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★The Social Networking Boot Camp
★10 week self-paced Social MediaTraining
★For Small Business Owner's, Not for profits, Entrepreneurs, and Network Marketing Consultants
★Coach Lisa Ann Landry

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  • Social Media Conference AgendaModule 1: Shared Introductory Session: Why Are We Here? (9:00-9:45)In this session, both instructors will introduce the topic and present the attendees with the basics of how to identify their social media goals. Problem: I’ve been asked to start using social media for my company, but I have no idea where to begin. Solution: We’ll explain how you can follow a simple plan to figure out what your social media goals are. Problem: I am not sure which conference track I should follow.Solution: We will help you figure out which track is the best fit for you. Track One: Social Media ContentThis track focuses on the creative side of social media and is designed for people who are interested in writing and posting content, and for those just getting into the social media arena. Track Two: Social Media StrategyThis track focuses on the strategic side of social media and is designed for people who are interested in those who are trying to get their company started in social media and/or to figure out how to optimize their existing presences Module 1A: Social Media 101 - A Social Media Primer (10:00-10:50) page 9 - 13 Problem: I don’t know what all of these sites are, what they’re good for, or who uses them.Solution: We’ll provide you an introduction to the main social media platforms and tell you which demographics use them most. All of our examples will be in the BUSINESS context. Presence Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Communications Platforms such as Twitter and a BlogCheckin Platforms such as Foursquare, WhrrlMedia sharing platforms such as YouTube, Jing, and StumbleUponEngagement Platforms, such as Zinch and Groupon 
  • Facebook is a Friend-Oriented Network which was founded in 2004. More than 640 million users have created a profile on the service and this makes it the largest Social Media Network in the world. In this network, Companies are not allowed to create Corporate Profiles but instead they are permitted to create Facebook Pages. Facebook is ideal for the promotion of B2C companies and products. Usually fun content goes easily viral while corporate announcements get buried. As a result in order to generate buzz, companies create and share funny and witty ads/images/videos, they organize Online Contests (Video/Photo contests, Voting contests, etc), they develop various useful applications or games and they provide special deals to their fans. As you understand, due to its nature and philosophy, Facebook is not very effective for B2B companies and for pushing corporate announcements and press releases. Twitter is a Micro blogging Social Network that allows users send short messages (up to 140 characters long) about what is happening now. As a result, the primary target of the network is to help users share short fresh content and interesting news. Twitter was launched on July 15th of 2006 and since then more than 175 million users have registered on the service. Companies are allowed to create corporate accounts in order to promote their brand and share news. Twitter is ideal for News websites, Blogs, Press Releases and for Opinion Leaders/Experts. As a result, the service can be used for promoting both B2C and B2B companies. Usually both fun and serious posts can go viral provided that they are unique and interesting. LinkedIn is a Business-Oriented Social Networking website which allows users to publish their profiles, upload their CVs and connect with other Professionals and Companies. LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003. Since then more than 100 million professionals have registered on the service worldwide.Both companies and professionals can create a Profile on the service. LinkedIn is great for sharing news, business related articles and press releases, for finding and maintaining Business Contacts and above all for recruiting. It can be used for promoting B2B companies & services and it gives you the opportunity to share news and interesting articles with other professionals of your industry by posting them on the various Professional Groups. YouTube is the most popular video sharing community in the world. It was founded in February 2005 and in November 2006 it was bought by Google for 1.65 billion dollars. Google estimates that YouTube’s reach is 500 million users which is around 32.2% of the Internet. Another interesting statistic that can help us understand the power of YouTube is that every minute more than 24 hours of video are uploaded. 
  •!/nationalcares/status/25558032616267776!/LisaaLandry/status/25370986039742466What do you want to accomplish with your social media campaign? Are you strictly for a larger customer base? You could be looking for a higher awareness of your brand or service. Maybe you want to educate the market. Perhaps you want to form a master mind group. Be clear about it in the beginning and that will outline your strategy.Who is your Target Market?How will you measure your success? Make sure you have measurement strategies in place before you begin. What percentage of new business are you getting from social media?What percentage of new business are you getting from social media? Consider how much time you want to devote to the process. It doesn’t take much time but requires a little discipline. Set some limits and go get that free advertising. Let’s take a look at the main social media platforms and discuss which demographics use them most. All of our examples will be in the BUSINESS context. 
