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  • 1. Canadians are peaceful By: Kevin & Seung gi
  • 2. Canadians are peaceful
    • Canadians are not very violent
    • They prefer peace over having a war
      • That’s why Canada has more allies than enemies
      • That’s why most people like Canadians
  • 3. Global Peace Index
    • Canada is ranked 11th in the global list of most peaceful countries.
      • Iceland was first on the list
      • US was 97 th on the list out of 140
  • 4. Best places to live in 2008
    • Vancouver is 4 th on the list.
    • Toronto is 15 th on the list.
    • Ottawa is 19 th on the list.
    • This list is made by Business Week.
    • This is an example of how peaceful Canada.
      • Because if you compare this list and the Global Peace Index, most of the peaceful countries are the best places to live.
  • 5. Canada vs USA
    • Canada is in less wars than the USA
      • Canada has been in 4 wars
      • USA has been in several more wars than Canada
    • The reason why Canada is in most wars because they want to keep peace.
    • The reason why USA is in wars is because they want to show their forces and they can affect world.
  • 6. Lester Bowles Pearson
    • Lester won the Nobel Peace Prize
    • Lester was the 14 th Prime minster
      • During his time he introduced:
        • Health care
        • Student loans
        • the Pension Plan
        • the Order of Canada
        • he made the current Canadian flag.
  • 7. Nobel Peace Prize
    • The Nobel peace prize was created by Alfred Nobel.
      • He created dynamite.
    • The oxford dictionary says that the Nobel peace prize is the most prestigious prize, and is given to a person that keeps the preservation of peace.
  • 8. Constitution of Canada
    • Canada’s constitution uses the phrase “peace, order and good government”.
    • The Constitution outlines:
      • System of government
      • Civil Rights
    • The Constitution of Canada was created in 1763
  • 9. Sheriff
    • A sheriff is a legal officer that takes responsibility for a country.
    • Sheriffs in Canada are defined as “peace officers”
    • Sheriffs in Canada are:
      • Court Bailiffs
      • Prisoner transfer
  • 10. Sheriffs
    • In 1800s Canadian government sent sheriffs to fight or keep west province peace and citizens to not to fight natives to live in west
    • Canadians decide to not to fight native so they do not have to have war and they decided to pay money to them.
    • However US, dwellers go on west first and after natives invaded, US decided to send sheriffs to keep peace.