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Copac Worksheet Nov09
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Copac Worksheet Nov09


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Worksheet to go with Mimas Bibliographic Services PPT

Worksheet to go with Mimas Bibliographic Services PPT

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Copac Worksheet November 2009 1. Quick Search (1) Instructions: Enter Hilary Mantel in the author field. Select the first copy of A change of climate. Click on the title to go to the full record. This record includes a summary, review and biography. Question: Where was Hilary Mantel born? 2. Quick Search (2) Instructions: Enter clotting in the keyword field. View the full record for Blood : an epic history of medicine and commerce / Douglas Starr. Examine the record. Look at the Copies held by: information. Question: When is the Bristol copy due back? 3. Main/Advanced Search Instructions: Select Main Search by clicking on the 2nd Tab on the Search form. Enter Judaica as a subject search Select Theses as a material type View the full record of Aron Freimann und die Wissenschaft des Judentums / Rachel Heuberger. Question: Which libraries hold this work? 1 LJ 17/11/2009
  • 2. 4. Login to Copac Instructions: Login to Copac using your institutional username and password or create your own using Protect Network or TypeKey. Do the following 3 searches and Add to my references at least 1 record from each search. (click on the image ) Search 1: Keyword: “web 2.0” (include speech marks to phrase search) Search 2: ISBN: 9780812241082 Search 3: Title: Captivity, flight, and survival in World War II Click on the link to My References. Look at the Tag Cloud which appears on the right hand side of the page. Question: How could you use the tag cloud to help you with your research? 5. Edit, annotate and add tags Instructions: Stay in the My References section. a) Imagine you are using My References to create a bibliography. You decide you do not need to include ISBNs or ISSNs. Go to your first record, click on Edit. Delete the ISBN or ISSN. Click Save. b) Go to your second record. Click on Add note. Add an instruction/reminder for yourself. (e.g. Get for inter-library loan?) c) Add a tag to each of your references. Enter text: Mimas Bib Services. Click on button to Add tags. Refresh your browser. Question: What has happened to your tag cloud? 2 LJ 17/11/2009