Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile March 2013


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A few tips for optimizing your LinkedIn Profile, as of March 2013

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  • Here is where you announce your title and company, but it can also be a place to creatively introduce yourself, sell your skills, and add keywords for searches. Some argue for a straightforward Headline (which favors the business card perspective), while others argue for a more creative and/or broad one (the personal perspective). What you choose is a personal decision. The important thing to remember is this: the Headline sits at the top of your Profile and is often the first thing seen. Also, it’s the most visible/important info displayed during a LinkedIn search.
  • Why do this? If you customize your Profile’s URL, you make it easier for users to remember, and the URL looks better without the trailing superfluous numbers.
  • People locate talent on LinkedIn by conducting a keyword search based on specific skills and expertise. This section assists searchers so that they can refine and optimize their search results. It is important to have this section up to date and more importantly, utilized with multiple skills so that the key words are pulled. You can have up to 50 skills in your LinkedIn Profile.Another important feature of “Skills and Expertise” is that it allows users to “Endorse” you with a simple and easy click. After someone endorses you, their name and picture will appear next to the skill on your Profile. The most endorsed skills move to the top of the section.Clicking the blue pen will open the edit function, providing you with an “Add” field. Begin typing a skill or expertise, and the field will automatically populate with suggested terms.
  • A second way to add skills and expertise is to click the “More” tab at the top of the page. In the dropdown, click “Skills and Expertise.” This will open a separate functionality for adding items.Type a skill/expertise and then “Search.”Click “Add Skill.”
  • Joining Groups does a few things even if you’re passive and don’t engage in Discussions: 1) your Groups will display in your Profile, which suggests some degree of LinkedIn activity; 2) joining a Group also has the benefit of providing you with a window into topics that are current and relevant for a certain set of professionals; and 3) Group members can message each other directly without being 1st Degree Connections.LinkedIn allows users to join up to 50 Groups and up to 50 sub-Groups.
  • Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile March 2013

    1. 1. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
    2. 2. Steps to Improving Your Profile
    3. 3. Improving Your LinkedIn Profile: Method 1
    4. 4. Improving Your LinkedIn Profile: Method 2
    5. 5. LinkedIn Headline
    6. 6. Contact InformationEnsure that your Contact Information is complete,with email, phone, IM, Twitter, and websites you wouldlike your clients to visit.
    7. 7. LinkedIn Summary, a/k/a Elevator PitchThe two key suggestions for writing a summary:• Write it in first person• Add keywords to help people find your profile.
    8. 8. Customizing Your Profile’s URL
    9. 9. Skills & Expertise: Method One
    10. 10. Skills & Expertise: Method Two
    11. 11. Groups
    12. 12. Joining a GroupYou can join a Group using the “Group” tab at the top of the page; orYou can search for specific Groups using LinkedIn’s search field.
    13. 13. Joining a GroupEnter a search term and multiple Groups will be suggested. To see thefull list, click the eye-glass icon.
    14. 14. Sending a Message to a Group MemberMessage Function is not visibleuntil you hover your cursor over it
    15. 15. The Right Way To Ask For ConnectionsDon’t send a generic request to connect!The RIGHT WayWhen reaching out, send a personal message about your last phone call,meeting or shared event. Tell the person why you want to connect.
    16. 16. Establishing Credibility In Your FieldOnce you’ve improved your static profile, you need to enhance it withdynamic content to show that you are a trusted and knowledgeable partner.Adding content of interestto your clients will establishyour credibility and willmake you top of mindwhen they are ready tomake a purchasingdecision.