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New Israel Fund (NIF) 2011 Tribute Journal Inside

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New Israel Fund (NIF) 2011 Tribute Journal

  1. 1. welcomeBecky Buckwald and Orli BeinSan Francisco Regional Co-DirectorsmotziRabbi Elliot Dorff Dinner Co-Chairdinnerintroduction to the speaking programMichael Bien and Stuart PollakIncoming and Outgoing San Francisco Regional Board Chairspresentation of edith s. coliver human rights fundand miriam fligelman levy cross cultural prize Diane Jordan WexlerNew Israel Fund International Council Memberedith s. coliver human rights fund recipient Shira WilkofRepresentative of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movementguardian of democracy awardRabbi Amy Eilberg and Professor Louis Newmankeynote addressPeter BeinartcloseDaniel SokatchNew Israel Fund Chief Executive Officer
  2. 2. Who We A reThe New Israel Fund is the leading Building a viable and free society committed toorganization committed to equality and social justice is the medium through which thedemocracy for all Israelis. We are a partnership New Israel Fund strengthens Israeli democracy.of Israelis and supporters of Israel worldwide, Widely credited with building Israel’s progressivededicated to a vision of Israel as both the Jewish civil society from scratch, we have providedhomeland and a shared society at peace with itself over $200 million to more than 800 cutting-and its neighbors. NIF strengthens organizations edge organizations since our inception. Ourand leaders that work to achieve equality for all action arm Shatil provides Israel’s social changecitizens of the state; realize the civil and human community with hands-on assistance. In addition,rights of all, including Arab citizens of Israel; NIF/Shatil builds coalitions, empowers activists,recognize and reinforce the essential pluralism and takes the initiative in spearheading nationalof Israeli society; and empower groups on the advocacy campaigns.economic margins of Israeli society. 2 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner
  3. 3. New Israel Fund P rioritiesAchieve equality for all the citizens of the state regardless of religion,national origin, race, gender or sexual orientation;Realize the civil and human rights of all individuals, includingPalestinian citizens of Israel and other marginalized minorities, andopposition to all forms of discrimination and bigotry;Recognize and reinforce the essential pluralism of Israeli society andtolerance for diversity;Protect the access of minorities to democratic channels for the expressionof their interests and identities and the promotion of their rights;Empower civil society in Israel as the fundamental vehicle of anopen society;Build and maintain a just society at peace with itself and its neighbors.Thank you for joining us tonight and partnering with theNew Israel Fund to achieve equality and democracy for all Israelis. New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner 3
  4. 4. Featuring P eter Beinart A great friend of the New Israel Fund, prominent journalist and author Peter Beinart is one of the most vibrant new voices on engagement with Israel. Beinart’s groundbreaking essay about the American Jewish relationship to Israel, “The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment,” became last year’s Jewish story of the year. A Schwartz Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation and Associate Professor of Journalism and Political Science at The City University of New York, Beinart is also Senior Political Writer for The Daily Beast, and a contributor to Time. Beinart formerly served as editor of The New Republic and has also written for The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, the Boston Globe, the Atlantic Monthly, Newsweek and Slate—to name a few. He has appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” “Charlie Rose,” “The McLaughlin Group,” “The Colbert Report,” MTV, CNN, Fox, MSNBC and many other television and radio programs. Beinart graduated from Yale University in 1993, winning a Rhodes scholarship for graduate study at Oxford University where he graduated from University College with an M.Phil in International Relations. He lives with his wife and children in New York City.4 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner
