The remediated self


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How is the self remediated in modern media - and what does this mean for identity

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The remediated self

  1. 1. The self in a world of media Bolter and Grusin: Remediation
  2. 2. Bolter & Grusin• We are remediated• We employ media as vehicles for defining both personal and cultural identity.
  3. 3. Slogan of P3 (Danish National Radio)• That which you listen to, is you• ”Det man hører, er man selv”• A paraphrase of a childrens mocking: – That which you say other people are, you are – ”Det man siger, er man selv”• Point is: You become your media while you are using it – but you are also different from it
  4. 4. Two logics of remediation• Immediacy – classical holywood
  5. 5. The media is transparent
  6. 6. Two logics of remediation• Hypermediacy – Breaking the waves camera
  7. 7. The media is very visible
  8. 8. Avatarillustrates bothlogics
  9. 9. To logics of remediation in experiencing media• The immersed self (lost in the media – WOW, virtual reality)• The networked self is constantly making and breaking connections – always aware of being present in several media at the same time
  10. 10. Art is about feeling present• Quotes Cavell:• Art has always shown our presence• – our presence to the world, rather than the world’s presence to us• A photograph guarantees our being-alive
  11. 11. Alberti’s window• We see and understand the world through converting it to something that is presented for us• Through frames
  12. 12. And againThe picture frame separates the viewer from theworld, but at the same time alows the viewing
  13. 13. 1. Passing through the frame into the respresented world (Virtual reality) 2 12. Objects coming through the frame and surrounding the user (ubiquitos computing, and hypermedia) – The subject stays where she is, and instead the objects of representation come to her
  14. 14. The hypermediated self• The self oscillates between media – moves from window to window, from application to application, - and her identity is constituted by those oscillations• The Guild – episode 1• Not unlike being on messenger, and facebook and playing online games, while listening to me 
  15. 15. Connectedness• The hypermediated self is hypermediated because they are hypertextual: they connect users in a web of interrelated connections
  16. 16. The networked self• A sense of presence of oneself to others – and of the self to itself comes not through immediate visual perception, … but through the feeling of being connected to others through the Internet.• The self that does the connecting is … an active one; the self that is connected is defined and in a sense embodied through its participation in various media• P. 258
  17. 17. Visualising social networks
  18. 18. Exercise• Create a representation of the person sitting next to you in class• Google him/her• Depict his hypermediated self in a collage, where you use images to tell where you find him/her• This depiction can be used for his/her portfolio, eventually