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    Kendall Kendall Presentation Transcript

    • Medieval Knights! Kendall Mulder
    • Lesson 1!
      • Medieval Knights can be one of three types of fighters during the middle ages: Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers!
      • This is (to the right) a picture
      • of a suit of armor that medieval
      • Knights would of used!
    • More Facts! (yay!)
      • The medieval knight was the equal to the modern tank! He was covered in 3-4 layers of armor! and could bust his way through foot soldiers standing in his way!
      • A bunch of knights declined(stopped being knights) from the 13th century onwards!
      • This meant that most kings had no one to protect them!
      • The history of knights began from
      • 800-1500 A.D
      • This is also around the area of the castles
      • And all of the war’s without bombs 
    • The Path To Become A Knight!
      • at age 7  you would become a Page.  
      • A page was the first stage of knighthood. He would serve and do easy tasks.
      • at age 14 you would become a Squire
      • At fourteen the page would turn into a squire. He would train for battle. He also would have higher tasks of serving the king.
    • ……(continued)
      • at age 21 you could become a Accolade
      • An accolade would train hard to become a knight. They learned how to use swords and defend themselves. If an accolade did not complete his training good enoughf, he would not turn out to be a knight. If he was successful, he would be a knight. During the ceremony to become a knight, he had to take a bath to wash the sins off and dry himself on a bed.  
    • …….(continued)
      •   Knight
      •   21
      • A knight could have been knighted as young as twelve. Knights defended castles and worked for Lords.
      • A knight was a relativity strong person who could beat most men up in the village(especially the town drunks!)
    • How long did a knight serve?
      • Knights were involved in war’s a lot and some even died.
      • Most knights were aged from 21-35ish latest 40’s. because eventually a knight would get tired from all his battles so on the plus side they had and early retirenment.