  5. 5. Honoring R abbi A my E ilberg & P rofessor L ouis Newman Recipients of the Guardian of Democracy Award Two truly significant figures in the American Jewish community, Rabbi Amy Eilberg and Professor Louis Newman have proudly supported and advocated for NIF since 1984. Amy has been a pioneer in countless ways: as the first woman rabbi ordained in the Conservative Movement, as co-founder of the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center, as a leader in Jewish hospice work and spiritual direction, and as a bridge-builder—between Israelis and Palestinians; between Jews, Christians and Muslims; and among Jews across the ideological spectrum. She is at work on a book on Judaism and peacemaking. Louis is among the country’s leading scholars of Jewish ethics and a celebrated professor at Carleton College, where he has taught for nearly three decades. He is author of numerous publications, including his most recent Repentance: the Meaning and Practice of Teshuvah. Louis is also a devoted community leader, serving as president of both the St. Paul Talmud Torah and Beth Jacob Congregation, his synagogue in Saint Paul. Louis is also a longtime member of NIF’s International Council. Amy and Louis live in Minnesota, but maintain a deep connection to the Bay Area, where Amy has many colleagues, friends and her daughter, Penina.New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner 5
  6. 6. Thank YouDinner ChairsRabbi Elliot Dorff , Lee Labé Pollak, Diane Jordan WexlerDinner CommitteeSteve Abel, Ellen Bob & David Waksberg, Candice Gold, Daniel Langenthal,Riv-Ellen Prell & Steven Foldes, Carol & Terry WinogradNew Generations Host CommitteeMichael Amerikaner, Jason Bernstein, Rebekah Bob-Waksberg, Rabbi Jill Cozen-Harel,Alexander Germanacos, Lindsay Kauffman, Marnie Krell, Amiee Kushner, Sarah Lesser,Rachael Levy, Dyanna Loeb, Sam Ruben, Naomi ShiffmanSpecial Thanks Candice Gold graciously sponsored the gifts you will take home tonight. These are bookmarks hand embroidered by the women of Desert Embroidery, an initiative developed by NIF grantee Lakia: Association for the Improvement of the Status of Women. The majority of Israel’s Bedouin citizens live below the poverty line and in unrecognized villages, where they have little political clout, fewemployment opportunities, sub-standard healthcare and education, and often no electricity, runningwater, or sewage systems. Desert Embroidery is one of several initiatives that help Bedouin womencontribute to their own and their families’ livelihoods. Through empowerment, advocacy, education,and leadership training projects, the New Israel Fund and its action arm, Shatil, are helpingthousands of Israel’s Bedouin citizens achieve lives of dignity. 6 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner
  7. 7. H onorary D inner C ommitteeJoanne Abel • Fred H. Altshuler & Julia W. Cheever • Rabbi Camille Shira Angel, CongregationSha’ar Zahav • Eric Antebi & Marla Kolman Antebi • Professor Deena Aranoff • Rabbi Bradley S.Artson • Eileen Auerbach & Larry Burgheimer • Maia Azubel • Alvin Baum • Howard Belfer & LaurieLeventhal-Belfer • Bruce Beron • David & Rachel Biale • Michael Bien & Jane Kahn • Shirley K.Bob • Seymour & Sylvia Boorstein • Elizabeth Friedman Branoff & Steven Branoff • Ellen & MarcBrown • Abigail Caplin & Amnon Goodman • Rabbi Ari & Joy Cartun • Adi Cohen • Rachel Cowan •Rabbi Menachem Creditor • Sandra Curtis • Rabbi William Cutter • Rabbi Alexander Davis • IlanaDeBare & Sam Schuchat • Rick,Tina, and Nathan Fein Dinitz • James Dubey • Gladys Eilberg • RabbisDavid Ellenson & Jacqueline Koch Ellenson • Adina Danzig Epelman & Dan Epelman • Lisa Erdberg &Dennis Gibbons • David S. Fankushen • Concepción S. & Irwin Federman • Chaplain Bruce