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5 Cool Tools Every Recruiter Should Know


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5 Great tools to help HR and Employers recruit more effectively. Learn how you can: …

5 Great tools to help HR and Employers recruit more effectively. Learn how you can:
1. Maximise your candidate search on the web
2. Set alerts for new candidates on social web
3. Create interesting content for your target audience
4. Minimise your effort

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  • 1. By Lis Wilson 5 Cool Tools for Recruitment
  • 2. contents • Maximise your search results for quality candidates on the web • Receive updates of suitable candidates • Create news feed on your terms to benefit your target audience • Broadcast your live vacancies on the web and mobile
  • 3. Finding Candidates BOOLEAN Search “and” “OR” “not” (or -) “Sales” AND “Insurance” OR “Finance” NOT “Australia”
  • 4. Why would you use Google to search LinkedIn? On a FREE LinkedIn Account:  LinkedIn limit your search results to 100  LinkedIn search will generate results with people closest to you first  You need to upgrade to see full names and profiles of 3rd degree + contacts  Create more advanced search strings  Opportunity to connect with people outside your network
  • 5. Tool 1.
  • 6. RecruitEM FREE Easily Create Boolean search strings for LinkedIn & Google+ Save your searches for future look-ups TIP: Use this tool when your are signed out of LinkedIn or in privacy (incognito) mode
  • 7. Tool 2.
  • 8. Google Alerts FREE Set up alerts for your personal name, company name, competitors, industry info and candidates  Set the frequency you want to receive updates of your alerts direct to your inbox
  • 9. Tool 3.
  • 10. Feedly FREE  Create & tailor your own desk top of news  Share news articles on social networking sites directly from Feedly Set up different tabs for different topics Applications for mobile and tablet. TIP: Great tool to set up news feeds that will interest your target audience.
  • 11. Tool 4.
  • 12. Hootsuite  FREE with paid for advanced features  Schedule all social media updates from one dashboard  Review analytics to help you identify the best (& worst) updates  Mobile and tablet apps TIP: Add web browser bookmarklet to schedule content direct from the web
  • 13. Hootsuite
  • 14. Tool 5.
  • 15. Recruit Buddy  Schedule jobs and updates & allow candidates to apply direct from your mobile enhanced career site  All stages of the process are branded from YOUR Company  Lots of great tools – create facebook app, video interviewing, online research, integrated to your ATS TIP: 14 day free trial. Use this link to get 10% discount for LIFE!
  • 16. THANK YOU! 0113 322 7244 WWW.