Liquid lunch at JRUL.


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Mimas presentation with Lisa Charnock. Highlighting innovation at Mimas.

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  • Joy:Introduce us,Mimas and the session…(Along the lines of) What is Mimas? We’re going to talk to you about what we’ve found with our market research and how we are responding to that with projects – can only show a few examples today etc.
  • Lisa C:Mobile Mimas – researching this area for a while, and users/technology moving fast
  • Lisa J:Overview of SCARLET – show video.
  • Lisa C:Overview of the SALT project – why it’s important
  • Lisa J:Demonstration of the SALT recommenderLisa C:Conclude with bit about the future, mentioning open activity data and plans to bring in more libraries
  • Lisa J:Govt open data stuff – LOCAH stuff. Future – linking lives. Joy:Conclude/wrap up. Do you want a slide?Look to the future
  • This is about recasting the value chainThe Discovery initiative and this movement more broadly is about embracing and facilitating the growth of new business models, not only rethinking our value proposition but also reflecting on our very purpose. We hope you will join us, not in blind pursuit of an ideal but rather by contributing to the community dialogue about rationale and business case and consequently to the shared reservoir of open metadata.
  • Liquid lunch at JRUL.

    1. 1. …You have to merge I think really greatthese points of view,and you have to from products come do itin an interactive way of melding two points view—the technologyover a period of point of view and thetime—which doesntmean a week. of customer point view. You need both.It takes a long time topull out of just ask You cant customerswhat they really they customers whatwant, and it takes ato want and then trylong time to pull out give that them…of technology what itcan really give.
    2. 2. The mobile web 2009 “Mine’s quite bad actually … quite poor so I don’t really use it.” 2011 “Even my mum has got a smartphone”CC:
    3. 3. The worlds five billionsmartphone users will become alarger user of the web than thetwo billion who currently accessit through a computer. MATT Brittin, Chief executive of Google in the UK and Ireland
    4. 4. The SCARLET Project
    5. 5. Arts & humanities researchers borrow books… They’re centrifugal searchers and ‘berry-pickers’ They ask their tutors and each other where find info They’re suspicious about ratings & reviews, but….They can see the benefit of ‘tacit’ recommender functions
    6. 6. The SALT Project: Surfacing the Academic Long Tail Hypothesis: Library circulation activity data can be used to support humanities research by surfacing underused ‘long tail’ library materials through search
    7. 7. The LOCAH/Linking Lives projectCC:
    8. 8. Becoming new links in the value chain New business models New value propositions New purpose?