Feldstein,M.D. • Dr. Jonathan Fuchs • Rabbi Rosalind Glazer • Nancy Goldberg • Serra Falk Goldman &William Goldman • Rabbi Sarah Graff & Dr. Scott Roy • Renanah Halpern & Joel Green •Grace Hughes & John Levinsohn • Rabbi Yoel Kahn • Thomas & Linda Kalinowski • Leslie Kane &M. Manuel Fishman • Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann & Dr. George Karlin-Neumann • Leslie S.Katz • Rebecca Katz • Deborah Kaufman & Alan Snitow • Hannah J. Kranzberg • Rabbi Harold J.Kravitz & Cindy Reich • George Krevsky • Linda Kurtz • Hilary Kushins & Scott Herscher • RabbiNoa Kushner, Founding Rabbi, The Kitchen • Amy L. Lansky, PhD • Ellen Lefkowitz • Joyce & LenLevitan • Sheldon & Lorri Lewis • Rabbi Michael Lezak, Congregation Rodef Sholom • Ron Lezell •Adele & Mark Lieberman • Jeremy Lizt • Caroline & Brian Lurie • Rhoda & Don Mains • CarolMalnick • Rabbi Janet Marder, Congregation Beth-Am • Elizabeth McKinsey & Thomas Clough •Barbara Meislin & Stuart Kaplan • Robin Mencher & Matthew Diamond • Judy & Jay Nadel •Bonnie Newman • Jane Newman & Amy Lange • Dr. Raquel H. Newman • Steve & Sheryl Newman •Dr. Richard & Martha Pastcan • Joni & Russ Pratt • Amy G. Rassen • Alan & Nancy Raznick •Rabbi Dorothy Richman & Michael Steinman • Diane Rosenberg • Gary & Sue Rosenberg • DavidL. Rosenhan • Toby & Robert Rubin • Peter Rukin & Sharon Djemal • Rabbi Sandy E. Sasso &Rabbi Dennis C. Sasso • Toby Schonfeld • Lynn & Paul Sedway • Rita R. Semel • Rabbi Judy Shanks &Dr. James Gracer • Bella Shapero & Ronald Meckler • Eileen Soffer & Rick Levenson • Gary B.Sokol & Paul Blanc • Harriet & Martin Spitz • Susan Stahl & Jane Stepak • Rabbi Jacob Staub &Michael Spitko • Heidi Stewart & John Weinstein • Dianne & Hector Sztainer • Laura Talmus •Howie & Nechama Tamler • Ingrid Tauber & Frank Taforo • Bonnie & Marty Tenenbaum • RabbiDavid & Betsy Teutsch • Consul General of Israel Akiva Tor & Mrs. Naomi Tor • Steve Tulkin &Sydney Kapchan • Mark Tuschman • Rabbi Burt Visotzky • Paul & Dorothy Wachter • AlexandraWall & Paul Bosky • Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg • Stephen Weiner • Marilyn & Dr. RaymondWeisberg • Susan & Robert Wolfe • Rev. Sandee Yarlott & Rev. Ron Stief • Dr. Gail Bates Yessne &Peter Yessne • Alan & Monica Zimmerman • Rabbi Jessica Zimmerman • Sabrina Zimmerman New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner 7
  8. 8. Guardian of Democracy DonorsGuardians Caroline & Brian LurieVisionaries Michael Bien & Jane Kahn Linda Kurtz David L. Rosenhan Sylvia Sabel & Joel RubinsteinChampions Lisa Erdberg & Dennis Gibbons Concepción S. & Irwin Federman Hannah J. Kranzberg Stuart & Lee PollakDefenders Joanne & Steve Abel Leslie Kane & Alvin Baum M. Manuel Fishman Rabbi Amy Eilberg & Peter Rukin & Louis Newman Sharon Djemal Phyllis Friedman Bonnie & Marty Tenenbaum Candice Gold & Ed Russell Diane Jordan Wexler & Serra Falk Goldman & Bruce Beron William Goldman Neil Goteiner and Nadine JosephNew Gen Professor Deena Aranoff Heidi Stewart &including sponsorship of a table David Friedman & John Weinsteinfor young adults Paulette Meyer Drs. Carol & Terry Winograd Thomas & Linda Kalinowski Dr. Gail Bates Yessne & Carol Malnick/ Peter Yessne Diane Jordan Wexler 8 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner
  9. 9. Patrons Fred H. Altshuler & Alan & Nancy Raznick Julia W. Cheever Rabbi Dorothy Richman Eileen Auerbach & & Michael Steinman Larry Burgheimer Diane Rosenberg Maia Azubel Phyllis & David Rothman Dr. Ralph & Gail Bernstein Toby & Robert Rubin Ellen Bob & David Waksberg Margaret Schink Shirley K. Bob Lynn & Paul Sedway Elizabeth Friedman Branoff & Rita R. Semel Steven Branoff Rabbi Judy Shanks & Meryl Brod & Lenard Weiss Dr. James Gracer Ilana DeBare & Sam Schuchat Lee & Judy Shulman Rabbi Elliot Dorff Howard & Ann Sohn James Dubey Gary B. Sokol & Paul Blanc David S. Fankushen Susan Stahl & Jane Stepak Eleanor Friedman & Ingrid Tauber & Frank Taforo Jonathan Cohen Steve Tulkin & Nancy Goldberg Sydney Kapchan Meredith Goldsmith Sarah Wall Memorial Trust Grace Hughes & Stephen Weiner John Levinsohn Marilyn & Deborah Kaufman & Dr. Raymond Weisberg Alan Snitow Rebecca Westerfield & Naomie & Charles Kremer Ivy Fine Marvin Langsam Susan & Robert Wolfe Joyce & Len Levitan Jeremy Lizt Michael & Maxine Mantell Barbara Meislin & Stuart Kaplan Judy & Jay Nadel Dr. Richard & Martha Pastcan Betty Ann Polse Joni & Russ Pratt New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner 9
