Be Happy, Now!


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Sure, you want to be happy - and you will - as soon as...

Are you planning to be happy at some point in the future, perhaps when your life is finally in balance?.. when you get your promotion?.. are married? Don't put off your happiness any longer! Enjoy today. Right now. Start enjoying the journey. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

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Be Happy, Now!

  1. 1. I’ll be happy when… Most of us have goals, or dreams or ideas of something that we want in the future. And we tell ourselves, I’ll be happy when… I’ve lost 20 pounds or I get that promotion or I have a boyfriend/get married or I’m done with school, this job, etc.
  2. 2. No Guarantees But, what if tomorrow never comes? Yes, its morbid to think about, but sadly, for many people, they didn’t get the time they expected to have. So, why are you putting off being happy today?
  3. 3. Live, NOW! The only time that is a certainty is right now – this present moment. So, take and make, the time to do the things that make you happy, now!
  4. 4. Play! Steve Chandler, Master Coach, recommends having some LSD every day. Laugh Sing Dance Lift your spirits by doing things that make you feel good – make time for it every day.
  5. 5. Claim Your Passions! Over the next couple of weeks, notice the things that make you feel good and then incorporate them into your life. Maybe it’s the color pink, or flowers, or sparkles on your shoes. Whatever it is, add it into your life.
  6. 6. Let Go! Are there things that are holding you back, or making you feel bad? A co-worker who irritates you? Sitting in traffic every day? What can you do about it? What actions are within your control to take? If there are actions you can take to change the situation, take them. If the situation is beyond your control, adjust the thing you always have control of – your attitude!
  7. 7. Just for Today Like all of the people in AA, remember that you only need to focus on today. Have a goal that seems incredibly far away?.. What can you do, today, that moves you forward? In a situation that seems unbearable?.. What can you do, today, that will help you cope? Today is all you have and all you need to work on.
  8. 8. Live Your Purpose We are all here for a reason. Every person on earth has a reason for being here. When you live your purpose, you are in harmony with the Universe and everything that you do is supported. When you live your purpose, life is easy. Everything flows, coincidences abound. Do you know your purpose? It is that dream or calling that has been tugging at you. It is that feeling that something is waiting for you. It is that knowing that while life is good, something is still missing. Discover and then live your purpose – it is the only way you will be truly happy.
  9. 9. For more tips on learning how to Be Happy, Now, please visit my website at Lisa Michele Fonseca Certified Life Coach Meiki Hawaii Make your good life great!