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Prior to leaving the USA for missions w ork in Taiw an she “had everything.” She w as driving a Lexus             Empower ...
Now, Jean shares that she doesn’t have to chase things because she has them on the inside,they are drawn to her. Things ju...
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How To Overcome Anything


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Jean Miller shares her personal story of using faith to move her circumstances instead of being moved by them. She teaches how miracles and blessings chase her around. If you read the process, which is detailed a few times, you will learn how to overcome anything.

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How To Overcome Anything

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSHow to Overcome Anything – Jean Miller’s SpiritualLessonsby lianyu | on December 12, 2012 1 TweetThis Works for Healing, Faith or Manifestingthe Desires of Your Heart More Interesting Topics How to Overcome Anything – Jean Miller’s Spiritual LessonsBy watching this teaching you will gain the ability to handle any negativecircumstance or situations when they seem to be curses. Will Smith Quotes On SuccessHidden Gems from the Video Jean considers promises that live inside her or the blessed state in w hich she has chosen to abide in Dubstep Christmas Lights: Listen to Our the cause of grand blessing not yet appearing, hidden – yet to be born. Lights She demonstrates this in her emotional state. She still rejoiced w hen she had nothing, and decided to BE happy and content. Empower Network Review: Leading Ladies converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. Prior to leaving the USA for missions w ork in Taiw an she “had everything.” She w as driving a Lexus Empower Network Testimonials SUV, w hich she gave aw ay. MIRACLE: A lady gives her an old bike after first meeting her and inquiring about her occupation. Remember the bike more than 10 years old, and had not been in use for some time. CIRCUMSTANCE: The bike w as not in good shape. She needed to have constant repairs because it broke dow n a lot, especially w hen it rained. FAITH SPEAKS: Jean get’s fed up one day and says, “Father, you have prepared this vehicle for me, and I insist this is a blessing. This is a blessed car, and this is not the w ay it’s supposed to be. And, I praise you. And, I bless this car that it shall be a blessing in my life. And, I thank you Father. For giving me..because you only prepare for me the best!” MIRACLE: From that point on, the car (bike) never broke dow n again. BLESSING: Because of the bike, Jean Miller w as able to get a job as a English tutor (w hich she did not attend school for, btw ). BLESSING: She goes from virtually no income to earning 2-3 times more than the average full-time income in Taiw an on 20-25 hours a w eek. Because she had remained in that state of “blessed” and “w ealthy” w hile she seemed to have nothing, w hen she spoke the miracle manifested to reality quickly. CIRCUMSTANCE: Her family does not like her life choices, and because of conflict and friction, she is compelled to leave. MIRACLE: She gets a 5 story house shortly after being homeless. BLESSING: The apartment came fully furnished w ith four bedroom, and it’s spacious, w hich is rare in Taiw an. Let’s go back to the beginning (these w ere grand blessings hidden w ithin the invisible Jean, yet to be born). Exactly, 9 months to the day she has everything back and more than w hat she gave aw ay in the USA. Seem Like a Coincidence? CIRCUMSTANCE: Then, the sew age problems came; they lasted for 3 – 4 w eeks, and Jean didn’t share it w ith anyone. She maintained a state of contentment. FAITH SPEAKS: Finally, w hen it w as bad enough (the landlords w ere either not w illing or able to help) Jean declared, “God this is a blessed place. You prepared this for me. And, I’m going to praise you for w hat you did, and even these things, circumstances it w ill not change the fact this place is blessed. It w ill not change the fact that I thank you, and I’m grateful to you, alw ays, for this this place, that I know , and I know you prepared for me only the best. And, this thing. None of this moves me! That i rejoice alw ays, and I w ill praise you w ithout ceasing…as long as I’m here.” MIRACLE: That night the sew age just fixed itself BLESSING: Exactly 1 year after the time that Jean moved to Taiw an, her brother gave her fine leather furniture, a solid w ood desk and a book shelf. W hich matched the quality of living she w as accustomed to in the USA. BLESSING: She is making money relatively easy as a tutor. It’s not hard w ork. BLESSING: Jean makes enough income to hire someone to come and clean every w eek instead of having to clean the big house herself. NOTE: Jean Miller says, “I feel like I’m living in a billionaire’s house…the kitchen is tw ice as big as in the US.” And, its for half of the rent. How do you “feel” about your house? How do you “feel” about your situation? W hat state are you choosing to remain in? NOTE: Jean shared that w hen she w as younger, she lived in half million dollar homes, had real estate rentals, and w as a part of the upper middle class w ith her and her husband’s combined incomes. But, she said, “I had to chase it back then.”Then, she gave everything away and started over from nothing. She focused her mind on beingcontent wherever she was, had peace, and felt prosperous. And, that prosperity just manifested— effortlessly. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  3. 3. Now, Jean shares that she doesn’t have to chase things because she has them on the inside,they are drawn to her. Things just chase her down. And, she doesn’t have to do a lot of hardwork to keep it. She doesn’t have to struggle for anything. Jean Miller Leaves You These Closing Thoughts Choose the blessed state. Regarding all trials – bless all of them. The minute you hear something that sounds bad, bless God. The future is not yet determined. It is up to you which way it’s going to manifest. There is nothing that you should regard as a curse anymore. It’s all blessings in disguise. Remember everything is a blessing. There will be no exceptions. It has nothing to do with the circumstances. It starts within you. Meditate on praise and thanks always.—Jean Miller teaches discipleship training classes on Facebook. Her “sermons” or teachings like thisone are posted regularly to edify students of the Bible. It is a Christian discipleship group with afocus on evangelism through free prophecy training, divine healing training, word of knowledgetraining, faith training and inner healing training.-Lis CarpenterMission: I tell prisoners, “Come on out. You’re free!” and those huddled in fear, “It’s all right. It’ssafe now.” There’ll be food-stands along all the roads, picnics on all the hills–Nobody hungry,nobody thirsty, shade from the sun, shelter from the wind. For the Compassionate One guidesthem. Isa. 49:9This entry was posted in Faith, Personal DevelopmentTags: blessings in disguise, Christian discipleship, discipleship, discipleship training,divine healing training, evangelism, faith training, free prophecy training, how toovercome anything, inner healing training, Jean Miller« Previous Post About The Author: lianyu Hello fellow freedom fighter! Im a simple gal w ith a passion for seeing others reach their full potential. Leave a comment. Im here to help you. I started in the education system, so I kind of know the type of learning that w orks is simply getting in there and doing the actions thats really w hat Empow er Netw ork offers. Click on the video banner beside this post to find out exactly how w e are teaching average people how to make $10,000, $25,000, $40,000, even over $100,000 a month online.0 comments Sign in 2 people listening converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
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