  10. 10. Spotlight on NIFThe Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement2011 Recipient of the Edith S. Coliver Human Rights FundThe Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement was born A focus of broad public attention, they have drawnout of the forced eviction of four Palestinian families leading Israeli public figures such as author Davidfrom their homes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood Grossman, former Speaker of the Knesset Avrum Burg,of Sheikh Jarrah in 2009. These residents, who lived in and Nobel Prize laureate Daniel Kahneman. ManyIsrael before 1948, received housing from the Jordanian view it as an important rejuvenation of the Israeligovernment when it was sovereign in East Jerusalem. movement for human rights, democracy and peace.In recent years, however, Jewish settler organizationshave successfully claimed ownership over these Shira Wilkof, one of the foundershouses by virtue of Ottoman deeds dating back to of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidaritythe 19th century. Some 500 Palestinians are currently Movement, will be at the dinner tothreatened with eviction from disputed properties in accept this honor on behalf of thethe neighborhood. organization.These events have catalyzed a vibrant protestmovement. Led by young, Jewish Israelis who wantto live in a society that respects human rights, eachFriday hundreds—and sometimes thousands—ofactivists from all over Israel congregate in the smallneighborhood, standing shoulder to shoulder withlocal Arab residents. Attempts to suppress the protesthave been continuous and severe, including the arrestsof more than a hundred people; yet the demonstrationshave only increased in numbers and influence. Susie Coliver and Sandy Coliver established the Fund in 2002 to recognize and remember their mother Edith Coliver’s tremendous contribution to the cause of human and civil rights. Always with an open heart and an open mind, Edith brought great thoughtfulness and genuine compassion to her activism on behalf of a just and tolerant Israeli society. Her service on the International and Regional Boards of NIF was emblematic of her lifelong commitment to human rights and democratic values.10 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner
  11. 11. Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality2011 Winner of the Miriam Fligelman Levy Cross Cultural Prize Haya Noa ch, E xec utive D irec tor of th e N ege v C oe x i ste n c e For um, a nd K h alil E l a mour, a me mbe r of th e For um’s stee r ing c ommitteeIsrael’s Negev desert is home to the majority of its What Khalil appreciates about the Forum is the mutualBedouin citizens. Of these, some 80,000 live in 35 respect and deep commitment to the cause that existsvillages that remain unrecognized by the state. With between its Jewish and Arab members. They activelyfew opportunities for employment, residents face recruit a broad spectrum of voices, including Bedouinsevere poverty. Their homes are under constant threat women and Arab and Jewish students from the Ben-of demolition and their agricultural fields regularly Gurion University of the Negev.destroyed. Despite the fact that they are Israeli citizens, The Forum also runs the Multaka-Mifgash Center forthese villages often lack electricity; running water; Arab–Jewish Understanding in Be’er-Sheva. Multakagarbage and sewage disposal systems; as well as access and mifgash mean ‘meeting’ in Arabic and Hebrewto roads, schools and healthcare. respectively, reflecting the Center’s goal of bringingKhalil Elamour was born in the village of Alsira, communities together. It serves as a neutral space forwhich, like