Finding a job using social media


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This presentation was used for the recent job fare at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

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Finding a job using social media

  1. 1. NEW Economy Careers & Job Fair May 2010
  2. 2. Outline !   Your brand/in-person networking !   Define social media !   Shift in the marketplace !   Three social media platforms to begin today !   Linkedin !   Twitter !   Blog
  3. 3. Your personal brand !   Take the time to figure out why an employer should hire you– what sets you apart from other job seekers !   Write a simple paragraph describing your qualities and career highlights/ROI !   Use in-person networking and social media platforms to differentiate yourself by Who am I? letting your audience experience who you are
  4. 4. Power of in-person networking !   Don’t be shy! !   Integrate in-person with social media networking !   Ask for informational meetings with area employers !   Stay in touch with your network to stay top of mind !   Put yourself in the (potential) employers’ shoes, what’s their brand and how can you demonstrate “you get it”
  5. 5. The power of social media
  6. 6. Social media defined Internet-based tools used for sharing and discussing information among people Activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio Information depends on the varied perspectives and “building” of shared meaning among communities
  7. 7. Social media platforms !   Social Networking !   News & Bookmarking !   Blogs !   Microblogs !   Video Sharing !   Photo Sharing !   Wikis !   Geolocation !   Virtual Reality !   Social Gaming
  8. 8. Social networking !   Online communities of like-minded people !   Purpose !   Social: stay in touch, build relationships !   Professional: network, build clientele, find jobs, post jobs, supply content !   Components: photos, profile, status, messaging, events, groups, network webs, e-books, blogging !   Platforms:,,
  9. 9. Linkedin !  LinkedIn has over 36 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world. !  A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of the members are outside the U.S. !  Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.
  10. 10. You Your Network Their Network Their Network’s Network
  11. 11. Open account !  You’ll need: !  Computer !  Email address !  Resume !  Photo !  30 minutes
  12. 12. Determine purpose/goals
  13. 13. Look for jobs, people, answer questions Set up profile Photo Index Profile completeness Basic information Experience, connections, education Profile tasks to networks complete
  14. 14. Personal URL Tip: Use your personal URL, on your resume, email signature and business cards
  15. 15. Applications Tip: Add content to your profile by integrating a blog, Twitter, e-books, etc.
  16. 16. Applications Examples: Share content though e-books, Twitter feeds and blogs
  17. 17. Add contacts
  18. 18. Work it !   Check your profile daily !   Post and answer questions !   Update your status !   Keep tabs on who is looking at your profile !  Join groups or start a group !  Look at the companies you’re interested in working for and see if you have connections in common with employees.
  19. 19. Microblogs !   Mini blog maintained by multiple authors !   Updates: 140 characters or less !   Used for file and information sharing and gathering !   Topics: political, social, professional !   Platforms:
  20. 20. Account set up Status updates Photo Username Tweople @Replies Direct Messages The Conversations
  21. 21. Complete your profile !  Use an email address you check regularly !  Use an easily recognizable username !  Add additional URL (blog or Linkedin) !  Use an image that people can clearly see your face on a small scale !  Add a one line bio !  Include city and state you live in
  22. 22. Find people from your networks ! !  ‘Find People’ tab on profile ! !
  23. 23. Lingo !  @Replies: conversation between people or used to give someone credit !  RT: retweet is used when repeating information, often used with an @Reply to give credit !  TinyURL: Web site that allows users to post long URLs in smaller form
  24. 24. Job Related Twitter Accounts
  25. 25. Attend tweetups & meetups Network
  26. 26. Put it all out there… !  Let your network know you’re job searching by writing it in your bio !  Keep your followers up-to-date on your search !  Post content relevant to your search and your industry !  Tweet your resume 140 characters at a time
  27. 27. !  Website Blogs !  Platforms: or !  Maintained by an individual or an organization !  Share content (written, images, video, etc.) in reverse-chronological order through “posts” !  Types: social, corporate, genre (fashion, political, travel, etc.) !  Informally written typically using acronyms !  Typically allow comments !  Terms: blogosphere, internet celebrities, blogger relations
  28. 28. Name of blog = your Blog example name Photo Make content easy to share with RSS Post regularly with photos/images
  29. 29. Reasons to blog !   Form of online resume !   Develop content, demonstrate how you think !   Engage in dialogue !   Improve your search engine visibility !   Gain expert status by providing useful information
  30. 30. Blog-iquette !  Follow other blogs daily !  Post comments on other blogs !  Make it easy to share, include an RSS feed !  Include photos and video !  Update regularly = 2x/week !  Promote other blogs !  Encourage comments and respond to comments
  31. 31. Rules of engagement !   Don’t push yourself but engage !   Be personal !   LISTEN !   Don’t swear, not even with asterisks !   Always disclose who you are and your affiliations !   Everything is public, even if your profile is blocked
  32. 32. Did you know … !   45 % of employers run a candidate’s name through a search engine such as Google? (Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)) !   That one in five HR professionals disqualified a candidate based on what they uncovered online? (Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)) !   What the top reasons are for disqualifying a candidate? !  Provocative or inappropriate photos !  Content of them drinking or using drugs !  Candidates bad mouthed their previous employer
  33. 33. Managing your online brand !   18 % of employers also hired based on “good” things they saw online: !  Good fit based on personality represented online !  Profile supported candidates qualifications !  Candidate was creative and demonstrated solid communications skills !  Candidate was well-rounded !  Reviewed online recommendations
  34. 34. Social Media Smarts !   Just assume that everything you post online is public !   Your online reputation can and will follow you !   Be upbeat and positive !   Don’t brag but do self-promote !   Engage!! !   Be active, you get what you give! !   A prospective employer could call your contacts as seen in your profile for a reference?
  35. 35. You have more control than you think! !   Look through blogs, Facebook, Linkedin for employees who work at the companies you are pursuing !   Message/contact them for additional background information/meeting– get to know them! !   Pull potential employers and recruiters into your world based on your online presence built on meaningful content !   Use appropriate keywords in your content/profile that match relevant search terms
  36. 36. Additional resources !   Laid Off Camp !   Simply Hired !   Indeed !   Workforce 50
  37. 37. Questions? Please contact us Red Shoes PR, Inc. Email: Twitter: @RedShoesPR Facebook: