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Yahoo! news

  1. 1. + YAHOO! Inc. YAHOO! NEWS Lisa Pietrandrea #NMDL
  2. 2. +“YAHOO! NEWS” CampaigningEfforts  YAHOO! NEWS has competition throughout the Web for consumer use  Google News  Bing News  CNN  Fox News  Local News Websites
  3. 3. + Who To Target:  YAHOO! NEWS is in a unique position in regards to target audiences:  All demographics/psychographics can be interested in news.  Local news  National news  Global news  Very broad in terms of interest/want to know/need to know information.  YAHOO! NEWS can try and target all.
  4. 4. + Creative Concepts  “Sit with us, friends.”  This builds on the relationship happening between the YAHOO! Inc. brand and consumers.  Builds on:  Emotions  Trust  Reliability  Friendship  Up-to-date information  Each factors into what people look for when they are thinking of a news source.
  5. 5. + Creative Concepts Put Into Action  “In The Know”  Trust/Reliability  Up to date information  “Your neighborhood news source”  Friendship/relationship  Neighborhoods are home  People feel comfortable at home/surrounded by friends.  “Come sit with us, friends”  YAHOO! NEWS is not only a news source  YAHOO! NEWS is a friend you can count on to share information with you, and be supportive and reliable.
  6. 6. + Creative Reasoning  With the target market being so broad, YAHOO! NEWS needs to find something that will connect with consumers and make people relate/reach out to them over competition.  News can be emotional  Everyone gets emotional  Emotions can be calmed by those around us  Colleagues, friends, family.
  7. 7. + Key Performance Indicators  **Social Media  Comments made by consumers  Trending topics  Is Yahoo! News trending? Competitors?  Pins/Re-Pins  Facebook likes vs. competitors likes/comments  Click Through Rates  Number of clicks of the ad/How many times the ad is seen  How many times did you predict your ad to be clicked/how many clicks were actually made?
  8. 8. + Tools & Tactics  **Social Media  Instagram  Impactful—pictures speak a thousand words  Images that go along with news stories  Images connect with people emotionally, creating a bond where people want to learn more information.  Facebook  Speaks directly to consumers.  Provides communication to consumers  Easy Q/A set up.  Emails  Links  Twitter  Fast up-to-date information-comparable to news releases on YAHOO! NEWS. People see YAHOO! NEWS tweets and they might go to to read full coverage.  Google Adwords  YAHOO! NEWS can create exactly what they want to say  Can use feedback from social media to pinpoint exactly what consumers are looking for in regards to a favored news source.  Pay-Per-Click
  9. 9. + $$ Budget Factors $$  Professional Help  Research  $250/hour pay for professional agency  How much money does YAHOO! NEWS help (syllabus) devote to advertising?  How much do your competitors pay for  $40,000.00 for an ad agency to advertising? create/execute a digital media plan  What are people interested in? (  Focus groups—do people like your creative strategy?  Digital Age  Evaluation  Social media can be created free of charge  Is the campaign doing a good job?  Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/etc.  Do KPIs show good standings? accounts can all be made for free.  Have you stayed on/under budget?  These free resources are the closest things you have in speaking directly to your market-  Has YAHOO! NEWS site visits utilize digital media to your advantage so you increased? don’t have to pay professionals to study social media for you.
  10. 10. + $$ Budget $$  After thoroughly contemplating the pros, cons, and ROI of each dollar potentially spent on this campaign, the allocated budget is set at:  $35, 000.00  Money is spent on professionals to ensure the campaign is done accurately.  Money is saved by researching via social media instead of with hired third party participants.
  11. 11. + Thank you  Our goal of building YAHOO! NEWS as a trusted news source along with increasing website traffic seems very possible with the strategies outlined within this plan.  Be sure to come and sit with us, friends, for all of your news needs!