  • Is Social Media & Social News The Same Thing?  It is easy to confuse social media withsocial news because we often refer to members of the news as "the media." Adding to the confusion is the fact that a social news site is also a social media site because it falls into that broader category.But social news is not the same thing as social media anymore than a banana is the same thing as fruit. A banana is a type of fruit, but fruit can also be grapes, strawberries, or lemons. And while social news is social media, social networking and wikis are also social media.
  • Social media is a broad category of tools & spaces where people can interact online. While we don’t have time to go into a lot of depth on each of the platforms we’ll review today, if you have questions, let me know & I'll do my best to get you the information you need. There are hundreds of social media options, & that it can be very overwhelming. As we review these various platforms feel free to ask questions. Who has experience with each & what do you think about that platform
  • Day 24 Hour Special Social Networking Coaching Club
  • Visibility – Engagement is critical to success in SoMe. By participating in conversations, responding to inquiries, sharing daily food for thought & by exposing my brand in meaningful & tangible way, you will always stay top of mind with your audience. Brand as an expert – By writing articles, creating blogs, answering questions & posting comments & advice, you become the go-to person for that topic & the voice that people trust in your industry.Book speaking engagements- Who do conference organizers, reporters or the local camber of commerce seek out when looking for speakers or sources? You! Because of social media, you & your company have built a trusting & credible reputation. Decrease time to conversion – Do you know what happens when someone from a social media platform lands on your site to make a purchase? They do it faster! They need less convincing, less hand-holding & less of a need to speak to you. They feel that way because they feel like they already know you. They read your blog, follow you on Twitter & get your deals via Facebook. You’re not a stranger. You’re their friend – someone they trust & feel comfortable doing business with.Highlight products/services – SoMe offers an additional social avenue to talk about your product/services in a friendly, open & informal way. You can highlight what you offer in normal conversations without coming across as a sales pitch or too much like advertising. You also have the opportunity to answer questions, show features, benefits & offer how-tos to help people get to know you a little better. Find new projects & clients - SoMe platforms like, LI gives companies an opportunity to creat warm leads & make new connections with potential clients. Every time you write a post to a blog, make a Twitter comment or post an update on FB that give you another opportunity to make a potential sale. “When you make yourself part of the conversation, you make your brand part of the story…& people notice”Tell company story – What has SoMe shown us? That people like to conduct business with companies they know & like. We like being introduced to the voices behind the logo becuae it helps us to feel a part of the company & invested in their success. By telling your company’s story & sharing that with users, you create a personal feeling & make people invested in your success.
  • In this section we will focus more in-depth on the five most popular social media tools: Linkedin, Twitter, FB, Blogging & Video Marketing
  • Blogs began as online diaries and/or outlets for passionate people to share their opinions, but they’ve now evolved into specialized information hubs for virtually any niche you can imagine. Blogs, as well as forums & boards, launched the social media revolution because they encouraged reader comments, which bloggers could then respond to. When texting became popular, microblogs like Twitter emerged to make the most of short burst of information. Twitter is now one of the most referenced sources of breaking.
  • Icon is linkedBlogging: Deliver Value Education Based Marketing When bloggers first arrived on the scene, many were sharing personal reflections on life much as one might in a journal. Today, blogs are like online magazines designed for specific niche markets. No matter what your passion, you can find a blog that shares your interest in the topic. Business Blog’s Purpose To establish credibility by sharing expertise with the intention of building readers & encouraging comments Blog Readers • More than 125 million people read blogs monthly, which accounts for 61 percent of all Internet users. • Blog readers are more likely to purchase from & /or refer the bloggers they trust.
  • Best Blogs – an editorial calendar – assign themes to each day & do education base marketing type topicsKey word optimize title , body – every 250 words have 2 to 3 keyword/phrasesHave a call to action
  • Icon is linkedVideo Marketing: Capture Imagination While video used to be an expensive luxury, the popularity of sites like YouTube have made amateur video acceptable as a more authentic alternative. Companies that utilize video to entertain, educate, or persuade their viewers can connect in ways that written content can’t always accomplish. Video’s Purpose -Video is a quick, relatively simple, & cost-effective medium that doesn’t necessarily require expensive equipment or professional talent. Video can show, not tell, what you want your market to understand, often in an entertaining way that is more intriguing to consumers. How Users View Video • Video on your Web site drives 36% more click-throughs, 20% more inbound calls, & entices viewers to spend double the time on your Web site. • 55% of viewers who see a branded video on a third-party site like YouTube visit the company Web site, 30% will visit a store, and 24% will purchase something. And let me add some stats since this was written:2 BILLION videos a DAY are downloaded on YOUTUBE alone (not counting all other sites), in the USA alone, not counting world widethe #1 video is still funny, but #1 search is HOW TO...In October 2010 YouTube surpassed over 1 billion subscribers (that's like signing up for your newsletter or blog feed!)
