How to write a book review


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How to write a book review

  1. 1. How to write a book review
  2. 2. Let’s look at these reviews• My Magical Life by • My Magical Life by Harry Howdyni Harry HowdyniThis book is really great! Harry Howdyni is aI think you should read famous magician. That’s it!!!!!!<3 why he can write a book about a magical life and make it so interesting. Don’t miss this book, It’s terrific!!
  3. 3. Okay, from those reviews,• Could you tell what the • If it’s non fiction, did you book was about? One know when the book took interesting part? place? Is it 1800s, or• Could you tell whether it 1900s? was fiction or non-fiction? i.e., is it about magic • Did the reviewer make it tricks, biography or a clear to you why you fiction book? would like the book?• If it was fiction – what • Did you actually get any genre was it? Was it sense of the book at all? Adventure? Humor? • Of course you didn’t! Suspense? Mystery???
  4. 4. Key elements of your review• Describe the setting of the • Plot. What is the book book (past, present, future, about? Or if you are what does the place look recommending a non fiction like?) book, what was the purpose of the book? To tell about a time in history? A• Main characters. True for biography? How to care for both fiction/non-fiction. a pet? Can you briefly describe their personalities? • No Spoilers Allowed!! Pretend you are at an ice cream store – just give them• Interest. Why was it a spoonful so they can get interesting to you? Why the taste but don’t give would it interest others? away any surprises!
  5. 5. Advice from the Book Chook (with help from Mrs. Casey)• Choose a book you can • What happens to the write about. main characters in the• Think about what you’ve story? read. • Or if non fiction, what are• Try to describe the book the main events in the in a couple of sentences story? without giving away the • Who do you think would ending like this book? Is it• What’s your favorite part something everyone and why? would like, or is it for boys, or people who love humor, or enjoy reading history…
  6. 6. More Advice….• Start with an interesting • Make sure your review has sentence. Maybe a question an order. (“If you were a girl growing • Read it through. up in Kansas, would you • Have a classmate read it ever dream about flying around the world?”). • Check for spelling and punctuation. • After putting it in your glog,• Or start with a quote from you will be copying it and the book (“It was the best pasting it into the Destiny of times, it was the worst of Catalog. Thousands of times…”). students will be able to read your review.
  7. 7. If you want to look at some sites for help with your reviewThe book chook for tips on • Spaghetti Book Club to writing a review. read reviews for kids, byChristchurch Kids in New kids and here are two Zealand examples below by 3rd graders: • A non fiction review of Tornadoes • A fiction review, The Cricket in Times Square