Library Building Overview


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Library Building Overview

  1. 1. Welcome to an introduction of the physical layout of East Central University’s Linscheid Library.
  2. 2. About this TutorialStudents:This tutorial will help you:• Locate items in the library• Understand checkout periods• Locate the different departments in the library• It should take you about 20 minutes to completeFaculty:• This tutorial was made using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.• This tutorial will help students - Locate materials specific to each floor, - With awareness of specific checkout periods for each type of patron, and - Realize the variety of materials that are available This tutorial meets the following ACRL standards: 1.2c
  3. 3. What to watch for…Notes – These are to let you know there is important information you need to know about what is being covered.
  4. 4. The Linscheid Library is athree story building located inthe east central section of theAda campus of ECU.Attached to the main Library isthe library annex whichhouses additional libraryservices, like audiovisual andcataloging.
  5. 5. The purpose of the library is to supportthe curriculum and research needs ofthe ECU community and to teachstudents independent research skills. Many of the library’s resources are available through the library’s web page. To access the Linscheid Library web page, click on Academics and look for the library link.
  6. 6. Let’s take a tour of the library. You enter thelibrary on the third floor, which houses theCirculation desk, the reference collection andthe research computers. This floor is a goodplace to start your research. You may check out books at the Circulation Desk, located at the front entrance. You may renew books here or via the library homepage. The Circulation Desk also houses Lost and Found, Interlibrary Loan pickup, and Reserves.
  7. 7. Also on the third or main floor is thereference librarian, located at theReference Desk, who is available to assistin selecting the most appropriateresources and in teaching you how to usethem for research. Reference librarians may also be contacted through the Web by clicking on Contact icon on the Library home page, then on the link for the Reference Desk email The email service is in the “Contact” box. available for general questions, more specific questions should be asked by phone or in person
  8. 8. The Reference Collection, whichincludes both print and electronicmaterials, provides an overview to atopic and leads to additional resources.Examples are dictionaries, atlases,handbooks, statistical information, etc. The Juvenile Collection, a collection of children and adolescent fiction and nonfiction books, is located on the third floor and is designed to assist the Library Media and Education majors. It is arranged using the Dewey Decimal Classification System.
  9. 9. Materials that can be checked out include the following: • Books on 2nd and 4th floors – (3 weeks) • Government Publications – (2 weeks) • Juvenile Collection – (3 weeks) • Select Audiovisuals – (3 days)* Materials can be renewed online, on the phone, or in person as long as they are notoverdue.
  10. 10. The printers for the computersin the reference area arehoused at the CirculationDesk. The library does nothave a print limit since youpay for your copies via yourlibrary technology fee. A photocopier and a copy card machine are available near the Circulation desk. Copies are $.10. There is also a regular copier and a color copier located on the second floor.
  11. 11. The third floor also houses an extensive collection of Native American Art.
  12. 12. The next stop on our tour is thesecond floor which houses theprint journals, the microformcollection, books Q-Z, andcopiers.It also leads to the student studylounge and AV services. Current periodicals (a publication that is published periodically – monthly, weekly, etc) are arranged alphabetically on the shelves near the stairs. Newspapers are located in the same area.
  13. 13. Once a periodical is no longer current,the issues are bound and placed on theshelves by call number (see the librarycatalog for the call number). Some journals are in microform (fiche and film). If you need assistance using these materials or with copying microforms, please ask for help at the Periodicals office on the second floor.
  14. 14. Also on the second floor, Linscheid Library provides a student lounge with couches, snack machines and access to the wireless network. Past the student study lounge you will findthe Audiovisual Department where you canview videos, check out videos, have postersprinted, and a variety of other services.
  15. 15. The next stop on the tour is thefourth floor which houses theSpecial Collections and the bookcollection A-P.
  16. 16. Special Collections is located in thenorth area on the fourth floor of thelibrary. Official ECU publications,such as yearbooks and newspapers, arehoused in Special Collections alongwith books focusing on Oklahoma andNative American Studies. Government documents, which includes state and federal documents, are integrated throughout the collection so that you will find them within a given subject area. See the reference librarian for assistance with government documents.
  17. 17. For additional assistance in using library resources, or locating materials within the library, see the additional modules or ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.Thank you for taking this tour of the Linscheid Library.