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Facility plan

  1. 1. Facility Plan forA.E. Beach High School Lisa Franklin FRIT 7132 Fall 2011
  2. 2. Mission StatementTo ignite a passionfor learningand teachingat high levels.
  3. 3. Vision StatementFrom school to the world:All studentsprepared forproductive futures.
  4. 4. School DataGrade Levels 9th: 148 students 10th: 207 students 11th: 291 students 12th: 338 studentsStudent Population: There are 984 students.Nationalities Asian: 1% African American: 90% Hispanic: 3% Multi-racial: 3% White: 3%
  5. 5. School DataSCHOOL IMPROVEMENT GRANT (SIG) FOR BEACH HIGH SCHOOLThe Turnaround Model will be implemented atBeach High School and has the advantage of allowing the school to start over with a clean slate in the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)process. As a result, the school choice option and supplemental services option will not be offered at Beach High School.
  6. 6. School DataWith ESPLOST funding, a new Beach HighSchool will be built. The funding will provide theschool with more than 200,000 square feet ofspace for students and faculty.Included in this project is a new media center.
  7. 7. Media Center InformationA.E. Beach High School has:O one full time Media Specialist andO one full time Media Clerk.Beach HS Media Center offer their students a wide variety ofprint and digital resources.The media center hours of operation are:7:15 AM – 3:20 PMStudents and faculty are able to access any of the resourcesin the media center between these hours.
  8. 8. Media Center Policy Beach HS media center does not have an individual policy. It hasadopted the system wide policy. This policy is “all students will be armed with skills in media and technologythat will prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.”
  9. 9. Current Floor Plan Buy SmartDraw !- purchased copies print this document without a watermark . Visit www.smartdraw .com or call 1-800-768-3729.
  10. 10. Student Surveys1. Do you like the media center?2. Do you go to the media center?3. How often do you visit the media center?4. Do you think there are enough material in the media center? (i.e. books, computers)5. Are there any changes that can be made to the media center to make it more useable?6. If you were the media specialist, what is one thing you would do differently?
  11. 11. Student Survey AnswersTwenty-five students were surveyed. Here are theresults:1. 16-yes 9-no2. 20-yes 5-no3. 5-never 5-once per year 7-at least once a month 8-more than twice a week4. 21-no 4-yes5. 25-yes6. more technology like I-pads and faster computers, E-readers, headphones; more comfortable reading chairs and sitting chairs, study cubicles.
  12. 12. Faculty and Staff Surveys1. Do you go to the media center?2. How often?3. Are there any changes that can be made to the media center to make it better?4. Are there enough teacher materials, such as books, paper, computers, laminator, copier, technology in the media center?5. What is one thing you would do differently to make the media center better?
  13. 13. Faculty and Staff other Concernso Wireless technology for teachers and students to use personal computers and eBooksO Longer morning and afternoon hours to work on projects and collaborate with media specialistsO No limits on number of times a teacher can check out popular equipment if others are not using it (1st come/1st served)
  14. 14. Faculty and Staff Survey Answers Twenty-five faculty and staff were surveyed. Here are the results: 1. 22-yes 3-no 2. 17-more than twice a week 5-daily 3-never 3. 22-no 3-yes 4. 25-yes 5. More equipment in order to serve multiple teachers at one time
  15. 15. Improvementso Media Specialists would like to have a better view from their offices. This would allow them to be able to supervise students if they have to step inside of their office for a moment.o The students and the teachers both agreed to have a more inviting environment.o A larger periodical area is requested.o Different variety of tables and chairs.
  16. 16. ImprovementsO Tables and seating designed for small groups to work together.O Study cubicles are needed.O An area where the whole class can meet and collaborate.O Areas that are more defined.O More parental involvement as volunteers in the media center.O More funds for online software or databases
  17. 17. Library Floor Plan Revisions Buy SmartDraw !- purchased copies print this document without a watermark . Visit www.smartdraw.com or call 1-800-768-3729.
  18. 18. Seating for the Periodical Area2be! Loungehttp://www.brodartfurniture.com/products/2be-lounge/products~detail.aspx?id=32&cId=10 http://www.brodartfurniture.com/products/abridge- lounge/products~detail.aspx?id=33&cId=10
  19. 19. Small Group Areahttp://www.shopbrodart.com/furnishings/tables/library-and-reading-tables/_/ulliMoen-WOODWORKS/liliBRODART-Exclusive-Sumo-Table-/li/ul/?s=MzoxNjowOjo6Ojo6MDo%3d
  20. 20. Large Group TablesThis table accommodates for a wheelchair to situnder it comfortably.http://www.shopbrodart.com/furnishings/tables/library-and-reading-tables/_/Brodart-Cambridge-Series-ADA-Library-Reading-Tables/?s=MzoxNjowOjo6Ojo6MDo%3d
  21. 21. Floor CarpetingJoy Carpets Fluorescent Lavahttp://www.shopbrodart.com/furnishings/carpets-and-floor-mats/contemporary-designs/_/Joy-Tuff-Rugs-Stainmaster-Lava-Fluorescent-Carpet/?s=MzoxNjowOjo6Ojo6MDo%3d
  22. 22. Lounge Area http://www.shopbrodart.com/furnishings/lounge/_/KI-http://www.shopbrodart.com/furnishings/lounge/ Teacup-Lounge-_/Brodart-Tiburon-Lounge-Seating/ Seating/?s=ODoxNjowOjo6Ojo6MDo%3d
  23. 23. Library Policies and Procedures with some ModificationsO The media center is open 7:30 to 3:30 on school days. The media center should be open at least 30 minutes before school hours to accommodates teachers schedule. It should also be opened 30 minutes later for teacher and student after-school access.O The media center operates with a flexible schedule allowing individual students as well as classes to use the media center.O Teachers must schedule a time with the media specialist if they want to bring classes or small groups to the media center.
  24. 24. Library Policies and ProceduresO Students must have their ID badges to check out books. Replacement badges are $5.00.O Books are checked out for two weeks at a time.O A fine of $0.05 per day is charged for overdue books.O Any overdue books or late fees must be paid before students are allowed to check out any more books.O The purchase price for damaged or lost books must be paid by the student before any report cards or any more books checked out.O Teachers can check out as many items are needed for an unspecified amount of time. (Teachers should be given a time frame for checked out materials in order to give other teachers access.O Students are not allowed to check out periodicals.
  25. 25. Library Policies and ProceduresO A media committee develops goals, considers budget priorities, reconsiders challenged materials and evaluates the media program.O The media specialist and the principal selects materials for the collectionO The media center can be reserved for meetings. Reservations can be made with the media specialist.
  26. 26. Beach High School Media Center SummaryBeach High School Media Center is able to function bysupplying the needs of students and staff. The students and teachers enjoy visiting the current media center. However, with the funding from ESPLOST, the new facility is expected to be one of the most beautifulrooms in the school building. It is the wishes of the staff that it comes equipped with large open sunny spaces.The new facility will be quite spacious and have enough space for additional growth. The existing layout works well for the school at this time, but the new layout willcome with new technology and 21st Century equipment. This will help to further advance the teaching and learning of students.