so many other unrecognized Bedouin joint Arab–Jewish cultural and educational activities—villages, is threatened with demolition. In an effort to including lectures, plays, film screenings, and jointfight for his village’s right to exist, five years ago he holiday celebrations—that encourage interaction andjoined the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil dialogue among the diverse communities of the Negev.Equality and is currently a member of its steeringcommittee. A Jewish–Arab collaborative effort, theNegev Coexistence Forum works to achieve equalcivil rights for all residents of the Negev and attaingovernment recognition of Bedouin villages. Miriam Fligelman Levy was an innovator and a social thinker who, along with her husband Irving, dedicated her life to bridge building. Her legacy and her commitment to these values are carried on by her daughter Judith Levy Sender and by her sons Joseph Fligelman Levy and John Fligelman Levy. The Miriam Fligelman Levy Prize was established by the late Edith Coliver and embodies the spirit of the progressive conscience of the Jewish community. New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner 11
  12. 12. Congratulations to Amy and Louis, and continued success to the New Israel Fund, Your community at Beth Jacob Congregation “Whoever honors Torah, will be honored by others” (Pirkei Avot 5:8) Mara Benjamin and Dr. Phyllis Gorin and Bonnie Resnick and Miryam Kabakov, Rabbi Morris Allen Alan Milavetz Rayzie and Shifra Elaine Hartsman Laurie Radovsky and Sharon Benmaman and Vicki and David Itzkowitz Geoffrey Marshall John Allen Bruce Kessler Randi Ilyse Roth and Suzanne Bring Dianne and Isabel Lev Michael Blumfield and James Tuthill Carolyn Levy and Nina Samuels and Holly and Sheldon Berkowitz Earl Schwartz Jonathan Brod Farber Joyce and Leonard Levitan Sue and Larry Savett Katherine Carlson and Rabbi Lynn Liberman Alison and Mark Savin Sean M. Murphy B.B. and P.T. Magee Linda and Leonard Schloff Susan Cobin Karen and Ron Matz Marsha Schoenkin and Barb Curchack and Leslie Morris Stuart Bear Natan Paradise Lois Newberger Penelope Simison Anita Dinerstein Sara Lynn Newberger and Diane Neumark Stzainer Elaine DuFresne Barbie Levine and Hector Sztainer Frances and Keven Fischer Jo and Eric Pasternack Lisa Tiegel and Eric Galatz Mari Forbush Beth Pearlman and Lisa and Kevin Walker Harriet and Peter Glick Gary George Rosanne Zaidenweber and Wendy Goldberg and Riv-Ellen Prell and Mary LeSourd Daniel Halpern Steven Foldes12 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner
  13. 13. Louis Amy, andMay you and the New Israel Fund“go from strength to strength.”From your friends and colleagues, Hanna Bloomfield and Robert Karasov Rabbi Alexander Davis Renanah Halpern and Joel Green Dr. Margaret Hall and Moss Patashnik Judith and Jerome Ingber Harriet and Dan Kohen Senator Sandy Pappas and Neal Gosman Ellen Sue and John Parker Carol Sarnat and Rick Siedband Cantor Rachel and Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker Chris and Vic Rosenthal Mary Ann and David Wark Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman and State Representative Frank Hornstein New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner 13
  14. 14. In Honor of Amy Eilberg Amy and Louis – and Louis Newman with You have made the world more just love and appreciation. through your lives and work. Congratulations on this special day! JANE NEWMAN AND AMY LANGE SHERYL AND STEVE NEWMAN With love, BRUCE, DIANE, E DWARD, AND ZACK Tzedek, Tzedek, Tirdof: Lovingkindness and truth have met Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue Justice and peace have kissed. Bakesh Shalom V’Radfehu: (Psalms 85:10) Seek Peace and Pursue It Congratulations to our dear friends, Amy Kol hakavod Amy and Louis! and Louis, who each day seek and pursue May you continue your commitment to justice and peace, creating the world we hesed, emet, tzedek and shalom. want for ourselves and our children. CINDY R EICH & With love, R ABBI H AROLD K RAVITZ Marc and Ellen Brown, Rabbi Ari R ABBI CYNTHIA K RAVITZ and Joy Cartun, Rick Levenson and GABE K RAVITZ & YAEL SMILEY Eileen Soffer, Ron Meckler and Bella TALIA K RAVITZ & E LANA K RAVITZ Shapero, Howie and Nechama Tamler, David Waksberg and ellen bob, and Michael and Tricia Vinson14 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner
