Five Must Haves for Social Support


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Social customers are changing and demanding, more than ever, an engaging and rewarding customer experience. This mean a business’s approach to social support for these customers across online customer communities, social networks, and traditional customer service is now more important. To employ a successful social support solution, businesses must account for an online community, reputation management, social web integration, CRM integration, and actionable analytics. Learn more about how these five must have solutions will help your business meet the demands of your social customers.

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Five Must Haves for Social Support

  1. 1. five must havesfor social support
  2. 2. share this whitepaper Lithium social software helps the world’s most iconic brands to build brand nations—vibrant online communities of passionate social customers. Lithium helps top brands such as AT&T, Sephora, Univision, and PayPal build active online communities that turn customer passion into social media marketing ROI. For more information on how to create lasting competitive advantage with the social customer experience, visit, or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and our own brand nation – the Lithosphere. request a demowe help companies unlock the passion of their customers.The Lithium Social Customer Suite allows brands to build vibrant customer communities that: reduce service costs with grow brand advocay with drive sales with innovate faster with social support social marketing social commerce social | © 2012 Lithium Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2
  3. 3. share this whitepaperToday’s top brands aren’t simply adapting to the disruptiveforce of social media, they’re embracing it whole hog.They’re rethinking traditional support strategies at the speedof innovation and re-engineering the kinds of customerrelationships they want to develop, centering them oncollaboration and engagement. User Profiling and Reputation ManagementSocial support—the point at which online customer The ability to identify and cultivate those who will amplifycommunities, social networks, and traditional customer your brand message—your advocates, influencers, andservice meet—is growing up. In order to meet the growing list superfans—is crucial. A reputation management system isof demands your social customers are making on your brand essential to enable content consumers—who far outnumber(and that your competitor is satisfying, by the way), brands content creators—to separate the useful from the non-usefulmust both build their own social presence and reach out and categorize content as relevant and trustworthy. Networksacross the larger social web. like Yelp and eBay thrive on user reputation. A strong reputation fosters trust among the community members and makes the individual more are the must-haves for a Social Web Integrationsuccessful social support solution: The most successful social brands today are so because they are not only listening to but diving headlong into theseAn Online Community social customer conversations with gusto. They listen,An online community is the cornerstone of a social support acknowledge, respond, reward, explore, and engage theirsolution—a business tool that encourages participation social customers wherever they are—in online communities,and interaction among social customers who don’t know on Facebook and Twitter, and through mobile devices. In theone another. Online communities help brands to get social process, they’re tapping a veritable gold mine of businesscustomers to trust each other, help each other and advocate intelligence—spontaneous, unsolicited market feedback—for your brand. Community is at the heart of all social which gives them the capability to meet customer needs, tocustomer solutions because the community is the means by improve satisfaction, to build long term customer loyalty, andwhich customers become brand citizens. to maximize customer lifetime value. 1
  4. 4. share this whitepaperCRM Integration conclusionSimply showing up and listening is not enough. Successfulsocial support systems are based on strong ties from the Social customer conversations will continue to create buzz—social web to the company’s internal processes, allowing all good or bad—regardless of whether or not brands join in. Aparts of the enterprise to take action. social support solution taps into the enormous latent value in social customer networks and turns them into brand nations:Today’s most competitive brands are not simply capturing an online community of empowered social customers whomarketing feedback, but acting upon it. They’re folding all willingly support and assist each other, enthusiastically rallythe valuable data they glean from social media into their around your brand and your products, and give you feedbackbusiness processes, knowledge stores, sales prospecting, and that helps you keep your competitive automation tools.Actionable AnalyticsIn the fast-evolving world of the social web, companies areconstantly iterating on their social engagement practices,trying new strategies and learning from both their successesand failures. Solid analytics are essential for all of the variedstakeholders in the enterprise to measure the effectiveness oftheir programs and to make course corrections as needed. Inthe hands of people who can act on it immediately, this datagives companies a tremendous competitive advantage. 2