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Funding community initiatives_angela morris

  1. 1. The recipe to funding community initiatives….
  2. 2. Hello Angela Morris  Kent ISD Grant Writer  Write large, initiative-level grants for education.  Contact me at 616-365-2273
  3. 3. Is your approach to funding kinda like this?
  4. 4. What Do We KnowAbout Grants?They are good for some things:•Stuff (like equipment)• Things that stay (likeprofessional development)• Things that get you tosustainability (like capacitybuilding)They aren’t good for :•Ongoing annual costs•Salary
  5. 5. What is a Grant?• A mutually-beneficialtransaction between thegrantor and the grantee!• “Problems” should be seenas opportunities.• Grant funding is not acharity, but rather aninvestment in the future.
  6. 6. Types of Grants • Government • Foundation • Corporation
  7. 7. Getting to “yes” when first it was “no” • Volunteers • Employee Matching Gift • Access to their Employee Giving Program • Product Donations • Sponsorships • Cause marketing
  8. 8. Finding the Money • My Grants Handout • My e-newsletter • Grand Rapids Public Library • Don’t overlook awards & contests
  9. 9. Angie’s Tips for Grant Writing• Start local• Make sure it fits• Document need; have data• Is your proposal logical?• Create a committee and use template grants to increase your odds
  10. 10. Other Places to Look for Money
  11. 11. Understanding the tools in your toolbox
  12. 12. Random Acts of KindnessOnline “donate” buttonFace-to-face solicitationAs a result of press coverageWord of mouthPoint of Collection containers orprogramsSecond collection during an eventWhat it takes to make this effective.High profile in community andcompelling “story” that will resonatewith large public.
  13. 13. The Kindness of StrangersPayroll GivingUnited Way Campaign designeeSpecial Collection in a churchPercent donated by business during adesignated timeFunds from a club (not by grantprocess)What it takes to be effective. Access.
  14. 14. To HonorIn MemoriamHonoriaumGiftsLegaciesNaming RightsAdopt or SponsorEndowments & Bequests (plannedgiving)What it takes to be effective. Givingopportunities that include meaningful“products.” Planned giving programin place.
  15. 15. You Get Something; WeGet SomethingLotteries, raffles, auctionsSales – social entrepreneur Merchandise (you get your hands on)Products (you create)Services (you provide)Selling can be sporadic like a garagesale or ongoing like a charity store oron ebay.Special events as attendee andthrough sponsorshipsMembership fees
  16. 16. Annual AppealYou want cultivate these one-timedonors you have found and convertthem into loyal, annual donors.You can make your appeal by:Direct mailEmailPhoneIn membership packetAt a special event
  17. 17. Large Gift or CapitalCampaignOnce you have a pool of regulardonors and other friends who arefamiliar with your program, you canstart to build a database of likelydonors that could be approached tosupport a capital campaign or providelarger gifts.All board members will play a key rolein this very visible and time limitedactivity.A capital campaign can include anEndowment Fund that will provide anongoing source of interest income forthe organization.
  18. 18. Understanding Trends in Fundraising
  19. 19. Create Connections• Volunteer• On an Advisory Committee• Service learning sites• Offer tours
  20. 20. Radical Retail • Otherwise known as social enterprise • Think about what is consistent or would reinforce your organization’s mission
  21. 21. Examples of Radical Retail • Girl Scout Cookies • Goodwill’s Thrift Stores • Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores • Museums hold Antique Roadshow or valuation workshops • PTAs hold bookfairs
  22. 22. Go Green Recycle:• metal/jewelry• electronics• printer cartridgesSell or Rent:• Halloween costumes• Prom dresses• Sports equipment• Video games/videos
  23. 23. Crowd Sourced• Rent your space• Mom-to-mom sale• Craft Fair• Health Fair• Green School Vendor Fair
  24. 24. Expertise to cover Expenses• Mobile apps include “Gig Finder” and “Urban Art Guide” for travelers• Family Technology Night• Rent-A-Mentor• Sports Clinic• Local coffee shop holds classes on how to brew coffee and make espressos and lattes
  25. 25. Selling Service • Leaf raking and other home services • Singing-grams • Dog washing as opposed to car washing
  26. 26. Freedom from other people’s junk i.e. make your own products… • Drop Cards http://www.dropcards.c om/home/ • Art Vending http://www.artomat.or g/home.html • Local grown vegetables/herbs
  27. 27. Freedom cont. • Tours • Worms • Art Stamps https://www.artstamps. com/ • “Seed bomb” vending Greenaid-Vending-.html
  28. 28. For more help • Grant Writing Workshops • Fundraising Workshops • E-newsletter • Grant Research • Grant Review • Collaborate on large grants • Contact me 365-2273 or