect with others.© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 8) Solicit a Call to Action • Bring it Back to Business and Provide a Succinct Next Step. • Start with simple, yet immediate call to actions on your landing page and wall page, sign up for deals, exclusives or to learn more. • Integrate existing e-commerce experiences that are in line with the community. • Remember, this is an opt-in channel, they‟ve demonstrated interest in your brand, just ensure the focus is on them –not just pushing products. #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 35 Best Practices: Call-to-action Hallmark provides simple (sign- ups) and more advanced (shop) calls-to-action. Commerce application by Alvenda© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • Target inserts ecommerce photo printing right into the experience. #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 37 Scoring by Criteria 1: Set Community 5: Participate in Dialog Expectations Average Score: 3.10 Average Score: 2.08 6: Enable Peer-to-Peer 2: Provide Cohesive Interactions Branding Average Score: 2.03 Average score: 3.90 7: Foster Advocacy 3: Be Up To Date Average Score: 2.27 Average Score: 5.00 8: Solicit a Call to Action 4: Live Authenticity Average Score: 2.45 Average Score: 2.87 #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 38 #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 39 Retail and CPG scores Adolescence, Luxury Immature© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • Summary • Put aside your read-only playbook and tap into two-way social marketing. Simple starts Facebook Events to promote physical meetings also results in word of mouth and community interaction • Bolster your Facebook pages with applications from third parties. Instead, add features from third party applications that enhance interactions, discussions, or utility. (see report) • Connect the Facebook experience with existing efforts, like your corporate website. Skip „linking away‟ and start „aggregating‟ FB discussions • Measure and analyze based on business goals – not by fans or “likes.” Brands must measure based on business goals use real KPI formulas by referencing Altimeter Group‟s research on Social Marketing Analytics. • Reduce Risk: Use this scorecard as your long-term roadmap. Use these Eight Success Criteria as a roadmap for your own Facebook page efforts #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 41 THANK YOU Jeremiah Owyang jeremiah@altimetergroup.com web-strategist.com/blog Twitter: jowyang With assistance from Christine Tran, Researcher #LithCast© 2010 Altimeter Group
  • 42About UsAltimeter Group is a Silicon Valley-based strategy research andconsulting firm that provides companies with a pragmaticapproach to disruptive technologies. We have four areas offocus: Leadership and Management, Customer Strategy,Enterprise Strategy, and Innovation and Design.Visit us at http://www.altimetergroup.com or contactinfo@altimetergroup.com. #LithCast
  • Social media marketing challenges Fickle Low Limited No Reputation Fans Engagement Measurement or SuperfansGrowth slowing Fleeting Limited success No influencer conversations metrics identificationHigh attrition rate Likes only Content decay No performance No user differentiation Limited interaction metrics styles #LithCast 43
  • your Facebook strategy Increase ● Use apps to generate compelling contentEngagement ● Drive repeat visits ● Use gaming mechanics to create superfansBuild Loyalty ● Recognize top contributors to reward behavior ● Curate content to increase relevancy ● Increase superfans and influencers Measure ● Generate valuable ideas and answered questions Success ● Improve SEO and call deflection ● Improve activity levels, sentiment, and buzz #LithCast 44
  • your Facebook strategy Fast and Easy Deep Engagement ComprehensiveFacebook App Creation Tools Analytics Contests Ideas Q&A #LithCast 45
  • Facebook ACTivity score FACTs is a measure of brand‟s investment and its level of engagement with their customers on Facebook: • fan pages • company posts • custom apps on fan pages • engagement on apps • fans collected • fan posts • likes on wall posts #LithCast 46
  • Q&A Jeremiah Owyang Katy Keim Partner and Principal Analyst CMO Altimeter Group Lithium @jowyang @katykeim #LithCast 47
  • Sept 14 – Oct 19Likes aren’t   Silicon Valley Orange Countyenough.   Washington DC AmsterdamJoin us for the Lithium Likes to Loves  ChicagoWorld Tour in your favorite city and  Londonfind out how to turn your social  Dallascustomers into a brand nation.  Sydney  MunichRegister now!http://www.lithium.com/conference/likestoloves/ #LithCast 48