Student Examples Of Grammar, Punctuation And Usage

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  • 1. Student Examples of Grammar, Punctuation, or Usage Errors Prepared by Professor Lisa Mazzie Hatlen Marquette University Law School
  • 2. The Assignment
    • Three weeks before the due date, students are shown a PowerPoint presentation that depicts some grammar, punctuation, or usage error(s).
    • Their task: To go forth into the world and bring back a “real life” example of a grammar, punctuation, or usage error. They must identify the error and indicate how they would fix it.
    • The #1 rule: They cannot do a purposeful Internet search looking for those websites that collect these errors.
  • 3. The Assignment - Continued
    • Students have turned in brochures, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, photocopies from pages of their textbooks, and print-outs from websites of all kinds, or they take pictures if they can't physically remove a sign.
    • In the spring semester, the assignment is due just after Spring Break, which gives students the opportunity to use Spring Break travel to locate errors.
    • What follows are some of the best examples I have received from students (with a few of my own thrown in).
  • 4. On a student's t-shirt.
    • Submitted (and modeled) by Andy Helminiak
  • 5.
    • Submitted by Kaitlyn Wild
  • 6. From a picture/poster hanging in the hallway at the law school. 
    • Photo by Nick DeSiato
  • 7. Lack of punctuation, I tell them, can create unintended meanings.
    • Photo by Lisa Mazzie Hatlen
  • 8.
    • Submitted by Adam Essman
  • 9. Shirts on sale in the boys' department at Kohl's Department Store, Madison, Wis.
    • Photo by Lisa Mazzie Hatlen
  • 10. An ad on the side of a bus stop shelter one block from the law school.
    • Photo by Lisa Mazzie Hatlen
  • 11. At the border crossing on the Mexican side, Nogales, Mexico/Arizona.
    • Photo by Lisa Mazzie Hatlen
  • 12. A billboard near campus.
    • Photo by Nick Harken
  • 13. The cover a binational business magazine of the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.
    • Submitted by Matthew Luening
  • 14. At a New Orleans police station, post-Katrina.
    • Photo by Matthew Clabots
  • 15. At the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast Administrative Office Gift Shop.
    • Photo by Annika Thompson
  • 16. At Dirty Little Roddy's in Ketchum, Idaho.
    • Photo by Jaime Bouvette
  • 17. Manasota Beach, Florida.
    • Error pointed out by Brigid Moroney. Photo by Brigid’s mom.
  • 18. A page from the Barnes & Noble employment handbook.
    • Submitted by Kate Schmidt
  • 19. Notice how this place in Madison, Wis., handles its dress code.
    • Submitted by Amy Barnes
  • 20. Internet news from WKOW-TV in Madison, Wis.
    • Submitted by Lisa Mazzie Hatlen
  • 21.
    • Submitted by Adam Ben-Zikri
  • 22. From the local grocery store's community board, McFarland, Wis.
    • Submitted by Lisa Mazzie Hatlen
  • 23.
    • Thanks for watching!