How Open Source Drives Innovation


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Open Source enterprise software offers more grounds for innovation than proprietary software, and how it encourages an innovative culture in your organisation.

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How Open Source Drives Innovation

  1. 1. HowOpenSourcedrivesinnovation
  2. 2. In this SlideShare youwill find outHow Open Source IT solutions are driving innovation.What people need to know and understand about innovation.How to create innovation within your organisation.How Open Source specialist LinuxIT can help you to driveinnovation with Linux and Open Source IT solutions.
  3. 3. Why are Open Source systems andsoftware driving innovation? Open Source allows you to customise and try out software, 1 building a computing environment to meet the specific requirements of your business; 2 The licensing model of proprietary software is often expensive and restrictive; 3 Open Source helps you to bring new products and services to market more rapidly than your competitors; Innovation is inspired by the collaborative nature of Open 4 Source IT solutions as they are developed by a community of Open Source specialists.
  4. 4. Key issue:People need to understandwhat is out there… “Open Source accelerates innovation and product diversity, and people need to understand what demand is out there and how it is developed.” Simon Mitchell, Executive Director at Linux System’s Management specialist, LinuxIT.
  5. 5. Four top tips for creating aninnovative organisational culture Encourage and reward staff and the organisation’s partners for sharing expertise and knowledge to enable the creation of new products and services, or to improve existing ones. Use technologies that enable and facilitate collaboration. Educate people with new skills or work with Open Source specialists to gain access to knowledge and expertise that can help your organisation and its staff to become more innovative. Make sure that the innovation culture is inspired from the chief executive of the organisation downwards.
  6. 6. How can the right ITconsultancy help you to create an innovation- focused strategy?
  7. 7. A function for organisations to capture the reliability of Open Source and extract value; Assistance in identifying “robust and supportable software that provides longevity” - Simon Mitchell, Executive Director at Linux System’s Management specialist, LinuxIT; An analysis of licensing costs, and advice about what you can do to identify IT projects that meet your organisation’s needs for the long-term;A managedservices Access to licensing business knowledge;solutions Help to achieve improvements in revenueconsultancy and operational efficiency: innovation can also reside in business process managementcan provide: as well as products and services.
  8. 8. To learn more about Linux, www.linuxit.comdownload our eGuide THE LINUX JOURNEY‘From Classroom FROM CLASSROOM TOto Boardroom – the BOARDROOMLinux journey’. Download Now 1