Life Lessons: One Strategy to Be the Best


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This article details the amazing story of how one practice, just one thing, brought one young man from just another franchisee to the international sales leader of his company.

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Life Lessons: One Strategy to Be the Best

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSLife Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 3by Lis Carpenter | on December 19, 2012 0 TweetLife Lessons Series: How to Be The BestVersion of You with Jim Cathcart More Interesting Topics Life Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 3 Life Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 2 Life Lessons Series: Mastery TV Day 1Do you have your goals from yesterday? If not, click the text and complete that exercise first.Life Lessons from Tom Wood: One Simple Strategy How to Get UnstuckYou can do extraordinary things when you master this one simple strategy: How to Overcome Anything – Jean Miller’s Spiritual Lessons converted by
  2. 2. Spiritual LessonsThe strategy is called the slight edge: simple discipline that may make no immediate differencehowever repeated over a period of time creates massive change.Example: if you eat salad and drink water one day – will you be healthy? But, over a period oftime, you will see a difference in your health.Simple disciplines repeated over time will create success like simple mistakes or bad habitsover time will create failure.This is one of the greatest life lessons to ponder. How is it possible that this one thing or strategycan be the same with your exercise, career, wealth, relationships — it is the ONE thing thatseparates you from who you are today to who you can become.The catch is these simple disciplines are EASY TO DO and EASY NOT TO DO.Returning to this blog daily to continue this Life Lessons Series or reading from a personaldevelopment book written by a high achiever is something that you get addicted to doing.This simple discipline over the next 30 days will create tremendous results for you. Write down one thing in your journal that you wish you were doing other than this life lessons series, and then commit for the next 30 days. The strategy is to continue to commit to doing this thing everyday. Here is a valuable resource that I read daily to stay committed .Life Lessons from Lis Carpenter: How to Have anAwesome YearAs you know an awesome year begins with having an awesome day. There is a strategy in linewith what Tom Wood just instructed. When do you do the activity in line with who you want tobe. You do it first.I have started implementing the slight edge strategy through including it in my morning routine.And, that morning routine was developed by the extraordinary coach, speaker and best-sellingauthor, Hal Elrod. Get the miracle morning routine here: Lessons from Jim Cathcart. Can one strategy create achampion?What if one thing could create a world of difference for you?Jim Cathcart, well-known speaker and best-selling author of the Acorn Principle, tells a storyabout giving a speech at a TidyCar international convention one year.A young man asked to sit with him for lunch and picked his brain for his secrets to excelling inlife. After the meal the young man asked him for one slogan or mantra to help him get throughthe next year.…Jim left the young man with this question:“How would the person I would like to be do the things I’m about to do?”Jim urges you not to think of someone else; think of the more refined version of you. He says,“If you keep thinking like an acorn, you will remain an acorn. You have to think like anoak to start the growth process.”As a response, the young man, Tim, changed his outfit from a t-shirt and jeans to a jump suitwith his name on it because that is how he imagined the international sales leader would dress.He organized his files better. He put up pictures of corvettes around his room because thatwould be the reward for the international sales leader for TidyCar.These things helped him to think like the international sales leader of the company. After takingthis simple question and shifting his perspective his business thrived. He had to hire people andeven leased out a location.We can take one simple question and just shift our perspective enough to give us profoundinsights that will transform the results we get.But, it takes this stimulus to start the process. If we’re seeking the stimulus and taking converted by
  3. 3. responsibility to make that happen, the process will indeed work.Jim Cathcart has seen this process demonstrated again and again and again.After some time, he was asked again to speak again for TidyCar at the international convention.They were going to award the corvette on that occasion. PAY ATTENTION HERE! 2ndthrough 5th place were all within a few points of each other. Number 1 lead them by over 300points.The young man that Jim Cathcart had counseled at the last convention had smoked the others.Not only had he taken the prize but he had changed his mindset completely! He took one simpleidea to the max. Tim said to himself that the international sales leader of the company wouldtravel one-way, first class to the convention, so he did.How’s that for stepping into your personal power?The real lesson is you cannot become, you can only BE because we only have access to NOW,not the future.We’ll help you step into it…Lis Carpenterhttp://www.theempoweredway.comP.S. Are you ready to be the best version of you? When you are ready click this link and committo building your best life the empowered way.This entry was posted in Empower Network, Personal DevelopmentTags: Hal Elrod, Jim Cathcart, life lessons, live your best life, personal power, the acornprinciple, the miracle morning, Tom Wood« Previous Post About The Author: Lis Carpenter Hello fellow freedom fighter! Im a simple gal w ith a passion for seeing others reach their full potential. Leave a comment. Im here to help you. I started in the education system, so I kind of know the type of learning that w orks is simply getting in there and doing the actions, and thats really w hat Empow er Netw ork offers. Click on the video banner beside this post to find out exactly how w e are teaching average people how to make $10,000, $25,000, $40,000, even over $100,000 a month online.0 comments Sign in 2 people listening + Follow Post comment as...Sort: Newest | Oldest Powered by Livefyre converted by
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