  • Icon is linkedYouTube* Is the 3rd most visited site on web after Google and Yahoo* Was started by 3 former PayPal employees in 2005* Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion in 2006* Has 100 million viewers* 14.8 billion videos have been watched since January 2009* In the month of January 2009 147 million U.S internet users watched an average of 101 videos per person* Average video time is 2.5 minutes.
  • Twitter – Profile picture, bio, link to home baseTweets are indexed to search enginesProfile –Following/followers/ & time your listed, your tweets – Who to follow (klout, searches, etc)Home – timelines friends tweets, Time management - @mentions, rtsHootsuite/Marketmesuite – scheduling
  • Demo good business pages = Zappos, porsche, victoria secret, sony, nfl, coca cola, Burts Bees, REI
  • Day 24 Hour Special Social Networking Coaching Club
  • Social media marketing 101 santa cruz community foundation.ppt

    1. 1. Social MediaMarketing 101 With Lisa Ann Landry
    2. 2. Social Media Statistics Erik Qualman
    3. 3. What You Can Do With Social MediaOutbound versusInbound MarketingPull not pushFocus on buildingrelationshipDependent on strategy,goals, &consistent engagementRequires time & disciplineRequires participation &monitoringInteractive, immediate,accessibleConsumer has control
    4. 4. What is Social MediaA category of onlinemedia where peopleare talking,participating, sharing,networking, &bookmarking online.A two-wayconversation,Staying connectedother sites, resources,& people.
    5. 5. WhichPlatformIs Best?
    6. 6. Social Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, LiveJournal, Friendster,Multimedia Video YouTube, Viddler, Metacafe, Tubemogul Music Fizy, Rhapsody, Pandora,, Photo Flickr, Picassa, Photobucket, Document ScribdLocal Foursquare, Waze, Gowalla,SCVNGR, FacebookBookmarking Reddit, Stumbleupon, DeliciousSocial Q&A, Yahoo!AnswersProfessional LinkedIN, Plaxo, Rolodex, rmbrME, DropCardProducts Ebay, Coupons & Groupon, LivingSocial DiscountsContent Wikipedia
    7. 7. Social News Digg, PopURLs Blog Networks 9Rules, Gawker, Gizmodo Podcasting Communities Blubrry.comNiche Humblevoice, CarCommunity, Epinions, epicurious CommunityEmail Mailing Lists Discussion Lists Social Email Google BuzzAggregators GoogleReader, Technorati, Retaggr, FriendFeed, MyBlogLog, Plaxo, Social Mention,, Gravatar/OpenIDSocial Media HootSuite, TweetDeck, Who unfollowed Me, UberVu,Management WildFireAppReputation Backtype, Yacktrack, coComment,,Tracking Boardreader, Big Boards, Twilert, TweetBeep, FiltrboxServices ReachCast, SocialMediaMagic, RSS Graffiti, UberVu, Twimbow
    8. 8. “I hear YouTube, Twitter and Facebook aremerging to form a super-social media site –YouTwitFace.” – Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show June 2, 2009
    9. 9. The SNCC WAY SOCIAL NETWORKING COACHING CLUB!A Social Network site committed toteaching Strategies & tactics to Successful social networking Teaching strategies that Grow your business, Increase traffic, Generate revenue!Self Pace Program –Videos-Audios – PDFs12 months with a Coach
    10. 10. The SNCC WAYSOCIAL NETWORKING COACHING CLUB! 10 Modules 1. Understanding Social Networking 2. Understanding Your Market 3. Understanding Who you are energetically online 4. Facebook for Business 5. LinkedIn and Google + REALLY! 6. Twitter is KEYWORD power 7. Video to Accelerate Success 8. Blogging for TRUE Success 9. Newsletter strategy 10. Putting it All Together
    11. 11. Achieve Success with Social Media• Visibility • Find new projects &• Brand as an expert clients• Get more customers • Tell company story• Increase sales • Develop better ideas• Provide customer • Find partners service • Develop brand’s• Decrease time to conversion voice.• Highlight products services
    12. 12. Power & Reach of Blogging
    13. 13. Blogging Statistics70M WordPress blogs worldwide39M Tumblr blogs worldwide4 out of 5 internet users visitsocial networks & blogsBlog Readers More than 125 M people read blogs monthly, Accounts for 61% of all Internet users.Blog readers are more likely to purchasefrom & /or refer the bloggers they trust.