  15. 15. Amy and Louis,For our dear friends, Amy & Louis,who set the bar very high in their You truly are guardians ofprincipled commitment to the democracy and we are proud toJewish people, the State of Israel, add our names to those whoand the human family. honor your good works.SHELLY AND LORRI LEWIS From strength to strength, DANIEL M ANDIL & R ABBI M IRIAM A NCIS In tribute to The Society of Jewish Ethics Rabbi Amy Eilberg CONGRATULATES and Louis Newman, its founding Professor Louis Newman president, and expresses for their pioneering and sincere gratitude for his compassionate leadership tireless efforts on behalf of and advocacy on behalf of peace Jewish ethics. HEBREW UNION COLLEGE – JEWISH INSTITUTE OF R ELIGION ,usvhv hgsnk iufn –dkue iuhbuh urchv ⅷ CINCINNATI ⅷ JERUSALEM ⅷ LOS ANGELES ⅷ NEW YORK WWW.HUC.EDU Rabbi David Ellenson and Rabbi Jacqueline Koch Ellenson New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner 15
  16. 16. Mazal tov to my beloved and devoted friends, LOUIS NEWMAN AND AMY EILBERG, for receiving the 2011 Guardian of Democracy Award! Kol Hakavod to NIF for 32 years of building a more just and inclusive Israeli society! DAVID ROSENHAN We are so happy to celebrate the peacemaking and ethical works of Louis and Amy, Guardians of Democracy/Mensches Extraordinaire, and to thank New Israel Fund for thirty-two years of helping our beloved family in Israel build our mutual dream of democracy and social justice for all! frank and linda kurtz dan kurtz, matthew and jessica kurtz16 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner
  17. 17. Lee and Stuart Pollak Thank our honorees Rabbi Amy Eilberg and Professor Louis Newman For their spiritual and ethical guidance and support to NEW ISRAEL FUND And wish Michael Bien well as he undertakes the responsibilities of Regional Chair MICHAEL BIEN AND JANE KAHN congratulate our honorees RABBI AMY EILBERG AND PROFESSOR LOUIS NEWMAN for their remarkable work and scholarship.We also thank Stuart Pollak for his leadership and wisdom as NIFs Regional Chair. New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner 17
  18. 18. Yasher Koach! Amy Eilberg and Lewis Newman BONNIE AND M ARTY TENENBAUM Congratulations to the honorees: Rabbi Amy Eilberg & Professor Louis Newman. PJA & JFSJ pursues economic opportunity and justice for all, bringing a powerful, progressive Jewish voice to social change work in the United States. + = One Organization. One Vision for the Future. + www.jewishjustice.org18 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner
  19. 19. I am so proud of the wonderful work We are grateful to the incredibleof the New Israel Fund. You are an staff of NIF and to all the granteesinspiration and beacon of light for the who work so courageously andfuture of Israel. Congratulations on an tirelessly to create a more just andincredible 32 years! democratic Israel. We are proud to count ourselvesP HYLLIS FRIEDMAN among NIFS supporters. R ABBI A MY EILBERG AND L OUIS NEWMAN Mazel Tov Amy and Louis! A well deserved award for Let’s hope that everything that you do for Israel. history follows in DORIS AND GEORGE K REVSKY your footsteps. A L BAUM AND ROBERT HOLGATE New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner 19
  20. 20. Congratulations to our honorees Amy Eilberg and Louis Newman. Mazel tov to the New Israel Fund on thirty-two years of building civil Thank you for helping the New Israel society in Israel. Fund make Israel the best that it can be. Bhatzlacha in the years to come! JOANNE AND STEVE A BEL L ESLIE K ANE AND M. M ANUEL FISHMAN We are honored to support the New Israel Fund in its mission to build a just and democratic Israel. SHARON DJEMAL AND P ETER RUKIN20 New Israel Fund | Guardian of Democracy Dinner