10 Reasons To Hire Me - Lisa Chang


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10 Reasons To Hire Me - Lisa Chang

  1. 1. I’m a people person, that’s ME. I’ve worked in a widerange of industries with diverse types of people, and I havelearned to be adaptive to my clientele and environment. Ilove networking and creating business relationships withinmy field. Relationship Management
  2. 2. Creative Thinking  That’s MeAlways looking to challenge ideas and think of innovativeways to improve and push ahead of competition. Themagic happens outside of the box, that’s where you canfind me.
  3. 3. I understand recruitment operations and am constantlynetworking and selling my brand where ever I maybe. As arecruiter, I am a saleswoman finding new avenues to sourceand attract top quality candidates. People are my product. Recruiter By Heart
  4. 4. Quick to think on my feet Problem Solverand approach problems inboth an unconventional andstrategic manner.
  5. 5. Drive & Determination I am the type of person who has no limits to my hard work, results drive me and I am alwayslooking to challenge myself.
  6. 6. Connected and Informed Always connected to my networks and researching for the next best thing. It’s all about First-Mover Advantage, and I want to get there first.
  7. 7. Project ManagementA love for analyzing,brainstorming andcollaborating with others todevelop an effective plan ofaction.I thrive on being on theforefront of leading projects tosuccess.
  8. 8. Ill go anywhere as long as its forward.” ~ David Livingston Initiative I am a self starter and full believer in change and leadingtransformation, change is the core to progression.
  9. 9. No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent. ~ John Donne Team PlayerFully committed to my team and always finding new ways tocontribute to the overall success of the business.
  10. 10. Ubisoft Toronto Studio expected to expand the studio to more than 800 employees over the next 10 years. ~ National PostProactive and AdaptiveI am a native in working in dynamic and growingenvironments, with experience in high volume recruitmentand creating strong candidate pipelines.
  11. 11. A Little Bit About MEI’m a person who loves exploring and experiencing newthings and I am looking for a place to foster my growth anddrive my career. I am a passionate person and it showsthrough the way I live and the way I work.
  12. 12. Some Companies I have worked for…
  13. 13. What else can I bring to the table?Contact me and find out! Lisa Chang HR Recruitment Professional 647 – 960 – 1683 Chang.lmc@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/changlmc