    14. 14. Leverage Blogging1. Use your expertise to build credibility, enhance your reputation, & reinforce your brand.2. Educate your market & pique their interest in your paid products/services.3. Develop content that is spread all over the Web.4. Boost your search engine results by generating fresh content & attracting incoming links.5. Build relationships through the tone & content of your blogs, & interaction with those who post.6. Write conversationally.7. Promote your blog by interacting on others’ blogs (leave a link to your blog).
    15. 15. YouTube Video Statistics800M unique visitors every month2011 had more than 1T views* (video playbacks).60 hours of video are uploaded every minute.Over 4B videos are viewed a dayOver 3B hours of video are watched eachmonthVideo on your Web site Drives 36% more click-thrus, 20% more inbound calls Entices viewers to spend double the time on your Web site.55% of viewers who see a branded video on a third-party sitelike YouTube visit the company Web site, 30% will visit a store, 24% will purchase something.2B videos a DAY are downloaded on YOUTUBE alone
    16. 16. Leverage Video1. Create a marketing plan for your videos & a 5. Don’t wait until the video content /production is perfect calendar 6. Put people in the camera2. Uploaded to video sites, shot, look into the promote them through camera & talk as if you multiple channels were a coffee shop.3. Make effective use of 7. Post on more than one video tags video site: TubeMogul.4. Engage your viewers (keep the message clear, friendly, entertaining, & short).5. Include a call to action.
    17. 17. Twitter Demographics • Replace text messaging • Unique vocabulary – 140 characters o Tweet o Retweet o Hashtag # • Tools o Hootsuite, twitter alert, etc
    18. 18. Leverage Twitter• Follow experts in your industry.• Grow your own followers.• Post valuable content that followers want to pass along (retweet).• Share photos & video.• Increase visibility through engaging in conversation with others.• Drive traffic to your Web site, events, blog, etc.• Monitor your brand & influence.• Listen to market & respond when appropriate.
    19. 19. Facebook Demographics • Personal Profile o Connect with friends & family to share news, photos, videos & play games • Business page o Build an online community/tribe where people can interact, make suggestions, feel like an insider
    20. 20. Leverage Facebook1. Get found by people who are searching for your products/services.2. Connect & engage with current & potential customers.3. Create a community around your business.4. Promote your content including webinars, podcasts, blog articles, E-books, videos, etc.5. Post photos & videos for a more three-dimensional view of your business.6. Customize Facebook pages timeline to reinforce your brand & sets you apart from your competitors.7. Build an application allowing people to play a game connected with your business & generate buzz, & additional revenue.8. Purchase specifically targeted ads that appear only on profiles of your well-defined market.
    21. 21. LinkedIn: Demographics  Half women - men  Women = 35 – 44 yrs  Men = 45-54 yrs  Bachelor’s Degrees; Some College  Women = $50K-$75K  Men= $75K-$100K  Average income $109K  If it were a country would be 12th largest  Members reside in 200 countries
    22. 22. Leverage LinkedIn1. 100% complete professional profile2. Discover & connect with potential clients, service providers, & industry experts3. Conduct market research & seek feedback from respected professionals4. Participating in specialized groups & answering questions5. Gain new insights & collaborate with those in your industry through LinkedIn groups6. Identify inside connections that can introduce you to decision makers/help you get hired.7. Post & distribute job listings8. Solicit &/or display recommendations others provide
    23. 23. 24 Hour SpecialThe Social Networking Retail PricesCoaching Club Annual $699 – 1st 30 days Testimonials free 10 Modules Payment Plan $169 Month to Month $69 Videos, audios, PDFs http://www.socialnetworking Licensed Coach Annual Membership Special 24 Hour Sale Payment Plan $549 Annual Membership Month to Month Sign up with me in the back of the room or ourSpecial